Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Memories

This is just a recap of what we have done in January and this will be a good post for you to catch up all the things you have missed.

We start off this year with our feature dame and her name is Emily. We do believe she is somehow our muse since she has been into many of our shoots! If you haven't seen her photos yet, you should click here and read that post.

Our feature knight for this month is Andrew and we have to admit the camera likes him. He is someone that we will never get tired of shooting. Click here to see his entry. He is also a make up artist too and stay tuned, we will have a special interview with him in the future!

Now for our [Un]Discovers, we have featured 2 talented individuals. One of them is Scot, a talented photographer. If you haven't read his interview yet, we encourage you to read it now because he is going to be a future star. Why? Because a very well known artist is planning to do a shoot with him. Click here for the full interview!

The second individual that we have featured is Paul, aka Roctopus. He is a very talented graphic designer and we enjoy every piece he has put on his website on flickr. Getting him on board for the interview is such a great honor for us. If you have not read his interview, you should check it out here now.

For next month, we will have a very strong line up. We first a up and coming model interview, then we will have another graphic artist that will jump on board for the [Un]Discovers series (hint, we have mentioned this artist's work sometime in January already). Finally, we have an interview with a photographer whom is also the creative director of a certain magazine. Oh, part 2 of our jeans shoot will also be out sometime in this coming month, so stay tuned!

In order for you to keep up with our posts, you can: bookmark this blog, join our faebook fanpage and/or follow us on twitter. We promise, we have more good things coming to your way.

Ray of Inspirology: Jimmy Choo S/S 2010 Promotion Campaign

There is something special about this promotion campaign that has captured my eyes. The photos are very clean and simple, but the color combination just work so well for me. The blue background + neon yellow just makes the ordinary shoot very unordinary. Of course, Angela Lindvall has some amazing poses here but overall, I just cannot find the right words to express how much I like this set.

Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

Wave of Inspirology: Kate Moss for Longchamp Shoot Video

Kate Moss is going to launch a new bag collection called Kate Moss for Longchamp. Recently, she has shot the promotion photos for this collection. Below is the behind the scene video and for all the fashion photographers out there, this video will let you have a glance on how to set up lights for big shoots like this.

Kate Moss for Longchamp (via sheiglagh)

Trendology: Acne Woman S/S 2010 Footwear

Acne, the Sweden jeans company is surely branching out from the success of their jeans.  This Spring/Summer Collection of Woman Footwear has very interesting 3-heels design. I wonder how is it like to walk in those, you have 1/3 chance walking successfully. Are you supposed to land on the last heel, the middle one, or the one at the front? However, I think they are stunning.


If your really in doubt, try the single heel, or other edgy design.


Courtesy, and for more pictures: Acne

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trendology: Valentine's Day List

I don't think we can wait any longer for the Valentine's Day List. I do not need to say more about this, so let's start the list with the 'For Her' Collection.

Tim Binns x Disney Couture 'Alice in Wonderland' Jewellery. Disney is partnering with one of the coolest edgy name in the jewellery design world, Tim Binns. This collection is, as its name says, inspired by the upcoming movie, Alice in Wonderland. The collection will be available on February 1, 2010. (Courtesy: Highsnobette)

Trendology: Luisaviaroma x Viktor & Rolf Limit.ed Jersey Shirt

I have been poisoned by Viktor & Rolf storm lately so yeah, this piece of entry is about this duo as well. I have to be honest with you, I am very jealous of the S/S 2010 womenswear collection because of the "cutting edge" dresses.

I am sure Viktor & Rolf know that many of us want to own a piece of that collection so now they have collaborated with Luisaviaroma to release a limited edition Jersey Shirt featuring one of the outfits from the s/s collection. I am super excited about this news and if you are a fan of V&R, you definitely will want to get this shirt too!

You can purchase the shirt here.

Courtesy of Luisaviaroma

Ray of Inspirology: Curtain Call

New York fashion week is only weeks away and I am sure a lot of you are already planning to attend some of the runway shows. If you are still have no idea what you want to wear to attend the shows, look no further, this editorial shoot will be able to help you.

This editorial shoot is done by Carter Smith with models/actress Natasa Vojnovic. The clothes that Natasa is wearing are from the New York collections so this should narrow down what brand you should wear for the shows.

Ballet classroom is one of the places I will never think of when I want to do a shoot. In here, Carter has done a terrific job with the composition and lighting. Nevertheless, the natural light works very well with some photos in this shoot.

Here are some of my favorites. If you want to see more, you can click here.

Courtesy of Elle

Wave of Inspirology: Conan O'Brien Cheetos Portrait

These few weeks Conan O'Brien has been one of the most talked topics on the net and many artists have come forward to do a portrait of him. Out of all the portraits, I think this is the most interesting one because it is made up of only Cheetos. This yummy art piece is done by Jason Baalman and you should see this video below. Graphic designers, what's your next medium you want to use to create your art works?

Conan O'Brien Cheetos Portrait - Cheesy Art (via EclecticAsylumArt)

Trendology: Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2010

Miu Miu had been my all time personal favourite, and I get excited everytime I get to see their new collection. This time is not an exception.  Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2010 brings in fashion from the 60's, such as plaid coat and fur jacket. But what catches my eyes are the knee-high knitted socks! I think it's a must-get item for the fall!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Funkology: Adios & Ciao Ciao USB Stick

There are only 2 characters from tokidoki that I will fall for: one is Adios and the other is Ciao Ciao. Long time ago, I have a feeling these 2 characters will turn into USB sticks by Mimobot and today my prediction turns into reality. Each USB stick comes with its own desktop wallpapers, icons, avatars, and screensavers and the memory is starting at 2GB. If you are a fan of tokidoki, I am pretty sure you won't want to miss it and someone can grab one for me if you think I deserve one.

Ray of Inspirology: Lanvin Women S/S10 Promotion Campaign

A while ago, I have shown you Lanvin's men campaign. This time around, is the ladies' turn. This shoot is done Steven Meisel featuring Jamie Bochert. This campaign is different than a lot of the other high fashion ads because this one is full of energy and from looking at it, you will have the urge to move your body too.  I do believe this campaign is targeting the younger audience and brings out the message that high fashion can actually be fun and sporty. 

Courtesy of Lanvin.

Ray of Inspirology: Scarlet Johansson for Mango S/S 2010

Scarlet Johansson has once again become the spokesperson for Mango and the new promotion campaign has just released. This shoot is done by Mario Sorrenti and I like this shoot more than the last season's one. The blue lighting has definitely created the mood for this shoot and the clothes definitely matches the setting of this shoot.

Courtesy of Mango

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funkology: MoMA x Tim Burton x Moleskine Weekly Planner

When two brands or artists collaborate, it creates excitement; when three of them work together, it creates a thrill.   During the exhibition in MoMA, the museum and the legendary notebooks company, Moleskine, had worked together and published a limited edition weekly planner for the creative film director, Tim Burton, as an honour to his range of creative work in the industry.

The limited edition planner is given out to the event VIP.  The book features Tim Burton's signature at the back cover together with the MoMA logo, as well as the unique paperband that features several noteworthy film by Tim Burton.

Now, this is a thrill to Burton's fans, MoMA's fan, and Moleskine's fan, like me!

Ray of Inspirology: Bijoux: Charmeuse de Serpent

If you have seen the new McQueen campaign, you should know that it involves with a lot of snakes. I do believe he has actually set this as a trend because in the latest issue of Vogue Paris, one of the editorials featuring Anja Rubik has snake as the main prop too. This shoot is done by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer and I have to say, the snake actually has spiced up the whole shoot.

At some point in this editorial, I can't even recognize if it is the jewelry or the snake on the Anja's body. I definitely recommend you to take a look at the following photos.

Trendology: Les Queues de Sardines Graphic Stockings and Tights

It's weekend soon! Weekend should be fun; fashion should be fun.  For us, fashion people, dressing up for weekend party is always the fun part, this time, let's have some fun with our beautiful legs.  Les Queues de Sardines, by m+o stuido offers the fun. Their unique and unconventional design surely will be noticeable. These tights and stockings are all screen-printed by hands, and are in limited quantities.  Visit their website for the whole collection and get your hands on your favourite pattern before they run out!

Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Ray of Inspirology: Myf Shepherd for Dazed & Confused Japan February 2010

Dazed & Confused Japan has a very interesting editorial done by a Japanese photographer named  Yasunari Kikuma. I find this shoot interesting because this photographer has basically muted a lot of the colors and give you a gloomy and mysterious feeling. I also have admit Myf is striking some stunning poses here and the Lanvin one is definitely my favorite shot.

I like editorial shoot that has the photographer's attitude blends into it and this shoot is definitely a good example to showcase what I am saying.

Trendology: Marc by Marc Jacobs Olympics tee

Winter Olympics is only weeks away and I am sure everyone is excited about it. Today, Holt Renfrew, a Canadian high fashion department store, has announced a great news for all the fashion lovers. Holt is releasing a Olympics graphic tee that is produced by Marc by Marc Jacobs. You can see Miss Marc and Mr Marc (yes, there is Mr Marc too) are dressed in red and white to represent the Canadian flag and sitting on a ski lift.

This shirt is selling for $65 and you can get it in any of the Holt Renfrew store in Canada. Are you going to get one?

Courtesy of Holt Renfrew

Funkology: McFancy

How can fashion be more fun? How about putting fashion and food together?

Yes, launching in 2010, when you go to a McDonald's near you, your fries, burger, and sundae will be branded with a high-profile brand. Access Agency, the marketing company that developed this idea, is intended to have these packaging in some of the cities - London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Milan, Sydney - during fashion week, in order to offer a playful and stylish experience for consumers.

Other than food packaging, services and interior spaces will all be modified to match the fashion week theme.  I believe this marketing strategy would become the topic that everyone would talk about once it's launched.

Here are some of the packages you'll be seeing.

Courtesy, and to see more about this topic: Cool Hunter

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ray of Inspiration: Anja Rubik for Vogue Nippon March 2010

I need a lamb, some white dresses and straws. Why? Because I cannot take my eyes off this shoot and I want to do one similar to this editorial!

This spread is done by Camilla Akrans featuring Anja Rubik as the model. I have always heard from people that shooting in the barn will be fun but this idea hasn't really come across my mind till now. The sky, the color of the straws and the white outfits on Anja just create a perfect picture. The whole has a very warm tone and you feel really relax when looking at the photos.

Here are my favorites.

Ray of Inspirology: Valentino S/S 2010 Promotion Campaign

Mert and Marcus has recently done a the promotion campaign for Valentino and this duo is giving me a new prospective on fashion photography. The angle in this shoot is something that I will not consider before but now after I have seen the result, I find the photos to be fascinating! Of course, Dree Hemingway's purple hair is blending well wit this ad and the cross processing technique is always great from this duo.

Now I just need to find a ladder and try to shoot from high above the ground or just to have my camera to be as close as the model's face.

[Un]Discovers: Paul Brown aka Roctopus

Roctopus - The 8 Wonder

Paul Brown, aka Roctopus is an graphic artist that is based in London and he has been one of my favorite illustrationist ever since I am on flickr. His self-identity art piece (above) is the first image that catches my attention. Whenever I look at his works, his drawings will always remind me of 2 things: Beatles and Dr Seuss.

Today, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask him some questions and let you know more about this great artist! Trust me, once you look at his works, you will be addicted to them (they are like drugs!).

Evolution of Man

How did you get into this illustration business?
I got a lucky break 13 years ago when I recommended by a friend and began working in a small design studio. I got the job off the back of my graffiti work and sketches, I only had a little DTP experience from stuff I had done at college - on Early black and white macs using Aldus Pagemaker!!

I am self taught and first started seriously illustrating around 20 years ago when I was into the Hip-Hop scene. My passion for characters and lettering stems from there, and even though I am not involved in that scene anymore, it gave me a great appreciation of line structure and form.

Some of my early graffiti inspired works can be seen on my FLICKR stream. I first started working on a Mac around 13 years ago and I found it really easy to pick up using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimensions, Quark and Raydreamstudio. I was using a Macintosh Quadra with 4mb of RAM - state of the art!!

Since then I have worked for a few design houses and more recently done a bit of freelancing in London.

I have been lucky in my commercial work and have work on some big projects and for some major brands including:

Electronic Arts, Universal Pictures, Universal Music, Dreamworks, Peroni, AOL, BBC, KOEI, and Mattel.

Having said that my real passion is for illustration, initially sketching then vectorising using Adobe Illustrator. This is a real break from the commercial world where I am not constrained by client briefs, requirements and deadlines. I find it really therapeutic and a great release to be free to do exactly what I want and take as long as I like to do things, virtually the opposite from real working life!

A little help from my friend

Trendology: Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture S/S 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier is bringing us for a Mexican ride!

With Arielle Dombasl being the singer for the show, I am expecting some fun Mexican elements blended in with the couture collection. The outcome is pleasant and I always love JPG's unlimited creativity.

JPG has used jeans as the opening pieces and this is something I do not expect from a haute couture collection. It is fun to wear and I believe he is targeting the younger audience. The big Mexican style hat is definitely a hit in this runway show and it is fascinating to see how many styles JPG can create with only one simple hat.

Even though you will not see any triangular shape corsets on the show, every piece of clothing does have JPG's unique touch to it. My favorite part of the show will definitely be the dresses that are inspired by the forest (or mother nature).

Here are some of my favorites and you can view the full collection here. Let me know if you have the same pick as me.

Funkology: Bookbook by twelvesouth

Are you a macbook/ macbook pro user? If so, you should read this!

Twelvesouth, a company that specializes in Mac accessories, has recently launched a new macbook case. This hardback leather case is like an old vintage book and it is ready for everyday use (that is, it can protect your laptop from accidents). Since this case is like a book, you can disguise your mac so that no one will notice you have a laptop with you.

As of this moment, this case comes in 2 sizes: one for 13-inch and one for 15-inch. If you are using a macbook air, you should be able to fit in this case with some extra space for you to put some document on top or below your laptop. Also, I have just received news that they are planning to make a sleeve for 17-inch macbook pro too, so I will keep you posted when I have more news on that.

If you want to purchase it, you can click here and someone can get a 13-inch for me if you think I am a nice person...

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2010

Let's get away from Haute Couture for awhile and jump to Pre-Fall! It's Alexander McQueen time.  As usual, Alexander McQueen always create a collection that has its uniqueness.  In this collection, Alexander McQueen applied his unique graphic prints on the conventional cut dresses to make them unconventional.  And of course, there is McQueen's favourite - animal pattern.

One other thing I think worths to note is the laced-up shoe. It goes very well with all the looks!

Ray of Inspiration: Karlie Kloss for Hermes S/S 2010

Hermes launched their S/S 2010 ad campaign. Modelled by Karlie Kloss, shot by Paolo Roversi, they created a modern fairy tale with Hermes most recent collection. I believe some of the fairy tales that have inspired this shoot include Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Rapunzel. The modern twist to this fairy tale theme shoot  is brilliant and the outcome is very refreshing. I believe a lot of photographer will want to do a shoot like this in the future (at least, I know Marcus always has a thing for fairy tale inspired photo shoot).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Menswear collection

I have talked about JPG and Galliano, and there is no way I can leave off Alexander McQueen. This season's collection is all about prints. When I look at the collection, it just somehow reminds me of the S/S women collection with the reptile prints.

The prints in this collection make the models look very heavy and bold. With the mask as an accessory, I feel like McQueen is trying to modify the assassin look. The prints range from animal skin patterns to some abstract sky patterns and of course, there are also some plain black clothing just to show off the dark side.

I have to admit this is a rather interesting collection and you will have to take some time to figure out how to make this collection looks good on you. If you have a wrong combination, you will turn from a McQueen look into a tasteless street look.

Here are some of my favorites. If you want to see the whole collection, please click here.

Trendology: Givenchy Spring 2010 Haute Couture

After Armani Prive, Givenchy is another one of our favourite in the Spring 2010 Haute Couture Collection.  The ruffles, feathers and the jewels are dominating, but the most attention-drawing item is the lampshade hat.

The use of texture is another thing to note. In some of the gowns, Riccardo put together two different textures together - feather and silk, jewel and soft fabric - allowing each texture stands out without fighting against each other.

Least but not least, here are some of my favbourites, and I guess Bermuda shorts had become a new trend?

Trendology: Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Menswear Collection

Boxing match and Jean Paul Gaultier? Nope. I have never thought of this combination but the men's F/W collection just proves me this can definitely work. 

In this collection, you see all sorts of boxing gears such as shorts, hoodies, boxing shoes. To make this collection more interesting, Gauliter has spiced up this collection with body print shirts, leather pants, leather jackets, kilts and of course, the jeans collection he collaborates with Levi's. I find this collection to be very bold and modern, and I am sure the bloody make up has helped to create this feeling. One of the looks, I feel like the model is one of the Jedis from Star Wars.

The following photos are my favorites and if you want to see the complete collection, you can check here.

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