Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Memories

It's the end of the month, which means it is time for a recap on what we have done in this month!

At the [Un]Discovers department, we have a feature on the amazing Madame Peripetie. Her photography works are stunning and we believe you must know about this talented artist! Julia Krantz is our second artist for this month's [Un]Discovers and her Shell project is memorizing us! To wrap up this year's [Un]Discovers, we have Ted Sabarese, a great photographer and his Hunger Pains series has been on the yahoo headliner in this month! Here, we want to say thank all the talented artists who let us feature them on this blog, this is truly an amazing journey for us!

We have done 2 giveaways this month and one is an original piece from us. We have teamed up with Helen Huang to create this stunning Christmas postcard and the final image will not be revealed on the site till the week of Christmas! If you still want it, please click here for all the details! We also gave away BANG by Marc Jacobs this month and congrats to Emilovadragneva for winning this prize!

Next month is going to be filled with interesting original contents as we continue to celebrate our 1st anniversary! Stay tune to our I Scream Awards interviews and if you can't wait, you can click here to see some behind the scenes! Thanks to Fashionights for taking some amazing behind the scene photos!

Graphicology: 12 Generals

This is one cool illustration series!

This series is done by a Japanese illustrator named Yoriko Yoshida. 12 Chinese zodiac signs are presented here and each of them is transformed as a warrior. I am in love with this concept and I can't believe this is all done in photoshop. Now I will let you be amazed by these amazing works!

Trendology: Philip Sparks Holiday Shop

It's Christmas season, which means it's the season to shop!

Philip Sparks, one of the best menswear designer in Toronto, is going to have open his studio doors to the public this Saturday. Since he has transformed his store into a holiday shop, you will be able to shop some limited edition holiday menswear and accessories. Better yet, there will be holiday refreshment and products will be 25% off their regular price.

Now, what are you waiting for? I think I am paying a visit to the store that day!

Here is the information you need to know for the Philip Sparks holiday shop

Saturday, December 4 · 12:00pm - 6:00pm

The Burroughes Building
639 Queen St. West, Suite 5005
Toronto, ON

Ray of Inspirology: The Grandeur Issue, Womenswear

Even though winter has just started, I am already feeling the spring air already!

In the latest issue of Fashion156,Paul Farnham has done an amazing editorial featuring Valeria and Nikola. Guy Hipwell has done an amazing job on styling these 2 models and the looks on them are very refreshing.  I am totally loving the warm color tin treatment on these photos. The series just gives me a very warm and cozy feeling.

Here are some of my favorites and you can click here for the complete set.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Under My Skin

I love this spread. It has a retro feeling with a modern twist!

This spread is shot by Pedro Chique and it is featured in the latest issue of Vogue Portugal. The models here are Carol Demarqui and Paolla Rahmeier and they are styled by Paulo Macedo. The series is very crisp and I like the color combination a lot. I do feel the retro vibe but with the accessories, the series becomes very modern and classy. What do you think?

Wave of Inspiration: Diamond Dip

Eniko Mihalik, swimming pool, sparkles and crystal lips, these are the information you need to know in this video.

Nowness has recently showcased a fashion video directed by Kt Auleta. In this video, Eniko is "decorated" with all sorts of sparkling makeup such as crystalized lips, crystalized fingers and glittering eye shadows. Eniko looks very classy in the video and her crystalized face is definitely something I will remember for a long time. If you are lack of creative shoot idea, maybe this video will spark some inspirations for you.

Courtesy of Nowness

Ray of Inspirology: Charlotte in Couture

After seeing this editorial by Willy Vanderperre, I don't think age matters anymore for modeling.

This spread is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine and the model is Charlotte Rampling. Charlotte is wearing different couture pieces in this series and she looks absolutely amazing. With the black and white effect, the whole shoot looks very classy and glamours. Once again, age is no longer a determine factor for modeling after seeing such a great editorial.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Masumiyet Muzesi

I like the location, the fashion pieces and how amazing Siri Tollerød performs in this editorial!

This spread is featured in the October issue of Vogue Turkey and it is shot by Sophie Delaporte. The clothes have captured my eyes because of the colors and great designs. Siri does remind me of the plastic doll when I see this series and she performs very well here. I am also liking the light set up in this editorial which creates a very dreamy effect! Overall, a brilliant editorial!

Trendology: Love Moschino Spring Summer 2011 Pre-Collection

I do not mind to have the whole collection in my closet from this pre spring and summer collection by Love Moschino.

This collection is very sleek and simple. I can see myself in most of the looks especially the blazers are very well designed and fitted. My favorite section of this collection will have to be the pink series, especially my eyes are constantly on the diamond patterned sweater. Overall, this collection offers something for every occasion ranging from day wear to smart casual evening wear.

Here are my favorite looks and you can click here for the complete collection.

Trendology: Christian Louboutin S/S 2011 Men's Sneakers

It is just a matter of time before I am going to own a pair of Louboutin's sneakers!

Photos of the new S/S collection have surfaced on the net and they look amazing. Studs and metal rivets are still the main elements of this brand and my eyes cannot stop starring at the high top with the gold studs! May I now have the price list of the shoes so I can start to save up?

Ray of Inspirology: Prada S/S 2011 by Steven Meisel

Who would not fall in love with the colourful Prada collection this year?  Photographer Steven Meisel, along with the supermodels, have taken another step into this collection and make it even more loveable.  Putting all these colourful and retro looking pieces together on a plain beige background rigidly.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wave of Inspiration: Fox Retro "Pinball"

I admit, I am a huge fan of video games so when I see this video, my eyes start to glow.

This video is directed by Mariano Farias (who is also the art director with Javier Pelayo) and it is for the Fox International Channels. I am totally in love with the colors and also the mood of it. Using the retro pinball game to showcase what shows are on this retro channel is brilliant!

Trendology: Givenchy 2010 Christmas T-Shirts Capsule Collection

It's Christmas shopping time and what's better than getting a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci holiday special t-shirt for yourself?

This capsule unisex collection comes in 4 designs and all prints are in red. As you can expect, skull, stars and cross all show up as the prints for this collection but my favorite will have to be the one with wings. I have seen my friend wearing the Style x Givenchy t-shirt before and love the print (unfortunately no size for me) so now I am hoping I could find this in a store before Christmas!

Ray of Inspirology: Noirologie

Such a beautiful dark and mysterious editorial!

This spread is shot by Xevi Muntané and it is featured in the latest issue of L'Officiel. The models here are Marcelina Sowa, Sessilee Lopez and Sedent. I am in love with this editorial because the shadows are creating the mood and I feel the mysteriousness when looking at the photos. The photos are very dark and edgy and they suit my taste well.

What a wonderful spread!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Lacoste S/S 2011 Promotion Campaign

Lacoste and Mert & Marcus? Yes, the duo is responsible for the S/S 2011 campaign this time.

The first image of this campaign has released to the public and it features Noah Mills as the cover face. Unlike Mert & Marcus' regular dark edge style, this campaign is very fresh and bright. After looking at this shot, I have a feeling I should give this polo on top of suit style a try. What are your thoughts?

Courtesy of Lacoste (source: designscene)

Trendology: Mastermind JAPAN x Porter Capsule Collection

Japanese brand Mastermind JAPAN has finally decided to open an online store on December 1st and to celebrate the grand opening, it has teamed up with a few brands to work on some collaboration capsule collections. I am always a Porter fan so this capsule collaboration collection has made my jaw drop. As usual, Mastermind is using black as the main color palette with the logo on some of the signature Porter bags. My favorite will be the backpack since this is one model I have no owned yet.

If you want to purchase this capsule collection, feel free to visit Mastermind Villa on December 1st!

Courtesy of Mastermind Villa (source:highsnobiety)

Ray of Inspirology: Daft Punk For Dazed And Confused

As the release date of TRON: Legacy is approaching, I am not surprised to see a lot of interviews, editorials and promotion photos on magazines and websites. Recently, Daft Punk, the French music duo has graced the cover of Dazed and Confused. What makes this editorial better is the whole photo set is in 3D! I really love the location of the shoot and Daft Punk looks so classy in this shoot!

Now it is time for you to put on your 3D glasses!

Fashionist[On The Go]: The Double V and more!

Before we start this edition of Fashionist[On The Go], if you have twitter, please head there and give Christopher Turner, the writer of The Fashionist, a birthday tweet! On behalf of à la mode, I wish you a Happy Birthday and make sure you have a blast this year!

Now, it's time for me to pick up some interesting news that have caught my eyes from the Fashionist!

The new issue of V Magazine has really caught my eyes and it is all about the age issue. There are 3 covers for it and my eyes are glowing for Susan Sarandon's cover. Really, does age matter? [Read Here]

Which one is your favorite cover? (source: The Fashionist)

Another news related to the alphabet V is the look book photos of the GAP x Valentino collaboration. The capsule collection is very Valentino with the use of ruffles and bows. Sadly, this collection is only available in Europe (maybe you can try ebay). [Read Here]

Truth is, I would love to see some reds (source: The Fashionist)

That's the roundup! Come back next week to see what I have found on The Fashionist!

Trendology: TRON Legacy Opening Ceremony Women

So everyone is looking forward to TRON, right? Then I must believe everyone should be fascinated by this TRON inspired collection by Opening Ceremony.  As we looked at the menswear from the collection yesterday, today it's the time to look at the women's. Just like the men's wear, they used very sharp colour and the cuts are very futuristics.  However, the women are meant to have more fun than the men as we get the bags and the shoes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trendology: Opening Ceremony x Disney “TRON: Legacy” Menswear Collection

I am dying to get my hands on this collection!

Opening Ceremony has teamed up with Disney to produce a "TRON: Legacy" capsule collection. The color palette includes yellow, blue, orange and black which is the signature colors of the movie. I am liking the racer jacket a lot and I hope I can get it before it is all sold out!

You can now purchase this collection at Opening Ceremony or Opening Ceremony online store (they have TRON womenswear as well).

Icon: I Scream Awards Photo Shoot Behind The Scene Part 1

You have been waiting for it and we are very excited about it!

Back in October we have travelled to Jordan, Ontario and shot an amazing editorial with the winners of the I Scream Awards. We will not show you the final result of the photos until December but thanks to Fashionights, you now have a behind the scene access to see what the shoot was about. These photos are just a taste of the shoot and you will have to head to Fashionights to see more of them!

Thanks to Fashionights for tagging along with us! Next week, you will see more behind the scene photos on Toronto Is Fashion!

Trendology: Philip Sparks Navy Captain's Coat

Winter has finally arrived and I have been on a mission to search for a winter coat. Recently I have come across this jacket and it is instantly on my wish list.

This Navy captain's coat is from the F/W collection of Philip Sparks. I am loving the shawl collar and the detail on the sleeves. With the quilted lining, I believe this will keep you very warm in the winter. The price of this piece is $575. Now I just need to save up and get it...

Courtesy of Philip Sparks 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trendology: Head Porter Holiday Collection

Holiday season is around the corner and I am sure everyone is getting ready for Christmas shopping! Recently I have come across this Head Porter Holiday collection and I think it is a perfect fit for the holidays.

This capsule collection comes in silver and gold. The items include iPad cases, wallets and key cases. I am a fan of both Head Porter and silver color, so there are definitely some items I want to fill my Christmas stocking.

Courtesy of Head Porter (source: highsnobiety)

Ray of Inspirology: Vogue Glitter

Let's look at some amazing hats in front of some Jacquard wallpapers!

This editorial is featured in the latest issue of Vogue Italia and it is shot by Richard Burbridge. Yes, I admit the background is a little bit too much for my taste but it is interesting to see how this actually blends well with the outfits and makes the hat pieces stand out. This may not be something I would do for my shoot but looking at this set again makes me wonder, sometimes more is better?

Ray of Inspirology: Rouge

Bright red. Blue sky. Roof top. Amazing model. I love it!

This editorial is shot by PetOrly and in all the shots, the model is only wearing red dresses. I am in love with the bright blue sky and how the red works so well with the shoot. The designs of the dresses are truly one of a kind and I would love to see some of them on red carpets! Overall, a well thought out editorial and I would to see more editorials from PetOrly in the near future!

Here are my favorites and you can click here for the complete set.

Trendology: Late Night Chameleon Cafe Store Opening

LN-CC is a new London based concept store, also an online shopping platform, recently opened a new 5000sqft retail store in East London.  The project was initiated by John Skelton, formerly of oki-ni and Harrods, and Daniel Mitchell, where the edgy store was designed by set designer, Gary Card.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[On]Air: FAT Call 4 Creative Entries

It's the time of the year again! FAT is looking for talented fashion designers, photographers, artists to participate this amazing event which will be held between April 25-29, 2011.

This year, the theme will be Fashion Schematics which "will examine how we build the systems in which we function, the strategies we use in creating our identities and the messages we convey through codes, currencies and narratives." Sounds interesting and you already have an idea of what you want to do? Click here to submit your application! The deadline will be December 22 2010 or the late submission deadline will be January 9 2011. Hurry up to apply for a spot and we will see you in April 2011!

Ray of Inspirology: Model Citizens

This editorial in the latest issue of VMAN is a showdown for the hottest male models in the world!

This spread is shot at different locations for the different agencies around the world. The 7 photographers who are involved in this shoot include Xevi Muntane for Sight Management Studio (Spain), Victoria Tang for Long Teng (China), Bo Egestrom for Scoop (Denmark), Misha Taylor for Boss Models (South Africa), Krzystoff Herholdt for 2pm (Denmark), Vincent De Paulo for 40 Graus (Brazil) and William Richards for Saint International (Jamaica). Every photographer is showcasing his/her unique photography skill and my favorite one is Krzystoff's one which gives me a very fresh and dramatic feeling. Now, it is time for you spot the up rising models in this great editorial.

Graphicology: Sanrio’s 50th Family Vacation

I am so proud of my friend and I am thinking about getting this to hang on my wall!

As many of you know, this year is Sanrio's 50th anniversary and Sanrio has commissioned some illustrators to work on a celebration piece. Martin Hsu, one of my great illustrator friends, has been picked and the illustration below is what he has done for Sanrio. I am really loving the concept of this art piece and every character is enjoying him/herself in this family vacation!

This piece only has 50 copies in the world and if you want to order it, please click here (it is signed by Martin too!).

[On]Air: Gary Taxali Toy Launch

Do you like Gary Taxali's graphic works? If you are like us who is a fan of his works, then you will not want to miss this event!

On November 27 at 2pm, Gary Taxali is going to launch his retro wooden toy line at Manulife Center's Indigo. This line will only be sold exclusively at Indigo and these toys have totally reminded us of our childhood. If you want to meet Gary Taxali in person and get an autograph from him (you will have to purchase his latest book "This Is Silly"), then you will have to come to this event!

Please click the invite below to read the details of the event.

Fashion[Unfold]: Model's Age Matters?

This is the last edition of Fashion[Unfold] hosts on this blog (do not worry, there are still 2 more editions to go) before the end of 2010. Now let's see what I have in store for you this time. 

Fashion[Unfold] is a Debate initiative for Industry insiders to address/discuss Fashion issues. An initiative brought from concept to reality, via Tweets by Marcus Kan @fusionofeffects, Toronto based Photographer and Noëlly Sam @MissSLY, Fashion Editor-in-chief at Miss SLY!.

Every Tuesday, a Fashion topic is chosen, and the discussion gates are open to everyone on Twitter, to come and weight in their two cents via Twitter and comments on the website debate host. So there are 2 ways to participate.

- Join us on Twitter by following us and interact @FashionCrazy_ @MissSLY & @fusionofeffects; Then add the Tag #fashionunfold to your tweets

-  You can leave a comment to this post.

I will be constantly checking the response and if I see any interesting ones, I will post them right here (which means this entry will be in a constant update mode). This week, I have decided to do this topic: Does model's age matter?

I have recently come across the latest issue of V Magazine (The Who Cars About Age Issue) and I find the theme is very brilliant. In this issue, all the models in the editorials are not your average 20 years old professional models, instead, they are all from their 50s and above. The photos of these models are stunning and beautiful. 

A lot of people have told me that Kate Moss should retire soon because she is outside the model's age range; however, when you look at her editorials, they are simply amazing and her age factor definitely adds an edge to the photos.

Courtesy of V Magazine

As the fashion industry is constantly promoting young and fresh models to be on the cover of magazines and runways, do you really think that model's age matter? Do you think the whole fashion scene will change if the older generations are coming back to do the runways and be on more editorials in different magazines?

Courtesy of V Magazine

My 2 cents:
Youth and beauty seem to be linked to the fashion world these days but to me, I believe beauty can be used to describe people in different age range. I do believe since the industry rarely includes older generation models to walk on runways and be on magazines, people will have the illusion that if you have reached a certain age, you do not need fashionable clothes. I do believe if the older generations are coming back out to be some of the key players, fashion industry will be more vibrant and more people will have knowledge on the meaning of fashion. 

Now it's time for you to give in you 2 cents! Make sure you tag #fashionunfold on twitter and follow us @fusionofeffects@FashionCrazy_, and @MissSLY.

The Tweets:

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