Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trendology: Jil Sander Women Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

What happen when Lara Croft from Tomb Raider meets Anna Wintour? You get Raf Simons' latest collection for Jil Sander!

When I first look at the collection, all I can think of is this collection has a lot of chiffon, shorts and plaids! I am totally a big fan of the patterns for some of the jump suits and I believe Raf Simons is trying to make the Jil Sander girls' to look as sporty as possible. Raf has made the plaid patterns to have that 3D illusion and I feel like I need a pair of 3D glasses to see those jackets again. It's worth to take note that in this season, in order for you to be a Jil Sander girl, you will have to get a pair of  black leather boots because you are always going on adventures (high heels will give you a chance to fall when you run fast.). There is no complicated design here but it can truly showcase the how simplicity can make a girl shine.

To sum up my conclusion, this collection is both adventurous and classy, with a hint of edge!

Click here for the full collection!

February Memories

Even though this is a short month, we have done quite a few things to make this month to be fun and enjoyable. In the [Un]Discovers department, we have James Douglas Pfautz, an aspiring model that we believe will go very far in the future; Luv, a great illustrator that we absolutely love and Mark O'Sullivan, a fashion photographer and the creative direction of the Under The Influence magazine.

In the icon department, we have showcased our 2nd part of our evolution: Jeans shoot and we hope you will enjoy the photos as much as we do.

We have done a shoot at the end of February and this shoot will be showcased on this site in March. For more information, make sure you check our blog from time to time.

We have so many things prepared for you in March and we will announce the special project we are working on sometime tomorrow. Make sure you check back with us at around 4:00pm EST!

Trendology: Dsquared² Women Fall/Winter 2010 Collecion

Fierce, bold and kinky are the words that can use to describe the Caten brothers' latest collection. From what I have heard, this collection is slightly inspired by the Japanese comics and I can actually see that from the collection (look at the blue & red vein tattoo top).

This year the brothers are no longer going for a Soho look but more towards the high end glamorous approach. This collection has quite a few fur pieces to create the filthy rich look for women and the use of leathers has created the kinky effects. The tight red leather legging is definitely going to be the signature for this collection and I think it fits very well with the clothes in this runway show. My personal favorite are the bone heel shoes and the red feather dress. I am just glad that the brothers have decided to go back to a more slim silhouette design to make the ladies look extremely fierce and bold than before. This women collection works very well together with the men's collection that is showcased back in January.

For complete collection, please click here.

Trendology: Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami “Cosmic Blossom” Collection

The blossoms are back for Louis Vuitton!

If you like the LV x Takashi Murakami's Cherry Blossoms back in the days, you are going to love this. After so many years, they have teamed up again and I think this collection is more young and fun. The color theme is purple and cherry red and I have to say I love the pattern(monogram) design a lot. Out of all the products, the towel has totally caught my eyes (probably because that is the only thing I can probably use in this collection). Click here to see the whole collection!

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton (Source: Highsnobiety)

Trendology: Versace RTW Fall 2010

If you want something different, Versace is the one to go for.  Donatella is really pushing her limit in this Fall collection.  Zipping together some geometries, being asymmetrical and experimental resulted in this futuristic and eccentric collection.  Another thing that makes the collection eccentric is the colour scheme, it's bright, shocking and striking. If the colours are not enough, what about putting some reflective materials along with those colours? Things cannot get more excited than this combination.  Even the black and white pieces, cutting out some pieces from hip bone or shoulders make the dull colour excited. Maybe black and white aren't boring in the end!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trendology: Raf by Raf Simons F/W 2010 Lookbook

I cannot resist for not blogging this.

Raf by Raf Simons has released the lookbook for his fall/winter collection and colors is the first word that comes to my mind when I am looking at this collection. I like how the color combinations work out so nicely and also the zippers just spice up the look of the jackets.  All the jackets in this collection are something that I would love to wear, especially the baby blue and black sleeves one. With this addition to the line up, menswear is getting more fun!

Trendology: The Future Of Fashion - Hedi Slimane

There is a reason I like Hedi Slimane and this is his straight forward point of view. has recently done an interview with him and he has answered questions such as being a photographer, how he thinks about technology, his feelings towards fast fashion and his thoughts on the future of fashion runway shows.  I am 100% agree on what he says about the fast fashion and I really think high fashion designers should really focus on the quality other than having 8 collections each year.

If you want to read the interview, please click here.

Courtesy of

Trendology: Krizia RTW Fall 2010

Information from WWD told the inspiration of this collection by Krizia is from the Aeolian amphorae preserved at the archeological museum of Lipari. I found that is a very odd but interesting way to put fashion in, and to create a collection from it on the runway. While I was wondering what does Aeolian amphorae mean, Mariuccia gave it a definition on the runway - curves. I am surprised on how rounds and curves are applied in the collection, such as shoulders curves, rounded-out pants, rounded cocktail dresses and huge ruffled collars.  Besides the curves, there are also colour and fringes; shocking pink, orange, neon yellow, red and blue.  All the colours are contrasting with the earthy tone and blacks in the collection, which makes certain pieces so standout that you will not forget once you've seen them.  While inspiration from an archeological museum could means an ancient style collection, but I personally find it somewhat futuristic.

[Re]Visit: It's My Time for Shane Coleman

You may not have met this knight yet but Shane is definitely a good candidate for the Benetton campaign. He is actually the King of Hearts in our photography exhibit (Read'em and Weep) back in October 2009. He definitely needs your vote so if you like him, please click here and give him a vote.

Trendology: Pierre Garroudi F/W 2010 Collection Part 2

Now we have more information about this collection and we have to say we like them a lot. Sophie Anderton is among one of the 23 models to walk the show for Pierre and Zandra Rhodes, a famous British fashion designer is sitting on the front row for this presentation.

As we have told you before this show is all about red and our favorite is the heart shape top. We love Pierre's design for the dress because they are one of a kind and we always feel his collection is fun to wear. We know Marcus is drooling over the dresses because these dresses are all good for editorial shoots.

P.S We love the hair decoration! They are truly amazing!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Trendology: Prada Women Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

This is what I have in mind while watching the fall/winter Prada womenswear runway show: 1950s-1960s retro vibe meets modern world.

I like the squared pattern a lot and it just gives me a sense of metropolitan woman feeling. The pattern is retro, but definitely will work very well with this modern world. I am definitely seeing a big hit with the knee high socks and they are working well with the shoes in this runway show. I have also noticed the coats are getting a double collar treatment and this can probably be the signature for this collection. The over the knee length dresses somehow have reminded me of Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady. Last but not least, the glasses are so interesting that I would love to see some celebrities wear them to difference functions.

Overall, I am satisfied with this collection and I am looking forward to see the promotion campaign for it. As lynldalen tweets, while you are watching this show, you "I felt like twiggy and cher were going to come walking out."

To check out the complete collection, please click here.

Ray of Inspirology: Greg Kadel for Numero 111

This editorial featuring Magdalena Frackowiak by Creg Kadel is definitely an inspiration I should keep in mind all the time. First of all, I am loving the black and white effect. If this is in colors, it might not have the classy/edgy feeling to it. The second thing I like from this shoot is the use of natural light. This shoot will definitely reminds me that natural light is definitely one of the powerful light sources to great dramatic effects!

Wave of Inspiration: Raf Simons F/W Casting Video

This has simply beyond my expectation and I am loving every second of this video. Raf Simons has totally brought casting video to a next level by having Pierre Debusschere filming it like a mini art film. in this casting video, you can see how the models change the look with the dramatic light effect. I still cannot figure out how many lights they have used in the video but definitely the outcome is stunning! Also, I wonder if this video is 3D because I see some 3D colors here, if so, please let me know.

Raf Simons AW 10 Casting (RAFSIMONS.COM @ Vimeo)

Trendology: Pierre Garroudi F/W 2010 Collection

Thanks to Coco, now we have some photos for Pierre Garroudi's F/W collection. This runway show is held on February 20 in London and the main color theme for part of this collection is red. When we look at these photos, we just feel the heat from them. We should be getting more photos form this collection soon but for now, please enjoy what we have received so far.

Trendology: D&G RTW Fall 2010

D&G women's collection is certainly staying with the theme as the men's collection earlier this season.  As the boys are going up to the alpine, the girls are sitting beside the fire place in the lodge.  Nordic knitwear, fur coat and bodysuits with winter motifs such as reindeer and snowflakes, all of a sudden the room is flooded with the warmth of Christmas!  Other than these heavy textures, chiffon blouses and frothy skirts are also in the collection as some lighter choices. With these cozy and stylish wear, the knee-high furry boots and the ski goggles, we're all ready to hit the slope this coming winter!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Doll is Mine

Whenever I need to find some soft tone editorials for inspiration, LuLa Magazine will always be my first choice. in the latest S/S issue, Damon Heath has done a shoot with some of the most famous models in the world. Aside from the great performance by the models, I am more attracted to the whole soft tone theme for this shoot. I am loving the pastel colors and how well the clothes blend with the background. Leith Clark has definitely done a terrific job  as a stylist in this shoot.

Wave of Inspiration: Coldest Winter

I cannot deny Kayne West is a very talented artist and I still very enjoy the 808s and Heartbreak CD. After taking a break from the incident last year, he has finally released a new music video and this video totally reminds me of Sleepy Hollow. If there is a location like this for me to do a shoot, I think I would be on cloud 9. This video is directed by Nabil Elderkin.

Coldest Winter - Kayne West(Source: Vimeo).

Trendology: Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2010

Animal prints are hot this season, Basso & Brooke had taken this concept further than just leopard. Inspired by their trip to Silk Route, this collection is all about digital prints with patches of  lizard, feather, crystal, marble and gemstone motifs.  Although this colourful collection is about digital prints, Basso and Brooke did not forget about shape and textures.  They have asymmetrical dresses with drapes, billowy sleeves, soft wool coat, and fur around the neck.  Although your eyes cannot stop searching for a new pattern in these prints while they are all about animals and wilderness in the east, the collection can still be very glamourous and elegant.

Trendology: Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

This concept just never grows old.

I always think it is pretty fun to have spray paint style on your clothes (you may think this is dirty, but I think this is truly showing people that you are an artist). In this Spring/Summer collection, Raf Simons is doing a collaboration with Sterling Ruby which the whole collection is all about spray paint! I honestly believe if you are going to wear it on the street, people are going to have one of these thoughts:

1) You are a true artist.
2) You just accidentally get hit by a bucket of paint.
3) They know this brand, so they think you are trendy enough.

I would definitely want to get the blazer as I am a die hard blazer fan! If you want to see more, please click here.

[Re]Visit: It's My Time for Ashley Pimentel

If you haven't heard about it yet, Benetton is currently having a global casting for their new F/W campaign. One of our dames, Ashley Pimentel has joined this competition and she would love to have your vote. If you think she should be on the next Benetton campaign, please click here and vote for her!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[Un]Discovers: Mark O’Sullivan

Internet is a fantastic medium to link people together. Recently, I have received an email from Mark O'Sullivan. The email is about wishing our group a happy new year and at first, I do have a thought that he might send it to the wrong person; however, later on when I have seen his magazine website and also his photography works, my subconscious just keeps telling me to send an email to ask him for an interview. Finally, I have sent out the request and guess what? The below interview is my reward and I am excited to share this with you.

Hi Mark, so how did you get into photography?
I became interested in Photography after meeting a photographer while in India at waiting for a flight at Calcutta airport, Jan 1998. I remember the chap critising the fashion photo's in the airline magazine, myself thinking Wow what on earth is this Frenchmen going on about ? those photo's look fine to me.

When did it become your career? 
Soon after arriving in Paris the Frenchmen helped me a great deal with his help I soon found myself in the Bois de Boulogne testing young ladies from Metropolitan model agency around mid June 1998.

Trendology: Kinder Aggugini Fall 2010 collection

Napoleonic style for the win!

Kinder Aggugini has worked for Galliano and Westwood before and this makes me excited to see what he has in store for us in this collection.

This collection does not disappoint me at all. Even though he has the military elements in the collection, it is all in the Napoleonic style and I love it. The coats is definitely the highlight of this collection especially he has blended his signature dot lining techniques in them. Also, this line is also influenced by the rock and roll era and you can see some great biker/biker inspired jackets on the runway.

This collection is definitely excited for my eyes and I am looking forward to see his S/S 2011 collection runway show later on this year. For complete version, please click here.

Trendology: Burberry Prorsum RTW Fall 2010

Everyone certainly had set their eyes on Burberry Prorsum during London Fashion Week, one reason is because they offered 3D live stream to particular people.  Though we are not invited to see the 3D live stream, we still can see how brilliant Christopher Bailey is through the photos.  This season, Bailey managed to give Burberry a signature look - the giant collar. It doesn't matter if it's a long coat, or a short cropped one, it doesn't matter if it's for men or for women, they all have this huge shearling collars.  There are also a few pairs of amazing boots - the thigh-high boots, shearling-lined shoes with buckles.  Amazing boots are not women's privilege, men get the same style but in masculine style, especially the one in bronze, that's my personal favourite.

Here is another smart move by Burberry Prorsum.  If you like the outerwear and accessories from the women collection, you can now be pre-order right away on their website! The offer is available only until the 26th of February!

Trendology: Paul Smith Women RTW Fall 2010

Paul Smith has always been an inspiration on classic English wear, but with his own colour theme.  RTW Fall 2010 women wear is not an exception.  This season, he's offering oversize tweed hunting and shooting jackets with bright yellow and red. Want something more different? What about red collar to match with a gold dress coat? For evening wear, Sir Paul Smith gave the girls woollen and slip on dress with blurred floral pattern. But don't miss out the Paul Smith sexy mohair Cardigan. Not all looks from Smith has to be classic, fishnet stockings or red and black stripy sweater are the match for a dark flared dress for a naughty look!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trendology: Kenneth Cole 925 Technology

I've been hunting for regular pumps that is comfortable enough for me to walk in all day long, but i still couldn't find the perfect pair. Believing all girls have the same problem with me, I think Kenneth Cole had just invented the shoes of women's dream.  The 925 Technology collection provide memory foam for shock absorption, flaxseed cushion to support the inside arch, sheepskin lining to avoid scratchy edge, embedding cork layer and rubber sole, and all other components are to provide comfort to the shoe while the style remained.  Look at the picture below for a more detail about the make. I cannot wait to get my hands on them! It'd be perfect if I can just have the memory foam inside all of my shoes.

Wave of Inspiration: Giving Up The Gun

Vampire Weekend has become so huge in the States this year and their latest single, Giving Up The Gun has become my instant favorite. The music video for this song is funny and there are some huge stars that have taken parts in it. Right now, my brain is just keep thinking about the tennis match. By the way, the location of this shoot apparently is the lab from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video (now you see the magic of hollywood on how to transform a lab into a "tennis court")

Give Up The Gun - Vampire Weekend

Trendology: Central Saint Martins RTW Fall 2010

When I was in architecture school, people say school projects are the best way to show off your imagination and creativity, because there are no clients to deal with and it's purely a project about you.  I believe the same may apply to fashion too.  Master students from Central Saint Martins are putting this RTW Fall 2010 collection together in London Fashion Week.  The theme I believed to be futuristic and sculptural.  There aren't overwhelming of colours, textures, or materials in the collection.  They are expanding their creativity with the minimal resources and textures.

The below are my favourites from the collection.

Amy Stehenson, created her pieces with colourful decorations and patterns.

Trendology: Daks Fall 2010 collection

I always consider Daks as one of the symbols for England's ladies and gentlemen because their clothes are exactly what I image people in London will wear. Their cutting is precious, and the style is always timeless (you can never go wrong with a great cardigan or a nicely fitted trench coat).

In the latest collection, grey, white, camel and black are the colors you will see throughout the whole show.  Although there is nothing too fancy about it, but from the photos, you can see Daks is using the highest quality material to create those clothes. Also, the minimal military influence and the ankle cut pants of the men's line have definitely spiced up the collection. I also really love the cape style jacket in the women's collection.

If you want to see the whole collection. please click here.

Ray of Inspirology: Tim Richardson for Dazed & Confused March 2010

This shoot that is done by Tim Richardson is really attractive to me and here are the reasons. First, this shoot is done in both outdoor and indoor. For the indoor shoot, the photos have a big contrast and going towards a more monotone style but on the other hand, the outdoor shoot is more dark and has less contrast. Jessica Miller is definitely doing a good job by posing great in the photos and the clothes just fit her flawlessly that they become part of her body (love Katie Shillingford styling skills).

If you want to see this editorial in physical prints, make sure you get the March issue of Dazed & Confused.

Trendology: Vivienne Westwood Red Label RTW Fall 2010

I love colours and plaid! So I can't keep my eyes off the Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Vivienne Westwood is awared that the climate change is a significant issue nowadays, so part of this collection is trying to convey a message about global warming, by printing 'Loyalty 2 Gaia' on a t-shirt. The other part of the collection, Westwood is to keep the signature design; there are, of course, the play of plaid, gothic-inspired dresses and wide range of colours.  Another thing that is standing out in this collection is the heart shape belt in plaid.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wave of Inspiration: Prada Womenswear S/S 2010 Video Campaign

Prada is releasing another amazing eye-popping video campaign again! This time, this video is for the womenswear and I love Rasa Zukauskaite fun attitude in this video! If you are a Prada fan, you will basically love this video. (I think I have replayed it many times already)

(Source: Prada @ Youtube)

Ray of Inspirology: Chic Mystique

This is definitely a love at first sight editorial. In the latest issue of W Magazine, Mario Sorrentihas has shot 18 super models in an editorial and I admire Mario's skills a lot by bringing out the best from each model. The editorial is going for a darker mood but honestly I think the models are glowing in this particular shoot.

Here are my favorites and if you want to see more, you can click here.

Trendology: Sass & Bide RTW Fall 2010

I always find fashion from India and Africa can be very inspirational.  It's rare that modern fashion can be nicely designed with those inspiration.  Sass & Bide did a really great job with inspiration from India and Africa and I think it can be a new trend in fashion.  I especially like the miniature mirrors, mini white shells are sewn together and created pattern on the dresses.  The black and white print, black lace and puff-sleeve are outstanding as well! These simple yet delicate details together made very unique design and be elegance without trying too hard. Notice high-waist trousers are really coming back?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wave of Inspiration: Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M 2010 Campaign

Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M 2010 has finally arrived in stores! After watching this commercial, I feel very relax. It has that relaxing element in this ad that makes you very happy and of course the colors of the knit wears are so bright that will cheer you up. This collection line is on sale at selected H&M stores so you better go check it out now.

If you have time, you should take a look at the website too, is just as cheerful as the video (or maybe more because of the bright blue sky and the music)

Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M 2010 Campaign - ( ErichBen @ youtube)

Ray of Inspirology: Fendi S/S 10 Ad Campaign

I like the latest Fendi campaign a lot. It's very dreamy and the red gel light has definitely created some dramatic effects for this set. Anja, as usual, is doing some stunning poses in this ad campaign. What surprise me most is I barely recognize this campaign is done by Karl Lagerfeld (after I see Baptiste is in some of the photos).

Here are some of my favorites and you can head to Fendi official website to see more.

Wave of Inspiration: Imma Be Rocking That Body

The latest Black Eyed Peas video is definitely going to be on my top 10 list. This music video blends 2 songs (Imma Be & Rocking That Body) together from their latest album THE END. I love the concept of this video and it is funny to see one of the robots is doing the MJ moves. If you like futuristic things, you will love this video.

Imma Be Rocking That Body - Black Eyed Peas

Trendology: Unique RTW Fall 2010

The first thing I have to say about this collection is, it surely reminds me of the movie 'Where the Wild Things are'.  The clothes look exactly like the costumes in the movie, it's fun! Without doubt it is inspired by woodland wildlife. It focused on outerwear with knitted sweaters, fur, cotton jackets, green military green jacket, leather jackets and so on. Though all these outerwear look unique to me, however, shifting my eyes to the accessories, I think they're the significant pieces in the collection!  The thigh-high socks, the fur handbag, shoes, animal head piece, fur mittens, and so on; all of them have details that matches every piece of the collection.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trenodolgoy: Vera Wang RTW Fall 2010

Vera Wang, with her special talent to make every girl in town sexy.  In New York Fashion Week, she pushed it even further than usual by having the entire collection in black with occasional white blouses .  With this colour theme, the collection became mysterious and moody as well.  The multi-strand seed pearls played a really huge part in this collection.  Contrasting with the black little dress, it gives a soft and elegance look to the dress on top of the mysteriousness. 

Here are some of my favourites.

Wave of Inspiration: Carry Out

If you have heard about it, Timbaland is planning to make almost all of his songs into music videos from his latest CD Shock Value 2. The latest addition music video addition is Carry Out with Justin Timberlake. After watching this video, I feel like there is the Mert and Marcus style in it. Maybe I am just seeing too much of their photo works.

I really love this song and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Carry Out - Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake

Trendology: Jeremy Scott Fall 2010 collection

To me, fashion should always be fun and sometimes you should not take it too seriously. This is exactly what Jeremy Scott is trying to expression in his latest collection. I still remember in the F/W 2009 season, McQueen has a collection that is mocking brand names like Chanel and Dior. This time, Jeremy Scott is mocking brands such as JPG and Versace. Some of the highlights for this shows are the model figure belt (I honestly do not know how to wear it and walk on the street), the "style" word sweater and the stained glass collection.

Even though this collection is super fun to watch on the runway, I honestly have no idea how people will wear these clothes out on the street; however, I am sure you will see some pieces on Lady Gaga's body very soon, especially the belt!

To see the complete collection, please click here.

[on]Air: It's My Time Benetton global casting!

We are sure our readers are very creative and full of personalities. Now, if you also like to be in front of the camera, this will be a perfect chance for you.

Benetton is currently seeking models for their next promotion campaign. What they are looking for are real people in all parts of the world with their own personalities. From all the entries, Benetton will pick 100 people to be on the new book and 20 of them will have a chance to fly to New York to shoot for the 2010 Fall/Winter catalogue with Josh Olins (Marcus is obvious drooling at the moment).  Plus, all 100 chosen models will have a 200 Euro shopping spree.

Honestly, if you are still thinking about if you should enter the competition or not, we have no idea what is holding you off.

You only have less than 24 days to register, don't miss it out. Click here to enter the competition. If you know this news through us and you get pick by Benetton, we would love to hear from you!

Courtesy of Benetton (Thanks to Eva for providing us the information)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Graphicology: Better Together

This is a brilliant 3D video!

Recently, I have come across this video that is created by the FWY(Friends With You) Studio and I just feel like the concept is great. I really like the music which blends so well with all the animation in this video. In the video, everything is so cute and I especially have my eyes on the strawberry and cream. On the other hand, I really hope the carrot will get to meet the apple in the end.

If you like graphics, please take a look at this ad!

P.S I just realize I am actually using FWY's USB stick! I love it! Now, I really want to interview them!

"Better Together" for (FriendsWithYou @ Vimeo)

Trendology: Elie Tahari Fall 2010

In this fall collection, Elie Tahari has made both the mens and women's collection very chic and classy. High-waisted pants and fur coats have become the common factors for many designers in this fall's women collection and Elie created some nice pieces with these factors. The color theme in this season is black, white, grey, camel and orange which I find the last 2 colors have really caught my eyes.

As for the men's collection, I have to say man in black is always a rule that can never go wrong. Plaided pattern is definitely a bit hit in this season and the plaided shirt on the runway is on my wish list already. In this collection, I like almost all the coats that are worn by the models, I like the subtle touch (the stripes) on the jackets and it just makes the whole collection extra special.

For full collection, please click here.

Ray of Inspirology: Megan Fox for March Issue of W Magazine

Megan Fox is finally on my ray of inspirology list! I always think she looks great as celebrity; however all the shoots she has done before, they are just not my cup of tea. In the latest issue of W Magazine, Craig McDean has finally transformed her into a high fashion glamorous celebrity. If you are looking forward to see photos of her in underwear, you will be disappointed because the whole shoot is all about showing her sexiness with clothes on.

Thank you to Craig McDean for making one of my wishes comes true!

Trendology: Florencia Kozuch Graduate Collection 2010

Graduated from the school that's famous for fashion and design, the same school as our fashion master Alexander McQueen, the Central Saint Martin graduate Florencia Kozuch had her first collection in the London Fashion Week, also one from the 'One to Watch for' list. Inspired from the theme Rock and Roll, Florencia experimented with mix of textures, details, and very powerful head piece.

From her first runway collection, she is showing her potential and ambitious to the industry. I wonder if it's because of the same school with McQueen, or she had a big inspiration from his style, I found this collection has a shadow of the ex-fashion designer. However, I do look forward to more of her collection in the future.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trendology: Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2010/2011

After seeing the new collection from Custo Barcelona, my conclusion is: Fashion is fun!

If you don't like colors, you may find this collection all over the place. On the other hand, if you are always willing to explore different colors combinations/patterns, this collection is something that you definitely will look out for.

What you see in this collection is the use of different patterns and different colors blended nicely together. The patterns range from animals prints, some futuristic graphic patterns to gradient plaid patterns. I also love how the Dalmau brothers mix different materials together to make the one of a kind fashion pieces. Overall, when I look at this collection, I keep on having this disco vibe in my head and it makes me happy. I can't wait to see these clothes in stores soon.

For the complete collection, please click here.

Evolution: The Jeans Campaign Part 2

Back in December, we have showcased part 1 of the Jeans Campaign shoot we have done in November 2009. Now it is time for you to see the part 2 of this shoot and is time for you to take a guess on what theme we are trying to achieve here!

These photos in this entry are all couple/ group shots. Let us know what you think of the photos. We like to have as much feedback as possible!  Enjoy! If you want to be part of a shoot like this, you should contact us too!

Photographer: Marcus Kan
Knights: Gerrit Van de Riet, Mike Santaguida
Dames: Emily Taylor, Danielle Watling
Directing: Ryan Joseph Whitehead
Stylist: Maria Leung
Makeup: Gabriella Boccia, Andrada Mori
Hair stylist: Andy Wong from Hair Culture

Trendology: Anna Sui RTW Fall 2010

Anna Sui is always about fantasies, and there are always inspiration from the nature.  This Fall RTW collection is not an exception,  Sui got her inspiration from the American Art and Craft and landscape.  The patterns and the cut, all transforming a hippie-princess on a runway show with the added fur and accessories.

Other than the clothing itself, accessories played a big part in the collection.The pendants are particular ones from a tile manufacturer, which Sui requested to have a reproduced of certain tiles back in the Art and Craft year.  The tights that have the same pattern that goes with the dress. If you pay more attention, there are more beautiful accessories to be named. The hats, the headpieces, brooches, boots…

Trendology: Miu Miu Lurex Crystal Shoulder Bag

I am drooling over another collection from Miu Miu! This Miu Miu Lurex Crystal Shoulder Bag is just having too much personalities! The colours, the pattern, the jewels, the size, all together made one perfect evening purse! It does have a retro feeling and looks like something my grandma would have back in the days, but it doesn't lack of modern look. I love the purple/blue one the best, but if you think this purple/blue with smokey jewel is not too bright and sharp, there are other colours for you to choose from as well.

Trendology: Marc by Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of the shows that I anticipated the most in New York Fashion Week, and I wasn't let down with this collection after the long wait.  Marc didn't use the fall colour much, nothing earthy tone; on the other hand, he used some brighter colours to light up the season, and of course the gold velvet dress is the highlight of the show, as well as my favourite. Main pattern stayed with the stripes, other than horizontal or vertical stripes, there is also a rather creative one - overlapping stripes. Polka dot is another pattern to note.  Other than black on white or white on black, Marc has black on black polka dot. Last but not least, of course is this season hit, the military look.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trendology: Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter Exclusive Hangbags

Are you excited about Proenza Schouler after the show? Something more excited is on now! Proenza Schouler is offering their Fall/Winter PS11 handbags exclusively online for 24hours after the show! The bags come in 2 colours, black and chestnut, for $1850. Don't wait! You only have 22hours left starting this moment!

Courtesy: Proenza Schouler

Tastology: Burj Al Arab

I really can't believe I am writing this! Joseph has recently gone to Dubai for vacation and guess what, he and his wife have the chance to try out the food in Burj Al Arab, one of the best hotels in the world. From what I have read on the Food Lover 360 blog, the 4 courses for the lunch take place in different restaurants in the hotel and the food look tasty! I definitely will want to try this once in my life time.

If you want read more about it, please click here.

Courtesy of Joseph Chan

Ray of Inspirology: Neue Welten

Vogue Germany has showcased some great editorials in the March issue and I do think these editorials are some good inspirations for us. This shoot that is done by Alexi Lubomirski takes place in the country side and the mild yellow tone just makes each photo looks very vintage and classy. Also, Alexi has executed the Depth of Field technique flawlessly to make our eyes concentrate on Anne. I really like this shoot and now is time for me to scout for a good location like this to do a great editorial.

Trendology: Mulberry Fall 2010

As the brands out there are having retro reference in their collection, Mulberry is doing the same thing. From the prints to the cut, from the outfit to the accessories, Mulberry is referencing to the 60's style.  But they didn't forget to add a modern touch to the collection, it's animal prints pairing with gold. Very trendy, very retro. Note there is a new way to carry your chain purse?!

Trendology: Y-3 Fall 2010

Y-3 is always a brand that I am curios on what Yoji Yamamoto can design every season with the 3 stripes. When I look at this collection, the image of a person wearing this collection for a relaxing weekend just keep popping inside my head. As usual, this collection is always fashion driven and at the same time, it does not lose the relax fit factor. 

Out of all the pieces in this collection, I definitely have my eyes on the plaided jacket and pants. Also, I think part of this collection is inspired by Hamburgler from the McDonald's campaign (the mask, the black/white stripes shirts). I believe if Hamburgler needs a make over, he will choose Y-3 to be his sponsor.

Click here for the full collection.

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