Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Memories

Cannot believe this is the last day of March and when we look back at the things we have done for this month, we are surprised to learn a lot of things have been accomplished!

The O Factor month is definitely a success and we cannot believe we can find so many great people to be featured as our [Un]Discovers! The lineup includes: Patrick Stephan, Markus Diebel, Blank Label, Joseph Saraceno, Hard Graft, and Breeyn McCarney. Thank you so much to everyone who trusts us and answers our questions.

We have co-hosted a fashion photography exhibit with Sleeping Giant Gallery in mid March and we are happy a lot of people come out and support the show! At the same time, our online exhibit is doing extremely during this period. Thanks everyone who spends time to look at our photos!

At the beginning of month, we are not too sure how this special month will turn out. We are glad that as we move on, we have more alliance with us and for that, we just cannot thank enough to each of you that has made this month so amazing!

If you want to re-capture all the wonderful moments we have done in this month, please click here. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Now move on to April and we are brewing another round of special events for you guy very soon! Stay tuned!

Ray of Inspirology: Thomas Penfound for Another Man S/S 10

Sometimes, I think it is more interesting to the high fashion clothes in black and white than in color. this is because when the clothes are in black and white, your focus will be on the details, and you will not recognize the signature color of a particular game (to me, that's a fair game).

In the latest issue of Another Man, Ben Toms has done a shoot for model Thomas Penfound. Not only does this editorial give me the gloomy feeling, but I am also attracted to the details of the clothes (since some of the photos are close up shots of the clothes). I never know Prada clothing will look so different in black and white.

Trendology: Converse x Sak

Converse is probably one of the most common shoes brands these days and I always have this brand in my heart because of how easily they can match with my clothes. Also, I love how this brand always collaborate with other companies to create some special products.

Lately, Converse has collaborated with Sak, a Japanese brand who is founded by Ryusaku Hiruma and the outcome of this crossover is exceptionally stunning. I am loving the soft leather feel of the shoes and the stars on the shoes are actually hand cut to make them more special. If I could afford $500 - $800, I would probably get a pair right now. If you want to read more, you can click here.

Courtesy of Converse (source:DazedDigital)

[Un]Discovers: Breeyn McCarney

Thanks to Breeyn McCarney for her kind invitation for us to attend her solo show earlier this month - Hard-boiled Wonderland. As we were astounded by her whimsical and detailed design, we interviewed Breeyn to get to know more about herself and the collection.  The following photos showed some pieces from the collection in some unseen combination and details. Thanks to our photographer, Marcus, who spent another day with Breeyn to take a new set of photo of the collection off the runway.  We, a la mode, are honoured to have this exclusive interview and photos with our new favourite designer.

Trendology: Eri Matsui Autumn/Winter Collection 2010

This collection by Japanese fashion designer Eri Matsui, reminds me of Kate Moss hologram during Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2006 runway show.  She used white as her name colour and created a very dreamy and light weighted dresses.  Some of them look like wedding gowns that fight gravity. She also experimented on digital prints and unusual cuts on the dress, giving it an asymmetrical and bold shape.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trendology: Chanel Paris-Shanghai Accessories Collection

As the 2010 Pre-fall Collection was inspired by the Shanghai style, Chanel has launched this limited-edition accessories collection after this Chinese city.  This collection includes a lacquered doll-clutch that has a pair of earring to match with, the 'Take-away' purse, dragon cuffs, the sequinned bags in green and red, and the Chanel signature flap bag in military green with decorative red.

I really love the lacquered doll-clutch. If I can afford, I wish I can have one, just to put it in my house for decoration purposes.

Courtesy: styleblog

Trendology: Balenciaga Menswear F/W 2010

This is definitely exciting for me! I can finally see the whole collection of Balenciaga F/W menswear collection and I love it! First, my main focus is definitely on the leather jackets! They look extremely smooth and the cutting is flawless. Then the silhouette is what I like: it is slim, and not making you clumsy in the winter.

Here are my favorites and if you want to see more, you can click here.

[Un]Discovers: Joseph Saraceno

I have fallen in love with this person's work after this editorial work on Fantasicmag. His name is Joseph Saraceno and he is a fashion photographer based in Toronto. His photos are so innovative that they have truly inspired me. Today, I am very lucky to have him on this blog to answer some of my questions.

Hey Joseph, thanks so much for taking your time to answer my questions. So how did you start your photographer career? Did you think about being a photographer when you were small?
I always knew I wanted to be in the “Arts”, even at a young age. I tried drawing, sculpting, plus design. Then I picked up a 35mm film camera (yes I said film camera) and it stuck with me ever since. I started taking pictures when I was in high school ,which was a very long time ago. I attended Humber College for photography, graduated, and began working right away. In total I have been working in the industry for 10 years, 2 years of assisting, and 8 years of shooting. (I feel old) ;o)

Ray of Inspirology: Baptiste Giabiconi for L’Officiel Hommes China April 2010

Even though I am not a huge fan of Baptiste Giabiconi, I have to say this editorial that is shot by Xiang Sun is extremely interesting. In this shoot, Baptise is transformed into few icons such as Lady Gaga, 50 Cent (honestly, I don't really see the similarity here), David Bowie, Sinatra, Jim Morrison, Prince, Dave Gahan, Michael Jackson and Gene Simmons.

About the shoot, I actually really like the mood of the photos. It really gives me the dreamy feeling and this is all because of the white smoke. Also, I have to say, Baptiste does a very good job impersonating those icons.

Trendology: Yoshio Kubo

Yoshio Kubo, a Japanese brand I will not forget from now on because I am totally in love with his collection!

Yoshio has just done a runway show to showcase his latest men's collection during the Japan Fashion Week. I think Yoshio has taken a very bold move by using Deep Fuchsia color to create 2 of the pieces. The outcome is very refreshing and I think the flowers decorations have made the color pop out more.

Yoshio has also blended different materials for his pieces. I have my eyes on black blazer with the grey plaid pattered sleeves and also the "skirt" pants. This look is extremely edgy and I think that person will glow in front of the crowd if he wears it. My other favorites are the triangular patterned suits and also the 2 tone sports jacket. This is definitely a solid show and I am hoping I could meet this designer in the future! Bravo collection!

P.S His S/S collection is all about military style and is brilliant, if you have time, you should go to his official website and look at the clothes!

Here are my favorites and you can click here to see the full collection.

Trendology: Benoît Missolin Bunny-Ears for Easter

Easter is coming really soon, and we need some fun time for the holiday. Benoît Missolin is offering a variety of bunny-ears, including black glass pearls, black brass and black velvet leather.  If you want to be standout but still have a pair of cute ears for the holiday, this black velvet veal leather mickey ears headband is for you. Pick yours now before the holiday comes but don't forget to check out the rest of their awesome headpieces!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Trendology: Company Of We S/S Lookbook

Cannot believe I don't know this brand till now!

Company Of We, a menswear company that is founded in 2009, is catching all my attention at the moment. Their target is making high fashion clothes for a reasonable price. I have just seen the lookbook on the site and every piece is something I will want to wear for the whole spring and summer.

Clean, sleek and classy are probably the words to describe this brand. Double breasted blazer is never really my thing but the one that is displaying on their website is something that I will want to buy right the way. As for knitwears, the Feather Damage Vest is at the top of my wish list.

Since part of me is really into simple and sleek designs, I am 100% in love with this collection. If you like it too, you should take a look at their official website and you can order the clothes online too! Don't miss out this up and rising brand!

Wave of Inspiration: Dazed Digital presents Lady Gaga

Back in October 2009, Lady Gaga has done a collaboration with Kathryn Ferguson, a fashion filmmaker for Dazed and Confused Magazine. This video is dark, retro and it is showcasing the darker side of Lady Gaga. I find this shooting style to be quite interesting and it may give you some inspiration on your next shoot (especially the makeup).

Source: DazedDigital@YouTube

[Un]Discovers: Blank Label

Toronto Fashion Week has begun and as the O Factor month continues, we are going to feature another brand here.

We have recently come across a clothing website called Blank Label (thanks to the power of twitter!) and what they are doing have totally caught our eyes. We have come across many design your own t-shirt sites but now this company is raising the game by letting you design your own dress shirt. We are so glad that we can get in touch with Danny, one of the owners for this company and he answers some of the questions we have for him.

Hey Danny, so how did you come up with this concept? Did you get the idea from those t-shirts site?
We came up with the idea of Blank Label after originally being a custom suit and dress shirt company. We were the typical custom tailor, but that wasn't scalable because we had to hire a lot of salespeople who turned out to be our weakest asset (good people are hard to find). But we were inspired by other custom companies like SpreadShirt, LaudiVidni (custom handbags) and SoleEnvie (custom women's shoes). We thought custom men's dress shirts would solve the problems with mass-production (for dress shirt wearers) and that it was more scalable because we could build our business online.

[On]Air: Captured Fusion (A Solo Exhibit by Rob Ross)

Sleeping Giant Gallery has just announced the first exhibit in April and we are excited to let everyone knows about it!

On April 1st, if you have no plans for April Fools' Day, come over to the gallery for Rob Ross' solo exhibit. Ross, a talented abstract painter, will be exclusively exhibiting his new series called Captured Fusion. The exhibit will last till 14 April but you are encourage to come for the opening night because Ross will be there!

For more details, please check out the facebook event page!

Ray of Inspirology: Uniqlo Jeans Campaign 2010

It takes me awhile to fall in love with this Uniqlo Jeans campaign. At first I feel like the prints for this advertisement is similar to CK promotion campaign; however, after I watch the video, I have a different reaction. I feel it is very clean and edgy. I am also attracted by Tao Okamoto in both the print and video. This shoot is done by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Source: (tazitaka @youtube)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wave of Inspiration: Dior Homme Autumn / Winter 2010 Verso Films

Seems like most of the high fashion brand are in love with the idea of making artsy videos to promote their new collection. The latest brand to do this kind of thing is Dior Homme. They have teamed up with Wonderland Magazine and Fashion spot. According to the official youtube page, this is the description of the video:

"Fashion spot in collaboration with Wonderland Magazine and Dior Homme.Directed by Jose Otero and Hans Lo. Filmed and graded by Ryan Hopkinson.A mystical whirlwind that focuses on the ritual of dress. "
I find this video to be interesting because it somehow gives me the Chinese/Greek mythology feeling. Further more, the more I look at the black suit, the more I fall in love with it (I have my eyes on it back in January during the fashion week). If you need some inspiration, such as weird eye make up or color smoke, you will want to spend a little time watching this video.

Source: TheVersoFlims@Youtube

Trendology: Collection of Fun Tote Bags

These colourful tote bags had caught my eyes for awhile, I cannot stop myself from touching them when I see them around in the department store.  Even though they are not made from leather or other decent materials, they give me a sense of relaxation and free style.  Most importantly, the doodling reminds me of my worry-free time when I was a kid.

Ray of Inspirology: David LaChapelle for Maybach Promotion Campaign

If I could have a chance to take photos for a Maybach, I believe I would be on cloud nine.

Recently David LaChapelle has done the Mayback promotion campaign and I cannot stop looking at it. This photo is full of LaChapelle style (lighting, surreal setting and the processing)  and I am just hoping Mercedes Benz will release more photos from this campaign very soon. I am just very excited for it!

Courtesy of Mercedes Benz

Trendology: Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit

Fashion is more or less about art and craft.  Having someone to carry your design around is a dream to people who're in the fashion world.  No one understands this concept better than Fendi as they offered this Baguette Needlopoint Kit for us to design our own bag under their name.  Be creative on this blank canvas, with multicolor thread, three design cards, five needles, and three thimbles.

Available in Neiman Marcus for USD$995

Courtesy: Neiman Marcus

Ray of Inspirology: Born To Be A Model

This is probably one of the most interesting editorial shoots I have seen this year. This shoot is done by Thierry Le Gouès for the latest issue of French Revue De Modes and it features 12 stunning supermodels! What I love about this spread is the use of gel lights. The color lights create some very interesting effect on the models and I feel the models look very elegant and edgy! Really, these cover girls are all great super models and I am dying to get a chance to shoot one of them!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wave of Inspiration: ナチュラルに恋して

Android sound + Japanese dance music = perfect solution for me.

You probably will have no idea what is the meaning of the Japanese words in this post. Well, this song is called "Love naturally" and it is sung by a Japanese dance group called Perfume. I personally like their music because the beat is very up lifting and they will help you to work better.

About this video, I think it is very simple and neat. Even though there is nothing fancy about it (except the trackmill machine at the bottom) but you can definitely see how well the composition and lighting are for this video. For photographers, it might be nice to think about having this kind of background to do a shoot, and for stylist, it might be nice for you to look at some Japanese fashion for inspiration.

ナチュラルに恋して - Perfume

Trendology: Satoru Matsuda Autumn/Winter Collection 2010

Japanese Fashion designer, Satoru Matsuda, presented his Autumn/Winter collection in Japan Fashioin Week in Tokyo.  Material wise, he used a lot of knitwear and fur.  However, the emphasis of the collection is on the prints, which I believe it's experimental.  He printed the wood pattern in various type of fabric ,including leather.  Here are some of the looks.

Trendology: Daniele Michetti Spring/Summer 2010

We've seen a lot of legendary shoe designers whose designs had became a luxury item, or a topic off the red carpet.  Daniele Michetti, the newcomer to the world of shoes, is only in his second season but already won the "Who's next Award' in Italy last year.  His Spring/Summer collection is breath-taking and original enough to be his signature design.  The frills, heels in net, coloured heels with bamboo-like material wrapping around the foot, one of these designs will surely be stepping on the red carpet someday.  Especially the crystal encrusted sandals, the pair of sandals that would create a topic in the fashion world.

Don't forget to check out the men's collection from him!

Trendology: Maison Martin Margiela Oversized Metallic Clutch

Metallic materials and colours have become very common recently in fashion.  Designers used this material on various items, such as clothing, accessories, and shoes.  To my surprise, Maison Martin Margiela, who usually create destructive design, used this material on a clutch.  The oversized fuchsia patent metallic clutch would give you an electric accent as soon as you carry it with you.  The clutch is detailed with embossed stamp and weight at the back, zigzag trim, and white stitching at the back.

Available from Net-a-Porter for USD$1,035.

Courtesy: net-a-porter

Friday, March 26, 2010

Funkology: Medicom x Colette 1000% Bearbrick

Finally there is a Bearbrick that I absolutely want to own. This is a collaboration between Medicom and Colette and I have to say, I am loving the clear body with the small balls inside. I think the balls look like bubble gums to me. Here are 2 shots of the 1000% bearbrick.

Courtesy of Medicom (source:highsnobiety)

Trendology: Rick Ownes: Shiny Washed Calf Ankle Sneakers

Dear Rick Owens,

I would love to know how you can think of creating this pair of sneakers? Have you been visiting the alien ships lately because I feel like these shoes are from another world. The look of them is so futuristic so I am just wondering have the aliens brought you to the future. Regardless, I am totally in love with this shoes and I would love to receive a pair in the future. Thank you.



Enough Said. If you want to get a pair of this shiny washed calf ankle sneakers, you can purchase it for 640 Euro at Luisaviaroma online store. Bravo work!

Courtesy of Luisaviaroma

Trendology: Gotstyle with Ted Baker and more!

For those of you who have been following Gotstyle blog must know that the blog is broken down sometime ago. Today, they have finally relaunched the blog so now you do not have to panic anymore.

Approximately 2 week ago, I am honored to be invited by Reggie to go to the store and see the latest collection from Ted Baker. I am also lucky that I have Adam with me that day so I can do a photo shoot right on the spot. I am definitely attracted to some of the shirts from the Ted Baker collection especially the colorful plaid pattern shirt (remember, I am a plaid pattern fan). Also, the details in these shirts are so amazing that I recommend all the guys whom are going to buy them to make sure to show your inner sleeves because there are some nice patterns there.

Speaking of Ted Baker, I also have my eyes on the gradient green to white polo shirt. I think it looks amazing on Adam and the color is very refreshing! If you are a blazer guy, I am sure you will want to get the cotton blazer because it looks unique and greyish cotton blazer is always hard to find.

Before I am going to talk more about other brand, let me just show you the Ted Baker collection first.

Shirt: Ted Baker 
 Jeans: Mek

Polo Shirt: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Mek

Shirt: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Apolis Activism

Shirt: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Apolis Activism

Shirt and Blazer: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Mek

After we have tried on the Ted Baker collection, Reggie has given me a very good suggestion: he wants Adam to try on a Tombolini suit. I have to say that suit makes Adam looks very sharp and classy. We decide to take this photo in the salon area and this photo just reminds me of the people in Mad Man.

Suit: Tombolini
Shirt: Gotstyle private label
Tie: Altea
Shoes: Vero Luca

After this, by the time we are planning to wrap this up, we are all staring at the dead deer head and the Gotstyle team just have the idea of making Adam into the Tom Sawyer character. I cannot believe a deer horn knife does exist in the world! I have to say, I love this image a lot. (The clothes and the model just make the photo looks flawless, oh, and the deer head too!)

Shirt: Alternative Apparel
Jeans: Mek
Hat: Hanna Hats
Knife: 18 Waits

After this final look, the shoot is over and we are so happy with the photos. To the Gotstyle team, thank you so much for letting me come over to the store and do some shoots for the new collections! Without the help from you guys, I don't think Adam and I will create a great shoot!

If you want to buy any clothes that are mentioned in this entry, hurry up and head to Gotstyle as soon as possible. The address for the shop is 489 King Street West. Trust me, these products will be gone in no time, so you better take action now! Also, make sure you check their blog! It's back on!

Funkology: Hand Sign USB Drive by imm Living

Since USB Drive became one of our daily needs, many designers and/or creative companies started to give these little accessories a makeover.  The classic ones are, of course, still commonly sell in stores, but for those who want to make their daily life more fun and interesting, they would go for the specially designed ones.

Designed by imm Living, these hand sign USB are now adding symbols and gestures to your computer or laptop.  The hands are in different colours and hand sign to express various messages and emotions. Pick your emotion and gesture, give your computer a some personality!

Hand Sign USB are available through imm Living for US$35.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funkology: Intelligent mouse

Let's just say my jaw is still in the dropping state. This mouse is probably one of the most expensive mouses I have ever seen in my life! This mouse is designed by Intelligent Design and I have to admit, it looks very edgy and futuristic. It is made of titanium and is quipped with optics laser and bluetooth connection. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. I would love to get it but when I know it is selling for a whooping € 500.00, my jaw just dropped! If you have the money and will like to own  this one of a kind mouse, head over to Colette Online Store and get it now. 

Even though I think this is expensive, I do not mind if anyone wants to get me this as a present.

Courtesy of Colette

Trendology: Comme des Garcons PLAY Dip Dyed Tee

I always have a thing for Comme des Garcons PLAY's heart but never have the urge to get one of their tees until now. This time, the heart is placed at the sleeve area and you can only see part of it. That pair of big eyes have spiced up a simple shirt! If you want to buy it, you can head to Très Bien Online Shop and pay €102.00 for it. This tee comes in 3 heart colors (red, green and black) and I am sure one of the colors will fit you well.

Courtesy of Très Bien Shop

Ray of Inspirology: Movers and Shakers

If a model has very long wavy hair, photographers better make good use of it because the photos can look very stunning with the model moving or shaking their head during a shoot. In the latest issue of W Magazine, Daria Werbowy is shot by Mario Sorrenti and even though she has some very nice clothing all, my focus is on her long, wavy thick hair. When you look at the photos, all you can feel is motion and this proves why girls want to be keep their hair long, so they can give you the elegant and sporty feeling.

Here are some of my favorites.

Trendology: Jerome Dreyfuss Spring Collection 2010

French handbag designer Jerome Dreyfuss is offering a new collection for Spring.  As you may expected, their designs are always slouchy, and without trying too hard, their bags are always stylish.  With their exclusively soft and quality leather, Dreyfuss combined his energetic and vibrant hues with this season's favourite - animal skin.  These bags are going to be the best match with your denim outfit for your relaxing weekend!

Jerome Dreyfuss is also launching his first store in New York, some of the handbags are exclusively for this flagship store.  Don't forget to check them out if you happened to be in town.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: All About Eve

The reason for me to like this editorial is simple: Love the white, love the clothes and love the model! This shoot is done by Robbie Fimmano featuring model Marike Le Roux in the latest issue of Stiletto. Out of all the photos, I think I have my eye on the Alexander McQueen one piece dress (of course the lobster shoes too) one. If you want to see more of this shoot, please check here.

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