Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 2011 Memories

This is truly another spectacular month and we cannot believe how much support we have received from the arts and fashion industry. For that, we just want to say a BIG THANK YOU. Now, let's get back to this April memory...

For our [Un]Discovers segment, we have quite a number of features. First off, we have a pop group named Ultraviolet Sound which we are in love with their songs. Then we have a Cor Sine Labe Doli, an accessory brand we really like at the moment. To round off the month, we have a special feature on a website called Clothes on Films.

Of course, since we are doing collaboration posts with FAT, we have 4 [Un]Discovers that are specific for this event. We have featured four amazing fashion designers this year and they are Zanete AuzinaAnastasia Lomonova, Zita Pop and Saint Hollywood by Uta Bekaia. Anne Cayer, the winner of |FAT| contest back in February, has also contributed 1 entry to us and it is the interview with Kelleth Cuthbert. We really hope you enjoy those entries as they are some amazing talented designers/artists.

As for the Swide department, we have done some amazing features on some artists for this month. The artists include fashion illustrators Michael Sanderson and Connie Lim, and abstract art artist Ryan Rader.

Lisa Nishimura continues to amaze us with her great fashion illustrations and this month she has contributed 2 runway sets to us: Burberry F/W and VAWK F/W collections.

Last but not least, we have a new section called [Burberry] Rhythm. Each week, we are featuring one of the Burberry acoustic performances and the performances this month is Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. Did you also see our live coverage on the Burberry Beijing show? If not, you can click here and here for our review post.

Stay tuned for more amazing entries coming up in May!

Walk the Walk: Anastasia Lomonova F/W 2011 Collection

Last year's New Label competition winner Anastasia Lomonova presented her latest collection on day 3 of |FAT| and it was a great show. All the models were wrapped up so only the outfits stood out on the runway and I thought this was a brilliant idea. Geometric shapes, drapes and knots were the main features of this collection and these elements gave a kick to the collection! I liked what I saw that night. Bravo work Anastasia!

- I like the geometric shapes detail a lot, which gives an edge to the collection
- The color palette is great, fits with the F/W weather so well
- In love with the details of the sleeves and the knots element.
- The presentation is nice, and I believe this is the idea of Anastasia wanting you to concentrate on the pieces instead of the models.

- If I could make this collection more complete, I would probably add a few winter coat pieces.

Eye Candies:
- Loose fit jersey dress with geometric shapes at the waist area.
- Black dress
- zip up neck top

Trendology: Sperry Men's Boat Oxford

It somehow hits me that blue shoes is actually one of the hottest accessories for men this season and recently I have discovered this pair of Sperry men's boat oxford and immediately I put it on my wish list. I really like the cloud line on the shoes to give a denim effect and this blue is very easy to match a lot of pieces in anyone's closet. What do you think?

If you want to purchase it (and it has other colors too), you can click here.

Courtesy of Sperry

Walk the Walk: Mackenzie Jones F/W 2011 Collection

Unlike the other Walk the Walk entries, I think it will be better if I just talk about this runway show in a paragraph form...

The runway show of Mackenzie Jones was fascinated and up till this moment, I still cannot forget the clothes and the performance by the models. All the men had some amazing shoulder pieces on and they are made of fur, feather, horns or artificial flowers. The girls had some amazing pieces on too such as the deer horn gown (really, I was drooling over that piece and if I had a clothing museum, then...), the dramatic fur cape and the sleeveless sheep horn gown. The models were divided into 5 pairs and each pair performed a wonderful dance (if you have never seen Jason dance, you finally have a chance to see it in real life and .. yeah... I will leave it to your own interpretation). This was a very artistic runway show and for sure a lot of people would have the same thought as me on that night.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Walk the Walk: ICA watermelon by Julia Knüpfer F/W 2011 Collection

2nd night of |FAT| was all about sustainable collections and while I talked about Worth By David Wigley on Ukamaku, I would also highlight 2 other designers who had caught my eyes.

ICA Watermelon by Julia Knüpfer was one of the collections which had caught my eyes during the 3rd runway segment of the night. The collection could be divided into 2 parts: real knitwear and knit pattern print garments. Some of the designs were very innovative and the blend between real knitwear and knit pattern pieces worked very well for the collection.

This is definitely a brand you should keep an eye on in the future!

- Love the knit pattern and it works so well the the real knit pieces
- Some of the designs are very innovative.
- The whole collection is very consistent and solid.

- I would love to see 1-2 more colors in this collection

Eye Candies:
- Sleeveless blouse with geometric shape on the side
- One shoulder knit dress
- Knit top with duo color knit on the shoulder area

Ray of Inspirology: Fiebre Por Los 70

A classic vintage style editorial!

In the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar España, Bambi Northwood-Blyth is shot by Nico in this amazing editorial. What I like the most is the vintage color processing in the photos. You may not find this to be a fancy set, but I can definitely feel the glamorous vibe in these images. What do you think?

Walk the Walk: Zanete Auzina F/W 2011 Collection

Zanete Auzina has presented a very romantic and dreamy collection on the first night of |FAT|.

The collection is very dramatic, romantic and elegant. I am loving the fringe and drape elements on the clothes to give give off that elegant vibe. As for the color palette, Zanete is using some pastel colors to create the dreamy feeling. Overall, I think this is a very classy collection.

- All the pieces have the romanic vibe and they look very dreamy.
- I love the fringe element on the jacket and coats.
- The big knit ball on the shoulder is definitely a good element to spice up the collection.

- This is not necessary a wearable collection since there are so much drapes and fringes involve in many of the pieces.

Eye Candies:
- Jacket with drapes
- Fringe jacket in nude color
- The knit ball

Fashionist[On The Go]: And The New Designer Of Balmain Is...

Time to take a look at what I have scooped up this week on the Fashionist!

Uncle Karl Lagerfeld has recently shot a commercial video for Magnum (the ice cream brand) and Rachel Bilson and Baptiste Giabiconi are the lead characters. While I am happy to see Rachel, I am not convinced by the fact that Baptiste is a videographer in this commercial. What do you think? [Read Here]

Hmm, Rachel looks good here! (source: the Fashionist)

It seems like this year is the year where many fashion houses changing their creative directors/designers. Balmain has finally announced Olivier Rousteing will be replacing Christophe Decarnin as the head designer of the fashion house. Well, I think this is a very logical choice. Thoughts? [Read Here]

Somehow, this news reminds me of Karl's interview on W Magazine. (source: the Fashionist)

Come back next week to see another edition of Fashionist [On The Go]!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk the Walk: Belinda Visag F/W 2011 Collection

I have been a fan of Belinda Visag's collection since last time she showed at |FAT| so I had high expectation on this year's runway show. Fortunately, it did not disappoint me at all!

Once again, Belinda is brining us to her dreamy land with this F/W collection. The collection is dark yet there are so many nice elements such as pearls, crystals, chains to make the pieces to be fun to wear. To me, when I look at the collection, I think of a twisted version of Little Red Riding and the pieces are highly wearable. Also, you just cannot miss out the amazing head pieces that are hand crafted by Belinda herself!

- The use of pearls, chains and crystals are amazing. These embellishments give a very cute and chic look to the pieces.
- Love the big buttons on the pants.
- Most of the pieces are very wearable, yet there is this cute and dreamy touch to them.
- The color palette is amazing!

- I have a feeling the collection will not fit the weather here.

Eye Candies: 
- Red tweed cape
- Princes sleeves knitwear with beads
- Skirt wit the 3D roses pattern

[Un]Discovers: Clothes On Film

Unlike other movie review websites, Clothes On Film has a very unique point of view to introduce the audience to different movies by concentrating on the costumes. I still remember I encountered this site when I was reading the news about The Black Swan costume controversy and ever since that day this site has been on my radar. Today, I am happy to interview Chris Laverty, the brain behind Clothes On Films.

Black Swan : Amy Westcott Interview

Hi Chris, it's a pleasure to be able to interview you, especially your site is so famous right now! So, would you mind to give a brief description about yourself?
I’m a writer. I’m no journo, as just about everything at Clothes on Film is written with an editorial. I like to interpret rather than merely copy out a list of facts. My background is varied; not Jason Bourne shady, but I’ve had a few jobs. I’ve spent time on movie sets though I am not a costume designer. This is a passion more than anything else; something I feel compelled to do.

Sherlock Holmes Costume Guide Part 1: Frock Coats & Bustles

Ray of Inspirology: In Somnium

You have no idea how much I would want to have these imagines hang up on my wall!

This creative shoot is done by Ben Sandler & Le creative Sweatshop. I think the imaginary Ben has for us to see here is phenomenal. I am in love with the whole futuristic scene and the tough fighter image of the model. Do you feel like you are watching a movie when you see the images?

Click here to see the complete series.

Art[s]ense: Ryan Rader

After so many entries about fashion illustrators and photographers, I have decided to switch my gear a bit and introduce Ryan Rader to the world. If you have followed this blog since last year, you should be familiar with this name as he is one of the abstract artists I really like. I am still fascinated by his biological form style art works and I would love to dig deep and read his mind one day.

Do check out the entry as there is a new painting by him which is inspired by the new Dolce & Gabbana collection!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walk the Walk: Jessica Clayton F/W 2011 Collection

One of the |FAT| designers who featured on this blog last year was Jessica Clayton and on Tuesday, she showcased her latest collection.

Even though this collection only has 9 looks, you can divide it into 2 series: the stained glass print series and the marble print series. I really like the use of crystals on the stained glass series which gives an edge to the series. Also, most of the pieces in this collection are very airy which gives a goddess feeling to the girls who will be wearing those pieces. Overall, I think this is a very nice collection from Jessica Clayton.

- Love the stained glass and marble prints.
- The whole collection is very wearable, yet they are very chic.
- The whole collection is very airy.

- This does not look like a F/W collection unless this is one year round collection

Eye Candies:
- Stained glass sleeveless blouse
- Marble print one piece dress

Ray of Inspirology: Circus Girl

Do you like to see a circus theme fashion editorial? Well, I have one for you here.

This editorial is shot by Max Doyle featuring Hannah Holman in the latest issue of Vogue Australia. Hanna is dressed in white in this series to give a big contrast against the circus scene. She looks very pure and I am loving the clothes on her. Now I am inspired to do a shoot like this in the future.

Walk the Walk: Martin Lim F/W 2011 Collection

Yesterday was the first day of |FAT| and there were quite a few shows that had caught my eyes. First one was Martin Lim.

The collection is very simple with a lot of jersey material pieces. Even though the pieces are simply, I am loving the geometric shapes embellishments on them. As for the color palette, I think the red earthy tone fits very nice with all the designs to give volume to the pieces. Overall, I think this is a very solid collection, bravo!

- I like the color palette, it fits so well with the whole collection.
- The geometric shapes embellishment is a nice touch on the pieces.
- I am never a big fan of satin pieces, but they work very well in this collection.

- Would love to see some jackets for this collection.

Eye Candies:
- Satin purple one piece dress
- Jersey dress with geometric shapes at the waist area

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Nachtüberfall (Night Raid)

I can never get enough of Mike Lewis photos so I was very excited when I received this editorial in my mail box. The style is slightly different as the images are leaning towards a more monotone approach with a hint of Frank Miller style. Luis Rajiv has done an amazing job by styling Sandra in this shoot and I cannot get enough how bold the model looks like in many of the images. What a stunning editorial! Bravo!

Here is more information of the editorial:
Photographer: Mike Lewis
Stylist: Luis Rajiv
Hair and MakeUp: Olivia Ha
Photography Assistant: Mathew Smith
Producer: Amanda Dillon for Industry Reps
Model: Sandra V. for Industry Reps.

Ray of Inspirology: Hip Hop

It's all about colors!

In the latest issue of W Magazine,  Sølve Sundsbø has shot a stunning and colorful editorial featruing Britt Maren and Eliza Cummings. The vibe is very vibrant here as you can see the abstract background pairs up with some colorful (and prints too!) garments. By looking at the photos, I just feel like this spring and summer can be more playful than I can imagine. Now, let me try to use some of the color combinations and play some mix and match for this season!

Ray of Inspirology: Metropolis

If these clothes were what people would wear in the future, I would totally approve them.

This editorial is shot by Maciej Boryna for the 3rd issue of Faint Magazine. The clothes in this series are all made by Kamila Gawrońska-Kasperska and they look stunning. I am loving the clash between the city urban vibe from the location and the futuristic vibe from the clothes. If I had to sum up this editorial,
I would say this was an alien invasion in the future.

Once again, I can't take my eyes off those amazing pieces on models Weronika Spyrka |ew Age| and

Courtesy of Faint (source: designscene)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trendology: More Christian Louboutin S/S 2011 Sneakers!

So recently I have shown you the Denim Louis Flat Spikes high top sneaker and now I have 2 more for you. One is the white version of the Louis Flat Spikes and the other one is Rantus Orlato Flat which it is covered with silver stars pattern. Honestly, I wouldn't mind to get either of them since as a shoe lover, I think it is safe to say you need to have a pair of Louboutin to be in your collection. What do you think?

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin (source:highsnobiety)

Ray of Inspirology: Prepitary Academy

It's been awhile since I last posted some photos by Mike Lewis and I am sure you are hungry for more of his works.

Recently, Fantasticsmag has showcased one of Mike's set and it is a military inspired editorial. The images are very crisp and bold and I am loving the clothing choice by James. Gavin Dunne, the model in this editorial, actually has some good facial features and I am sure I will be seeing more of him on the runway or editorials in the future.

Well done Mike!

Ray of Inspirology: Gisele Bündchen For Numéro Tokyo

Ever since Gisele Bündchen left the Victoria's Secret Angel position, most of her editorials have caught my eyes because of her modern and elegant vibe. This editorial is no exception.

This series is shot by Nino Muñoz for the latest issue of Numéro Tokyo. I really like the set up of this shoot as the background is very simple which helps to make the clothes stand out. Gisele, as usual, is giving her best in these shots and honestly, I still cannot believe she is a mother right now (just look at how slim her body is). What do you think?  Do you like the color combination in this editorial?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: In The Playroom

This is a rather interesting editorial and I am not too sure how to begin...

This series is shot by award winning photographer Jonathan Hobin. At first glance, the images look very playful and normal to me, but when looking at them for a second them, you start to see the metaphor of this series. Here is what Jonathan describes this set:

"In the Playroom is a metaphor for the impossibility of a protective space safe from the reach of modern media. The quizzical disposition of youth and the pervasive nature of the media are symbolically represented in my images through tableau-vivant re-enactments of the very current events that adults might wish to keep out of their child’s world. Just as children make a game of pretending to be adults as a way to prepare and ultimately take on these roles in later life, so too do they explore things that they hear or see, whether or not they completely understand the magnitude of the event or the implications of their play."

I really like this concept, do you? Click here to see the complete editorial.

Graphicology: Spheres

What kind of illustrations will you draw when you are given just a sphere? Well, leave this to Zutton as she has transformed it into 4 very interesting illustrations. I really like the one where she transforms the sphere into the winter mountain.

What do you think? Has Zutton's creativity juice affected your mind yet?

Winter Mountains

Soap Bubble

Trendology: Phenomenon F/W 2011 Collection

Phenomenon is one of the Japanese brands that can always capture my attention and this season is no exception. The brand continues to pay attention to the details of the garments and this element is giving an edge to the ordinary clothes. My favorites include the pink long coat and the red military/varsity inspired jacket. This collection is definitely fun to wear and I would love to see this brand invades the North American fashion market soon. What do you think?

Please click here for the complete collection.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Hana Soukupova For Elle Italia

This editorial is all about sunglasses!

Shot by Alexei Hay, this editorial features Hana Soukupova to showcase the hottest sunglasses in this S/S 2011 season. The photos are very fun to look at and of course, my favorite has to be the Prada Baroque Sunglasses. Now I would love to do a shoot with multiple sunglasses on a model's face... It looks fun!

Trendology: Christian Louboutin Denim Louis Flat Spikes

Christian Louboutin is always on my list when it comes to the "shoes I want to buy" list.

For this season, the brand has once again released the Louis Flat high top sneaker and it is in the denim/leather version. I really like the design of it and of course, the studs are making it more appealing. Well, my biggest concern right now is, will the spikes cause my feet damage just like the accident happened on Jennifer Lopez earlier this year?

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin (source: highsnobiety)
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