Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Memories

It's the end of June and it's time to round up what we have done in this month!

First, we finally can showcase the look book shoot we have done with Another Word For Pink. We are very honored to be able to collaborate this project with Breeyn McCarney and we hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do. Click here to see the photos.

This month, we have a new member to join the lineup of our Knights of Dusk. His name is Jason Howlett and in this shoot, Marcus is trying to capture the other side of him. What do you think? Do you think he looks different than usual (if you know him in person)? Click here to see the photos.

After hearing a lot of request, we have finally decided to post our last part of the Fashion Through Your Eyes online exhibit. This photo set involves everyone (MUA, photographer, assistant, models) by asking them to pose in front of some fake grasses with the green plastic glasses on. We really enjoy this set and hope you will love them too. Click here to take a look at the photos.

As for the [Un]Discovers department, we have one fashion designer and one photographer. Samantha Cole, one of our favorite new designers based in London, has done an interesting interview with us and you can read it here. Another amazing feature we have posted on the blog is a photographer named Sergei Yahchybekov. Marcus has been a fan of his works for quite some time now and he is so hyped when Sergei agrees to do a feature with us. You can read it here. Last but not least, we have done a special [Un]Discovers feature on Ennio Capasa from Costume National. If you want to know more about this brand, click here and read it.

Stay tuned for more new features for next month!

Ray of Inspirology: Prada F/W 2010 Full Womenswear Promotion Campaign

If you are a fan of Prada promotion campaign, then let me tell you, Christmas has come early and there are so many great photos for you to look at in this season!

Prada has just released all campaign photos for the womenswear, eyewear and menswear. Today, I am going to show the photos of the womenswear. The setting is in a karaoke lounge in the 70s and featuring models Valerija Kelava, Miranda Kerr, Daria Strokous, Sigrid Agren, Kim Dall Armi, Clement Chabernaud, Mark Cox, and Mathias Bergh. I absolutely love how the fashion pieces fit perfectly for this scene. Everything is so classy and elegant and I have to give lots of props to Steven Meisel for capturing so many great shots! If I have to put a title for this campaign, it will have to be the passionate lovers and the loner (maybe you can come up with a better title, let me know!). Unlike the menswear ads, this campaign is in full color. Stay tuned for the menswear campaign!

Trendology: Superga x DC Comics Sneakers

Colette is expanding the DC comics fashion products and this time, they have invited Italian footwear brand Superga to make some special sneakers.

There are 6 styles to this capsule collection: 3 for Batman and Robin, 2 for Superman and 1 for Green Latern. What's so special about this collection is the left shoe has a different pattern than the right shoe (look Batman is on the right while Robin is on the left). Since I am a fan of both Batman and Robin and Green Latern, I have no idea which pair I will want to purchase. This collection might not be your typical street wear sneakers, but I am sure you will want to give them a try when you see them in real life.

You can click here to purchase them.

Ray of Inspirology: Iceberg F/W 2010 Promotion Campaign

No wonder I like this photo...

This promotion campaign for Iceberg is shot by Mert and Marcus and the male model in this shot is Felix Schopgens. The photo has the typical Mert and Marcus touch on it and I love the cool color tint. Also, I am liking the face features of Felix and I hope he will appear more in other ad campaigns soon. At this moment, I am still waiting for the shot for Carolyn Murphy and I am sure it will as stunning as this one. Bravo Mert and Marcus!

Courtesy of Iceberg

Trendology: Junya Watanabe Menswear S/S Collection 2011

Rain gears, striped knitwear and modified Duffle coats are what I can sum up after watching the Junya Watanabe Menswear S/S runway show.

Striped pattern can be seen throughout the whole show. It ranges from knitwear (I really like the blue and white numbers) to blazers. The width variation of the stripes have created a very playful element on the clothes. Also, I finally give in to the Duffle coats in this collection. I am amazed on how Junya modifies the Duffle coats and they look so trendy on the models! The color palette for this collection is so cheerful that I wish Summer 2011 would be arrive now.

Overall, a solid collection that I can imagine myself in some of the pieces walking around Bloor Street in Toronto on one lazy Sunday afternoon.

Click here for complete collection.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trendology: Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2011 Menswear Collection

A very interesting collection.  There is no strong and bold colours, no main motifs and patterns; it's interesting enough with just plain colour and a skinny belt. Reason being is the cut and silhouette of this collection is both masculine and feminine.  The suits has strong lapels, showing a very masculine side of the collection, yet the belt that is being wore on a high waist line and the accent below the chest are both very feminine elements that are used in this collection.  Shorts are also very similar to the women's Bahamas shorts from last season, This collection is plain and simple, yet enough to get you thinking about the story and the reasoning behind all these details.

Ray of Inspirology: Italians Do It Better

Such a stellar Editorial! I can probably stare it for days!

Cristina Capucci
 has recently done a spread for The Ones2Watch featuring 20 top male models in the world. The models are Adrian Wlodarski (I Love), Alex Bennett (2morrow), Alexander Johansson (Why Not), Alexandre Cunha (Elite), Charlie Westerberg (Elite), Daniel Bandad (Elite), Gerhard Freidl (I Love), Isaac Farisato (Elite), Jacob Coupe (Why Not), James Smith (Fashion), Johannes Niermann (2morrow), Mark Cox (Why Not), Marshall Brockley (Fashion), Max Motta (Why Not), Nils Butler  (Why Not), Philipp Bierbaum (I Love), Reid Prebenda (Fashion), Sean Harju (I Love), Shaun Ross (Why Not/Izaio) and Taras Koltun (Fashion).

I really love this editorial because it is very consistent. Even though the clothes on the models are black and white, the Italian iconic colors inspired accessories (and the flag of course) are what spicing up the whole shoot. Thanks to Matteo Greco and Camilla Colombo , the stylists in this shoot, now I know wearing an Italian iconic colors tie can be so edgy! Thais Bretas should also take the credit for grooming the models so they can look nice in the photos. Last but not least, I am so amazed by Cristina's photography skills here because taking cool photos for the guys is hard but she can nail them all! Bravo!

Again, I just can't take my eyes off some of the photos. If you haven't noticed yet, this editorial is a celebration of Milan Fashion Week and World Cup Fever (even though they are no longer in the game).

My Top Favorite

2nd Favorite

3rd Favorite (More after the jump)

[Un]Discovers: Costume National

I have followed Costume National collections for almost 13 years now and am always mesmerized by Ennio Capasa's exceptional craftsmanship. The silhouette for his men's collection is always so slim and the garments always have a certain futuristic approach with strong Italian tailoring traditions.

Promotion Campaign F/W07 (source:models)

For readers who have none or little knowledge of this brand, you are here for a treat because this speciL edition of [Un]Discovers is all about Ennio Capasa, the head designer of Costume National.

Promotion Campaign S/S10 (source:models)

Ray of Inspirology: Tom Ford Eyewear F/W 2010 Promotion Campaign

Hi Tom Ford, how can you always capture such nice images for your Eyewear promotion campaign? I am jealous.

In this latest promotion campaign (shot by none other than Tom Ford himself), Nicholas Hoult is chosen by Tom Ford to be the cover boy. Tom's photos are always so classy and elegant and this one is no exception. The lighting simple but the result is ridiculously beautiful. I would love to blow up this photo and hang it on the wall of my room.

Now I am waiting for Freja's ad for the eyewear campaign...

Courtesy of Tom Ford

Trendology: Louis Vuitton Menswear S/S Collection 2011

Luxurious bad boy look is what Marc Jacobs and Paul Helbers have in mind for this S/S menswear collection and I am addicted to it.

Marc and Paul have brought the monograms to a new level. First, some of the models are having the monogram tattoos and this element makes them look very bold and masculine on the runway. If this move does not convince you this duo is brilliant, how about turning the monograms into some kind of art prints and put them on the garments? By blending the monogram with some horses and floral prints, the outcome is fresh and pleasant for the eyes. It is so eye popping that I can't stop starring at the shirts and scarfs.

What I have also noticed in this collection is the belt on top of shirt trend. At first I thought this would only happen in the womenswear trend but the duo is showing us this trend is invading to the menswear world. The crepe shirt and black thin belts are something that will be on my wish list. If you like net material (I call the holes) pieces, there are plenty for you to choose from as well.

It is also worth to mention that my favorite pattern of all time, Damier Canvas, is getting a color treatment for this season. The colors in include sky blue and mustard yellow. I am hoping these colors will be another hit for the design house.

Congrats to Marc and Helbers for creating such an interesting S/S 2011 collection for all the bad boy wannabe!

Click here for the complete collection (no, you don't want to miss it).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trenodology: Commes des Garcons Spring 2011

Rei Kawakubo always has something very different every year.  Though playful and stayed with her unique style, this year the collection is rather dark.  She used skull as her main theme and combined it with other graphics - checkerboard, stripe and cut out of clothing that would associate with the old film stripe.  The one and only colour that Kawakubo used for this collection to match with her dark collection is red. It conveys the dark mood even stronger than just pure black.  One different design in this collection is the full dress for men.  The dresses are printed with many alien heads, with different shades of grey to create a different component on the dress.

Ray of Inspirology: Bold

To me, this editorial is about Barbie gone mad!

Shot by Manny Roman, this spread is among one of the latest addition to Fantasticsmag. The model is Krista White from Wilhelmina and she is the winner of America's Next Top Model (the latest cycle) and I love her attitude and face features. With the help of the clothes, she looks fierce and edgy. Also, I love the backgrounds Manny chooses for the shoot. I love the rough walls and they enhance the edginess of the photos.

After seeing the photos,  I am a bit afraid to get in contact with Krista because I am scared she will punch me in the face.

Here are my favorites and you can click here to see the rest of the set. Don't forget to check out Manny's blog.

Courtesy of Fantasicsmag

Trendology: Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 Painted Low Top Sneakers

If you know me in person, you will probably know I like to walk a lot; therefore, I am constantly trashing my sneakers. Maison Martin Margiela must have read my mind, so for their Line 22 collection, these painted sneakers are born.

This pair of sneakers is basically a pair German military trainers that has a layer of paint on top of it. The result? It looks as if someone has trashed it but I am pretty sure they are comfortable (and I prefer lace-less here). This style comes in black, blue and red. If you like the sneakers, hurry up and head over to Barneys New York online store to grab a pair!

Courtesy of Barneys New York (source:highsnobiety)

Trendology: Moncler Gamme Bleu S/S Menswear Collection 2011

Finally, I am falling in love with Moncler Gamme Bleu!

This season, Thom Browne gets the inspiration from the cyclists and blends this sport's elements into fashion. First of all, the monogram for this season is the blue and red bicycles and you can find them on the capes and leggings. Even though that's not my cup of tea, I am sure those pieces will be good for editorial (it's so fresh!).

What really have caught my eyes are the pants and jackets. The pants look comfortable and at the same time very edgy. If putting the leg bands around the pants is the new trend, I am so up for it! Then comes the blazers which they look elegant, well fitted and yet, full of edginess.

This is a collaboration between cycling and fashion. Thank you Thom Browne for making such a good collection! Click here for the complete collection.

Trendology: John Richmond S/S Collection 2011

If not because of the fashion blog fashionist, I would not know John Richmond has done a runway show during the Milan Fashion Week for his S/S menswear collection. After seeing the photos, I have to say I am addicted to this collection.

The prints is probably the main selling point for this collection. The garments look very edgy and elegant with the prints on them. My eyes are fixed on the white suit and the cardigan. This time around, Richmond has introduced the purple accent to few of the pieces and the jeans blazer with the purple pattern is fresh and edgy. Another thing I have noticed is the shoes. The stripes 2 tones derby (I believe they are derby) is something I will die for and I am curious the price tag for it.

If you are not into colors or romantic patterns, Richmond still has the sleek cuts pieces for you such as the stripes suits, soft leather jackets and large checker box patterned pieces. Overall, this collection has something for every type of man.

Here are my favorites and click here for the complete collection.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trendology: Kris Van Assche Menswear S/S Collection 2011

Kris Van Assche has showcased his own brand's S/S collection a day before the Dior Homme show and to me, it is a success.

Just like the previous season, Black, Titanium Grey and White are still the colors that control the boldness of this collection. Once again, I am attracted to the spill ink patterned pieces and the jeans and long coat have definitely caught my eyes. Aside from that,  the soft leather jackets are on my wish list as well. They look very sleek with the refined cutting. If you are a Kris Van Assche follower and love his oversized shirts and slightly baggy pants, this collection is still presenting these pieces for you to purchase. Overall, this collection, to me, is very raw and with layering, you can achieve a very bold look.

P.S Roll up pants are here to stay for this brand too!

Click here for the complete collection.

Funkology: Mickey Mouse “Roen” Collection Figures

I am loving these 5 figures created by Medicom!

This is a collaboration among Medicom, Disney and a Japanese brand named Roen. The 5 looks of the Mickey include the Mummy Mickey, the Pirate Mickey, the Rock star, Mickey with the crown covering his face and the Cowboy look. These figures are so refreshing since no company has created these looks before. If I could find a place in Toronto that will sale this set, I would probably collect them all.

Ray of Inspirology: Лучи солнца

First of all, will someone translate the title for me?

In the latest issue of Vogue Russia, Terry Tsiolis has done an interesting editorial featuring Reina Montero, Jeneil Williams, Sedene Blake,Shena Moulton and Aminata Niaria. I have to say the stylist has done an amazing job dressing up the girls and I love the contrast between the background and the models' skin tone.   Even though the lighting is not complicated, I enjoy seeing the white reflection from the models' skin. This is just a very refreshing editorial and I hope to do something like this in the future.

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Menswear S/S Collection 2011

This is the first collection of Sarah Burton as the creative director for Alexander McQueen and even though she is playing safe with this collection, I am satisfied with what I see here.

The collection is inspired by the British gentlemen look in the early 19th century and also I can see Sarah is using a lot of reference from the past McQueen collections. Even though this collection is not very coherence, it does show the variety styles Sarah is trying to achieve here.  Some of my favorites are the double breast red jacket pairing with red/grey wool pants (I love the pockets!), the slim cut black tuxedo blazer, the black/gold long coat, and the gradient blazer.

Judging from this collection, I am sure Sarah will continue to grow with this brand and I am definitely excited to see her F/W menswear collection (and of course I will not want to miss her first debut for S/S womenswear). Keep it up!

Click here for the full collection.

Trendology: Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear S/S Collection 2011

Blending the Arabic, splashing paint and 3D elements into the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion world are creating a positive impact on the S/S  menswear collection!

This collection has a lot of different elements blend into one. As I have mentioned before, the Arabic style is existing here. This style ranges from below the waist tops, deep V tops to Arabic inspired pants and of course, JPG has to use soft leather to spice up the garments. Even though the splashing paint print is not new to the men's fashion world, the white and black contrast does work for me here. Of course, if you are looking for typical JPG style pieces, they still exist and my eyes are particularly attracted to the blazer with the yellow stitches on.

One of the elements I am still very curious is the 2 outfits that are presented almost at the end of the show. Judging from the blue and red glasses, I believe the pattern on the clothes are actually 3D. If someone has more information about it, please let me know. (It's confirmed, it is 3D prints)

Overall, I think this is a fun, edgy and bold collection. Now I am looking forward to see his Haute Couture collection.

Click here for the complete collection.

3D prints

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Funkology: Urbanears Medis Earphones

Personally I hate how earphones always fell out of my ear, even I use the in-ear product, I encounter the problem more than once everyday.  But this Urbanears has invented a new product to solve the problem, called Medis Earphones.  Their new design has two secure points in your ear compare to the other ones.  Here is what they said:

"What makes the Medis unique, apart from the number of color-ways, is how it sits in your ear. The Medis uses the patented EarClick solution to secure the earpiece at two separate points to the outer canal of your ear rather than one, relieving pressure to a nearly non-existent level while keeping it firmly in place. Meaning the days of uncomfortable in-ears that repeatedly fall out are over."

Moreover, their colour collection is very attractive to all, either you're classic black lover, or the one who love to mix-and-match your colour converse, there must be a colour for you in this collection.  Product will be available in July, and come with microphone and remote compatible with most devices.

Ray of Inspirology: Prada F/W 2010 Promotion Campaign

As a fashion photographer, this is definitely a treat for me.

This is the latest Prada promotion campaign for its Fall/Winter collection. It is shot by Steven Meisel featuring Clément Chabernaud, Kim Dall’armi, Mark Cox and Mathias Bergh. To me, this shots are very classy not only because they are in black and white, but the makeup, hair and clothes remind me of the glamorous period back in the 70s.  If they are made into posters, I will for sure hang them up in my work room.

Courtesy of Prada (source:flashbang@tfs)

Wave of Inspiration: Tonight Matthew

I just cannot believe I haven't seen this video till now!

This video is a special collaboration among SHOWstudio (Nick Knight), Gareth Pugh, Raquel Zimmerman and Lady Gaga. In this project, Gareth Pugh is asked to make a dress for the SHOWstudio shop and after spending 3 days in the studio, the dress is completed and it is modeled by Raquel Zimmermann. This video is shot in one take and there is a special attraction to attract me to look at it over and over again. It's edgy and I can see Raquel is having a lot of fun in this video. Also, I think this version of Poker Face goes well with this video. Love it!

FYI, this dress is sold for a whooping £7,500.

Courtesy of SHOWstudio

Trendology: Moschino Menswear S/S Collection 2011

Rock and Roll is back!!!

This Moschino S/S collection is definitely a good example for demonstrating how a modern rocker should look like. Forget about the tank tops and graphic t-shirts, instead you see ripped jeans, pop art and graffiti shirts, studded blazers and vest. If you are not into rock, you can try on the black tailored tuxedo, or you can spice up your look a bit by wearing color pants with dark color blazers. I think if there is pop art in the fashion world, this season will be the representative of it. This collection is refreshing and young and I am totally love it!

Here are my favorite looks and you can click here to see the complete collection.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Noble Farewell

Even though there are only 3 photos from this editorial in the latest issue of Vogue, I have to say this is a great farewell gift from Annie Liebovitz to McQueen.

This editorial features some of the best models in the industry such as Irina K., Tanya D., Raquel, Karlie & Frida to wear the F/W 2010 collection. I really like the editorial because it is elegant, it shows class and the clothes are simply amazing! I really hope there will be a couple more photos to show up on the web for this editorial, but for now I am satisfied with what I have seen.

Long Live McQueen!

Courtesy of Vogue (souce: Elfinkova@tfs)

Ray of Inspirology: Las Nuevas Sirenas

Harper's Bazaar, I am feeling the summer from your latest issue!

This editorial is shot by Nico featuring Tanya Dziahileva. When I look at the photos, all I can think of is summer breeze! The composition, processing and lighting are all flawless and Tanya has done a very good job on posing here.  There are quite a few of the photos I like from this set and now I am ready for summer!

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