Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 Memories

This month was jam packed with fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris but we still managed to bring you some cool original contents in this blog! First off, we continued our 12 Months of [Pop Up] Flavors by featuring some of the master graduates from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and they were Jantine van PeskiLeonneke Derksen and Karolina Piech. Since Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten both graduated from this school, in this month, we featured some of their F/W collections in this blog and we hope you enjoyed them.

Aside from that, we also featured a very talented illustrator named Dan Hillier and you should definitely check it out if you haven't done so.

Sadly, because for some unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel the I Scream Awards 2011 but be sure to check back next year as we will continue the event. We hope to see your votes!

We have continued to discover some amazing talents and featured them on Swide. This month, we have the pleasure to interview illustrators Bree Leman, Gisela Balestrini, Laura Laine.

We are brewing more cool entries in October so be sure to check back our blog from time to time for the latest cool fashion/art finds!

Walk the Walk: Balenciaga Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Designers are meant to do something out of the norm.  Ghesquiere demonstrated this in his Ready-to-Wear collection with unusual proportioning.  Exaggerating the shoulders and minimizing the shorts, the great contrast between the two already made a bold statement in the collection.  Together with this bold statement, Ghesquiere added the oversized dresses with patchworks.

- disproportionate and asymmetrical silhouettes are memorable
- the different materials accentuated the jackets

- the printed patterns may not be the ideal pattern as the collection focuses on the cuts rather than the print

Eye Candies:
- the oversized dresses
- the asymmetrical top

Ray of Inspirology: Photography by Aaron Ruell

These images are shot by Aaron Ruell and I am absolutely in love with them. The composition is flawless here and I like how the models can blend so well with the settings. Some of the images look very effortless to achieve and this is probably one of the reasons why I fall in love with his works. Click here to see more of his works.

Walk the Walk: Pedro Lourenço S/S 2012 Collection

Pedro Lourenço is one of designers who has my eyes on ever since his first debut in 2010 at the Paris Fashion Week. This S/S collection, Pedro once again proves why he deserves a spot in Paris.

The collection is general dominated by the beige colour with a splash of bold colour here and there. Texture is a huge element here as you can see fringe, "tinsel like" material and reflective fabric are used throughout the show. I also like the stripes and the funky Victorian style collar on some of the pieces. This collection is designed for girls who want modern funky clothing with a hint of historic fashion element. What an amazing show! Bravo!

P.S. The shoes are pretty amazing, you really have to look at them closely.

- The good use of texture and materials.
- I really like the Victorian style collar design on many of the pieces. Very refreshing.
- The wood shoes  are the must have for this coming season!
- I really like the splash of silver, gold and bold colours on the pieces.

- I am a little bit confused with the rectangular shape on the bottom pieces.

Eye Candies:
- Hot pink leather pants
- Beige colour jacket with the Victorian style collar
- Silver pants
- The shoes
- Green fringe pencil skirt
- Spilt tone blazer

Please click here for the complete collection.

Fashionist[On The Go]: Missioni for Target Madness

For the whole week, I cannot get over this piece of news I found on the Fashionist

I am sure a lot of you are still crazy over the Missioni for Target collection since everything is basically sold out on the first day. Well if you are a hardcore fan, you can find some of those items on eBay but what has really caught me off guard is this pair of boots for $31,000. I am not joking, you really need to read this. [Read Here]

It's not April Fools' Day yet but this is definitely a good joke. (source: The Fashionist)

Early this week, there was a rumour that Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge will be the cover of an upcoming issue of US Vogue. Many people, including me, were hoping this rumour was true, however... [Read Here]

Image she were going to wear the Couture pieces... (source: The Fashionist)

Come back next week for another edition of Fashoinist [On The Go]!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walk the Walk: Mugler S/S 2012 Collection

The alien princess is back!

While I am not a big fan of the F/W collection, I have to admit, this S/S 2012 collection has improved a lot. The cutting and design are very futuristic and edgy that I feel like this collection is from outer space. The metal accessories and the heels are enhancing the clothes in this collection. However, if you want simple pieces, the bamboo print series will be you cup of tea as the design is much simpler and easy to wear.

Overall, I think this collection has finally shown what Nicola Formichetti can really do with this legendary brand and I am very happy to say, Mugler is finally claiming back a spot in the fashion industry.

- The futuristic cutting and design are the main elements of this collection. It's so edgy, some of the pieces are very wearable!
- The metal accessories are very beautiful.
- The bamboo print actually works very well with the collection.
- I actually really like the colour palette, except... (read the cons)

- I am disappointed that the neon green is not in the colour palette. That is like the main DNA element of the brand.

Eye Candies:
- White sharp cut blazer
- Sand abstract cut blouse
- White jumpsuit

Please click here to see the complete collection.

[Un]Discovers: Dan Hillier

Ever since I saw Dan Hillier's Feather and Claw series, I have been hoping to do a profile feature on him in this blog space. His illustration style is very surreal and I like how he combines the Victorian style with animals features in his works. Today, it is my honour to introduce you Dan Hillier.

Hi Dan, thank you so much for taking some time from you busy schedule to answer my questions. Would you mind to tell me what was the main reason why you wanted to become an illustrator?
I've always made pictures and illustration was something I was wisely guided towards at art foundation.

I am very glad you have chosen illustrator as your career path or else I would not be able to see some amazing works by you. Are you inspired by any illustrators from the past or present? 
Yes many, especially Max Ernst and lots of comic book illustrators.

I can see some comic book illustration influence in your works. So, how will you describe your illustration style? What made you want to combine the Victorian style with animal elements?
Surreal and a bit dark, maybe a little mysterious. I've always loved line work and I enjoy working with found elements, collaging them together to make new pictures. I've been interested in the mixing of animal and human attributes since I was a child as I loved ancient Egyptian art and the old Medieval bestiaries, and there's something about the Victorian era that really appeals to me, with the curiosity of the 'freakshows' and the sense that society is operating on a surface level of respectability and social order whilst underneath elemental, animal powers are at work.

I totally love your style as it is very unique and fresh! I fell in love with your works ever since I saw the Feather and Claw series? Would you mind to tell me more about how you created this series?
I'd planned to make some pictures involving masks of human faces concealing something non-human beneath, and at that time Hendrick's Gin asked me to make some pictures to be handed out as miniature limited edition prints that would also be business cards so I made these and then showed them at a big night put on with Hendrick's at Wilton's Music Hall.

Ah, I would really love to see these pieces in person, but too bad, I live too far from your country. Last but not least, what is your plan for the rest of this year?
Hopefully to draw more and to put on another couple of events...

Thank you so much to Dan for taking his time to answer my questions. I wish him all the best and you can see more of his works on his official website. All images are courtesy of Dan Hillier.

Walk the Walk: Gareth Pugh S/S 2012 Collection

I am very amazed by Gareth Pugh collection this S/S 2012 season. There are artistic pieces and commercial pieces, which I think is hard for many fashion brands to find a balance between these two. Th artistic pieces consists of the hollow stripe pieces which the models resemble the futuristic robots. When it comes to wearable pieces, Gareth plays with the geometric shapes and turn a lot of simple pieces into something with his DNA on them. I really like the black and white stripes pieces as they look very trendy and chic!

Overall, I think this collection is actually softer than his F/W 2011 collection but nevertheless, this collection proves why Gareth Pugh is one genius fashion designer. Bravo!

- I am in love with the net design. It's very futuristic and edgy.
- Everything is so simple in design but there is always the Gareth Pugh touch that I like.
- The last few metallic pieces are some bold statement pieces.
- I like the geometric shape concept.
- this collection has equal portions of both artistic and commercial pieces. I think this is a brilliant idea for a fashion brand.

- I wish there was a splash of bright colour for this collection.

Eye Candies:
- Black cut shoulders knee length coat
- Black hollow stripes vest
- Black and white stripes jersey dress
- The metallic dresses

Please click here for the complete collection.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Graphicology: Fashion Illustration by Berto Martinez

Really, his illustration works leave me breathless!

The illustrations below are created by Berto Martinez, an illustrator based in Spain. I have had my eyes on his non-fashion works for a very long time but recently his fashion illustrations have melted my heart. The composition is flawless and I love his style a lot! I would love to hang some of his works in my room in the future. Click here to see more of his works.

Trendology: The White Cashmere Collection 2011

I was happy to be able to attend this event again as this is such a stunning and one of a kind collection!

This year marks the 8th year of the White Cashmere collection and the star studded designer line up is making everyone excited. As you can expect, all the pieces in this collection are all made from bathroom tissues and till this moment, I am still very fascinated by this idea! This year, the show is curated by Farley Chatto and the designers include Philip Sparks, LOVAS by Wesley Badanjak , Carrie Hayes, BROSE by Marika Brose, Jose-Manuel St-Jacques,  Christopher Paunil, LIZARES by Brian Maristela, L'Autre Couture by Luko Marion, Jason Matlo, Richard Robinson, Simon Belanger, Hoax Couture,Franco Mirabelli, Ever Thine and Rita Tesolin.

Out of all the pieces in this collection, my favourite ones are the Philip Sparks woven pink and white shirt dress, Marika Brose crystal layer dress, LOVAS strapless gown (love the pink details),  L'auture chainmail dress and Carrie Hayes 3D blossom gown (the train is amazing!).

All the pieces will be displayed at the Bay on Queen and Dundas soon, keep an eye for the triangular display!

Below are all the pieces from the show, which one is your favourite?


Carrie Hayes

Christopher Paunil

Ray of Inspirology: Frutti di Mare

At this moment, all I can think of is the song "Under the Sea".

This editorial is shot by JD Forte and it is featured on the latest issue of TheOnes2Watch. Model Bart Grzybowski is styled by Polar Buranasatit and I have to say, the looks are very fresh! I really like the concept and also the collages to enhance the images. Somehow, this reminds me of Summer all over again. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[On]Air: Art of Fashion Choreology 2011

Nuit Blanche is going to be on t his Saturday and if you are looking for fashion related event, I have one for you here.

The 13th annual Art of Fashion is going to be held at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto from 7pm to 1am that  night. There will be a fashion design competition and also designer sale. This year, the finalists of the competition are Albert Yuen, Christy Litster, Denise David, Elissa Contino, Joobo Shim, Katherine Laird & Jennifer Murtagh, Meghan Erin, Rebecca Collins, Seema Patel and Tiffany Briseno. Each contestant will be showcasing 6 pieces for the event. You can click here for more information.

Aside from that, you will also be able to purchase some fashion items from Canadian designers such as Tetiana K Clothing and House of Eenah. I believe you will not want to miss this chance.

One last note, as an attendee, you are also eligible to win prizes and here is the game rule:
"As visitors strut the red carpet to enter the night of fashion and fun on October 1st, photographers will snap their photos and post them to Twitter. The most re-tweeted fashion-fab shots with hashtag #AOF11 will be calculated to win a two-night stay with any of the Skyline Hotels properties, including the evening’s host Pantages Hotel. The winner will be announced on twitter at @ArtOfFashion and on Facebook the night of at"

I definitely recommend you to drop by this event during Nuit Blanche!

Below are some amazing sketches from the finalists.

Courtesy of Arts of Fashion

Trendology: Edward Finney S/S 2012 Collection

Edward Finney S/S 2012 has finally released the look book photos and I cannot wait to show them to you!

This collection is inspired by the 1920's-30's expatriate settlement in Africa and the there is definitely a tribal flare in many of the pieces. The muse for this season is Alice de Janzé, "a member of the Happy Valley set who settled between Kenya and Uganda, at a time when parties became larger, lifestyles more decadent and morals became looser."

I really like the tartan pieces in this collection and they look very classy and edgy. I also have my eyes on the fringe pieces as they look very raw and bold. Other than the tribal element, when I look at this collection all over again I also feel there is a bit of BDSM element in it. What do you think?

Walk the Walk: Gianfranco Ferré S/S 2012 Collection

If I needed to use few words to sum up Gianfranco Ferré S/S 2012 collection, I would describe it as this: simplicity at its best!

Stefano Citron and Federico Piaggi present a very elegant collection for the S/S 2012 season  which consists of a lot of white pieces. This is not a collection about dramatic pieces, but rather, a collection about minimalism. The design is very simple but what attracts me the most is the cutting which makes the girls look very lean and elegant. The metal belt and the straw inspired pieces are probably the only dramatic things you can see here and they do add an edge to the collection.

Sometimes you don't need to have very dramatic pieces to make yourself look good because minimalism clothing will do the job flawlessly as well. Bravo!

- Even the design of the pieces is very simple, the cutting is what it matters the most in this collection.
- The belt is adding a cool factor to the collection.
- The straw inspired pieces are fun and I would imagine someone with funky style would want to try this on.
- I earth tone colours plus the splash of pink and purple are really my cup of tea.

- I would like to see a few more pink and purple pieces.

Eye Candies:
- White sleeveless V neck blouse
- Pink one should one piece skirt
- Black strapless gown

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Walk on the Wild Side

Todd Anthony Tyler has recently showed me his latest work and I like it a lot!

This editorial is featured in Indonesia Prestige and I really like the dramatic light set up for the images. Karina Smith, the stylist for this series, has picked some amazing pieces from Gucci, Christian Dior, Prada and Bottega Venta. The composition is great here and I can definitely feel the intense vibe from the images. What do you think?

Walk the Walk: Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012 Collection

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012 collection is basically a fantastic food festival for the eyes!

Domenico and Stefano are bringing you to small town in the South of Italy to enjoy a big celebration this season. Tomatoes, aubergine, courgette, onions and hot pepper prints have totally caught me off guard as I could never image these vegetables would work so well on the pieces. Also, the accessories are very funky and fresh as they are made of little tomatoes, onions, pastas and small Madonnas! Aside from the food inspiration, there are also some stunning pastel floral lace pieces and you will not want to miss out the bags and shoes because they will remind you of the plastic chairs "in all the small towns in South of Italy".

When it comes to evening wears, the pieces are all covered with shiny gems which make them look very elegant and classy. There are also some stunning multi-coloured crystals embellished lace dresses you cannot miss and I bet you will see them in editorials very soon!

However, nothing beats the final showdown of this runway show. The final consists of all the models wearing glittering multi-coloured gem stones embellished bodysuits and they look like the bright lights and fireworks to me. What an amazing way to end the show! Bravo!

- The vegetable prints are totally adorable and beautiful.
- I think the floral lace is injecting the soft element to this collection.
- I really like the vegetables and pastas accessories. They are very innovative.
- The black evening pieces are all so beautiful and elegant.
- The final bodysuits showdown is one of the major highlight of this Milan Fashion Week!

- I am not too sure about the orange plastic piece. It does not look like it fits well with the whole collection.

Eye Candies:
- All the body suits at the end
- The maid dress
- The accessories
- Tomatoes print classic sheath dresses
- Pastel Blue floral lace dress

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Walk the Walk: Jil Sander S/S 2012 Collection

Ever thought of how a Jil Sander wedding gown would look like if Raf Simons decided to create one? Well, this S/S season Raf Simons is giving you a taste on how these gowns would look like.

You can still see the couture elements in this collection, but there is also a new element added to it: Picasso. I am in love with  the abstract figure print on some of the pieces and the check, abstract pattern have also caught my eyes. The cutting in each piece is very well fitted, and the last few wedding gown inspired pieces stick closely to Jil Sander's philosophy: simple and neat, or as you call it minimalism.

This collection is totally wearable collection and I am looking forward to see what Raf Simons will do after this "couture trilogy".

- I really like the white here. It makes the collection feel very pure.
- The abstract figure print stands out in this collection.
- I like the abstract and check pattern in this collection. They make the collection very modern and unique
- The wedding gown inspired dresses are the perfect representation of the Jil Sander brand.

- I kinda of miss the bright colour from the S/S 2011 collection. I wish there were a splash of it.

Eye Candies:
- The "wedding gowns" at the end of the show
- The abstract figure knit top
- White poplin collar pencil dress
- The boots

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walk the Walk: Moschino S/S 2012 Collection

Somehow, this collection reminds me of Anna Dello Russo, a lot!

For this season, Rossella Jardini has combined the Spanish bullfighters and floral prints to create a eye catchy collection. Because of the yellow and gold, in general, the collection looks very bright and warm. I like the twist on the bullfighter jackets which the heart shape really works for me. Overall, this is one of the strongest collections in Milan Fashion Week.

- This collection takes on 2 themes: Spanish bullfighters and floral prints and somehow they blend very well together.
- The gold and yellow colours in this collection and they inject the the summer glow to the collection.
- I really like the twisted details on the bullfighter jacket.
- The flower lace dresses are very beautiful.
- The bags are very nice in this collection.

- This collection is somewhat predictable with not much surprise.

Eye Candies:
- Bullfighter jacket with the gold details.
- The gold net bag
- Yellow ruffle dress

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Walk the Walk: Versace S/S 2012 Collection

Barvo! I am so happy Versace is returning in such a big way!

After last season's successful collection, Donatella presents yet another amazing collection for this coming S/S season. Last time she brought back the Medusa logo and this season, she brings back the colourful print and studs! This collection is pretty much recreating the best moments of the Gianni Versace era which pieces are very well decorated with underwater prints and studs. The pastel colour palette is making the collection looks very whimsical and fun to wear. Overall, this is definitely a brand you will want to keep it on your radar next season. Congrats, Donatella!

- Studs and prints, the best elements of the Gianni Versace era, are back in play for this season.
- The pastel colour palette is creating a very whimsical and soft feeling to the collection.
- The use of studs to create the sea creatures is brilliant.
- The shoes are something to die for next season.
- I love the underwater print a lot.
- The evening gowns are very beautiful and I can imagine a few celebrities will be wearing them on red carpet next year.

- Somehow, a few pieces remind me of the H&M collaboration. I am not too sure if this is a good sign or not.

Eye Candies:
- Underwater print one piece dress
- Baby blue tube dress with fringe
- Crystal sea star gown
- Studded sea horse top

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Walk the Walk: Fendi S/S 2012 Collection

Somehow, Fendi has successfully captured my heart in this S/S 2012 runway show (Uncle Karl, you have won my heart this round!)

This is a very solid and refreshing collection. The main element is the stripes as you can see it appear throughout the runway show. I am also in love with the cut out shoulders design to make a normal piece of clothing looks cool and chic. Of course, the last few pieces of the black dresses have successfully melted my heart with the great details and cutting. Overall, I am very surprised to see the clothes from this brand can be so young and playful! Bravo Uncle Karl!

- I love the stripes in this collection. Because of the colours, Karl makes this element fresh and chic.
- The cut out shoulders design makes the pieces look young and refreshing.
- The details on the evening dresses are pretty amazing and make the LBD looks unique.
- The makeup in the show is flawless and I have a feeling it will be the trend for next season.

- Not a huge fan of the shoes.

Eye Candies:
- White cut out shoulders blouse
- Black cut out shoulders one piece dress
- Orange leather jacket
- Black one piece dress

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Artology: Obselete - Floppy Disk Artwork by Nick Gentry

The 3.5 inches floppy disks seemed to be no longer in use since the emergence of usb, but London based designer Nick Gentry made used of the long disappeared storage disk in his artwork.  Gentry used the thin magnetic disk as a canvas and painted on it.  The tiled floppy disks on the wall made an unique texture and pattern for the paintings.

Walk the Walk: D&G S/S 2012 Collection

It's the 90s era all over again!

Domenico and Stefano presented the D&G collection on the 2nd day of Milan Fashion Week and it was a  stunning runway show. Just like the menswear, this collection was all about different types of prints. Everything was so colourful (even the shoes) and some of them were even embellished with sequins. The vibe of this collection reminded of the golden era of the 90s where prints was a big trend back in the days! Thank you to the duo for bringing this trend back to the fashion scene in such a spectacular way! I am very happy to see the final D&G collection ended in a high note.

P.S The soundtrack fitted the show flawlessly! Prints, Prince and James Brown! Perfect!

- The prints are just amazing! This really brings back the old memories of the 90s era!
- Every piece is very airy and fits perfectly for the spring/summer season
- The wedges and the bags are killers!
- Really like the use of sequin on some of the pieces.
- Another brand that has a solid coherent collection with the menswear! Big props!

- Just not a big fan of the red/white dot print, it does not really fit well with the entire collection.

Eye Candies: 
- The shoes!
- The big straw hat
- The layer dress

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Trendology: Dessine L'espoir pour LANVIN

Lanvin collaborated with the charity Dessine L'espoir, created 4 soft figurines with 4 different Lanvin Petite outfits.  The figurins and the outfits are handmade, stitched and hand-embroidered by women who are infected by HIV in Swaziland. The intention of these handmade fashioned figurines are to improve the living quality of these women.  These products will be available in all Lanvin Boutique and retails that carry Lanvin Petite.

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