Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011 Memories

This has been a really amazing month as we have some really good original contents on the blog. This time around, we are very lucky to be able to feature a few Central Saint Martins graduates as part of our 12 Months of [Pop Up] Flavors collaboration. The graduates we have featured included: Ivan C. Nunes, Flaminia Saccucci, Joshua Bullen, and Khrystyna Fomenko. Because of Central Saint Martins, we have also picked some nice F/W products from Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh (both of them and Sarah Burton are Central Saint Martins alumni) to talk about on our site.

Also, we are glad that Maxwell Lander has approached us and tell us her new group max & We are so happy to debut one of the group's editorial on our site and we have asked them a few questions as well. Click here to read it.

As for Swide, this month we have fashion illustrator Laura Wesson, Adrian Valencia and photographer Pedro Matos.

We are going to have more original contents for you next month so please stick to this blog and see what we are up to!

Ray of Inspirology: The Latchkey Kids or Brave New World

Photography duo Herring & Herring has surely done a pretty amazing series for Kurv magazine. The models here are Anastasia and Vita and they are styled by Jana Adler (makeup by Keiko Takagi and hair by Enrico Mariotti). I like the series a lot because of the simplicity of the background and also the bold treatment on the images. The models are doing a wonderful job here. This is a editorial you will not want to miss.

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Chelsea Rubber-Toed Brogue

This is a pair of fancy shoes!

Alexander McQueen does have some fancy shoes this season and this is one of the pairs that has caught my eyes. Sarah Burton transforms a pair of normal brogue into something different by giving the toe area the rubber treatment. I could see myself wearing this pair of shoes but unfortunately, I have filled my McQueen quota with this pair of bad boy. Click here if you want to purchase it.

Courtesy of Oki-ni

Trendology: Burberry Prorsum Men F/W 2011 Bags

For this season, Burberry Prorsum men's collection has 2 things I really love: bags and jackets. Today, I just want to show you some of the most amazing bags from this collection. Most of the bags are made of fur or leather (or both) and I love their shapes a lot. Not only do they look beautiful in design, but they are all very practical as well.

I know the price on some of them is totally out of our budget, but at least you can put these items on your wish list. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to have Santa Clause sent you one during the holiday season? The prices are in Canadian dollars.

(Trust me, I want this as bad as you do.)

(3 versions in total and I absolutely adore the shape of it.)

(If you want the exotic version of the Tote Bag, pick this one! I wouldn't mind to own one.) 

(I have the canvas version and let me tell you, it is absolutely beautiful. Oh, his name is Blake!)

What do you think? Which one do you want to own the most from this collection? Drop a comment and let me know!  All images are courtesy of Burberry.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Hommage a Wim

Sometimes, editorials do have a story line for you to follow and this is one of them.

Peter Lindbergh is the photographer for this editorial and it is featured in September issue of Numéro. Pascal Greggory and Daphne Groeneveld are casted as the human and fallen angel in this series. I really like the black and white effort of the images as it creates the cinematic effect. At this moment, I am still determining the story of this series but I assume the fallen angel is probably coming down to rescue the human. What do you think?

P.S Great styling by Irina Marie! Love the outfits!

Trendology: Versace Stiletto - Resort 2012 Collection

Over the past season Versace had been using a lot of laces for all the products, this year for the resort season, we are seeing more materials and styles.  Keeping their signature lace, a silver stiletto is added for a bolder style; slingback with graphic prints and various gems at the stiletto for an exciting visual statement; cream ankle cutout boots for a new twist.

Courtesy: R-A-W Shoes

Trendology: WANT Les Essentiels Heathrow Messenger Bag

I always have a bad timing with this brand as this bag shows up after I have filled my bag quota for this season.

This messenger bag is from the latest collection of WANT Les Essentiels. It is made of cotton with cowhide trim and inside is divided into 2 big compartments with some pockets as well. Of course, because it is a messenger bag, it will come up with a shoulder strap as well. I really like the design of this bag and would hope this model will show up again next season so I can get one for myself. What do you think?

You can click here to purchase it.

Courtesy of Oki-ni

Monday, August 29, 2011

Trendology: Junya Watanabe Varsity Jacket

I like varisty jacket as it always works well with the clothes I have in my closet and this one from Junya Watanabe is probably the best I have seen in this F/W season. The jacket is mainly made of wool and the sleeves are made of leather. I really like the collar design and also the white zip pocket around the chest area. If you are interested in this piece, you can click here to purchase it.

Ray of Inspirology: Animal Portraits by Morten Koldby

Fun! Great!

If you are a photographer, you should know that it is so hard to capture the portrait of animals. Morten Koldby, however, has decided to tackle this challenge and produce an amazing animal portrait series. The light set up is great and also I am amazed by how Morten can capture the right moment of the animals! Below are some of my favourites and you can click here to see the complete series!

Art[s]ense: Pedro Matos

I have talked about Pedro Matos's works in this blog before and ever since I saw his works on his website, I have been wanting to feature him on Swide to let more people to know about this amazing photographer. After weeks of waiting, I am finally able to have him on Swide and you must spend some time to look at the gallery section!

Click here to view the entry!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: The Ice Queen

Photographer Aitken Jolly shoots this amazing editorial featuring Magdalena Frackowiak for Dansk Magazine A/W 2011 issue and I like it a lot. Anders Sølvsten Thomsen has done an amazing styling the shoot and the images are stunning with a very dark and edgy mood. Below are some of my favourite shots of the series and you can click here to view the complete set.

Ray of Inspirology: Lanvin F/W 2011 Promotion Campaign

Yet another funny action campaign from Lanvin!

This campaign is shot by Steven Meisel and features Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson. I find this campaign to be very funny as I feel like the models are dancing/exercising in some very elegant outfits. I think this series is very fresh and can totally capture the viewer's attention. What do you think?

Trendology: Black Fleece F/W 2011 Womenswaer Collection

Roughly 2 weeks ago I have shown you the menswear from Black Fleece and today is the womenswear turn. Same as the menswear, the pieces here are very simple and to a point I feel the collection is very school-girl like. For minimalism fashion collection like this, I usually look for cutting and material and both areas get an "A" on my report card. Here are some of the looks from the collection. You can click here purchase the collection.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trendology: Christian Louboutin Mickael Flat

This is fate.

When I was in New York City this past June, I was hoping to get a pair of Christian Louboutin (well, it's one of my goals as a shoe collector). Sadly, the shoes I saw during the trip did not fit my taste at all. Now it seems like the brand is coming out with some better designs and I have my eyes on this Mickael Flat. I really like the buckle design at the back and the colour works for me (if you don't like brown, you can get a pair of cream colour). You can click here to pre order it (won't drop till late October)

Now I wish there is a miracle for me to head down to New York once again to get this pair of shoes (why wasn't this model available in June?)

Ray of Inspirology: Kapow!

This is not a love at first sight editorial but somehow, it starts to grow on me.

This editorial is shot by Mario Sorenti and it stars Sasha Pivovarova & Freja Beha Erichsen. The series is very comical and girls are doing their job very well. What put me on the fence at first was the graffiti background which I thought it was too much for this shoot but somehow, my eyes started to see the beauty of it. Now I think the background actually works very well with the clothes and jewelry. What do you think?

Trendology: Undefeated x Converse Ballistic Capsule Line White

This is looking good!

Undefeated has once again teamed up with Converse to create this capsule collection. All the products are made of white ballistic nylon and I really like the Star Player High. Click here to see more photos from this collection.

Courtesy of Undefeated (source:highsnobiety)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Trendology: D&G Mickey Mouse Silk Wool Scarf

D&G has a very funky collection for both men and women this season. For men, they have Mickey Mouse and Coca Cola as the prints and I am in love with this scarf! There are 2 colour versions of this scarf and I like the blue/white a lot! What do you think? You can click here to purchase it.

Courtesy of Luisaviaroma

Ray of Inspirology: Flotsam and Jetsam

Recently I have come across this editorial shot by Jason Obrotka and instantly fell in love with Ola. She looks so beautiful here (props to Francis Urrutia) and the photo processing treatment has given a very gloomy vibe to the series. Below are 3 of my favourites photos from this set.

Please click here to see the complete editorial.

Courtesy of Jason Obrotka (source: Fantasticsmag)

Trendology: North America Hairstyling Awards

NAHA, the most prestigious photographic hairstyling competition in North America, must be the greatest platform for hairstylists to show their talents to the world as it is the biggest event in North America and it had 13 categories for hairstylists to choose. The categories included Hairstylist of the year, Master Stylist, Avant-Garde, Contemporary Classic, Stylist editorial, Fashion Forward, Haircolor, Makeup Artist of the year, Salon Design, Salon MBA, Student Hairstylist, Salon Team and Texture.  The stunning photos below are some of the winners and finalists.

Master of Hairstylist, Kris Sorbie

Fashionist[On The Go]: Vera Wang Gowns for Kim Kardashian

Two news caught my eyes this week so let's start with this one...

The biggest news of this past week was the Kim Kardashian wedding and I am sure by now you may have seen the official photos in this issue of People Magazine. Few day before that, the Fashionist has posted the Vera Wang's sketches for the 3 gowns and I actually think they look very beautiful. What do you think? [Read Here]

I actually really like the mermaid gown... (source: The Fashionist)

I am sure a lot of you are excited about the Fashion's Night Out on September 8th and this year, Vogue has teamed up with the Glee gang for this fun video to promote the event. The music video is very entertaining and I like what the Glee kids are wearing. [Read Here]

No joke, some good inspirations here! (source: The Fashionist)

Come back next week for another issue of Fashionist [On The Go]!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artology: Hair Glasses

This is genius!

This series of sunglasses are made by Studio Swine. The frames are made of human hair "with bioresin as a binding agent". I think the concept is very cool and the frames actually look very nice! I don't know about you, but if these glasses are going be in production in the future, I probably will want to pick up a pair. What do you think?

Click here for more information.

[Un]Discover: Khrystyna Fomenko

It's the last week of my features on some of the Central Saint Martins graduates and today I have Khrystyna Fomenko. I really like her designs as I am a big fan of Art Deco inspired clothing. Today, is my pleasure to introduce Khrystyna Fomenko to you.

Hello Khrystyna, thank you so much for letting me to feature you today. Will you be able to give a brief description of yourself?
Not really.

Graphicology: Chubby Book Series 3

Chubby Book series 3 is going to release soon and here I have a sneak preview of the products!

Pinkghost has once again produced some amazing notebooks this year and the new artists who are participating this collaboration includes Kukula (The exciting world), Danny Brito (50's fashion) and Allison Cole(circus). Each book has 250 pages (100 lined pages and 150 sketch pages) and it will also come with a set of illustrator's postcards. The notebook will not be released until September 16, 2011 but you can click here to wait for the series to arrive!

Allison Cole
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