Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 2011 Memories

It's the last month of 2011 and we are very glad to end this year with a very cool project! This month, we have teamed up with 6 Toronto based bloggers and created the "15 Minutes of Fame" project to conclude our 12 Months of [Pop Up] Flavors series. Thank you so much to everyone who have participated in this project! Please click here to read about the projects and the interviews.

We have also revealed this year's Holiday Postcard that we collaborated with Lisa Nishimura. The clothing is based on the Burberry Prorsum F/W 2012 collection and we hope you like it. Please click here to see the image.

As for Swide, we have featured on talented photographer named Seb Janiak and you can read it here. A very interesting photographer we must say.

Last but not least, we have created a little entry to talk about our top favourite [Un]Discovers entries. Please click here to read it!

2012 is going to be another great year for us so stay tuned!

Ray of Inspirology: Pedro Reguera for Prim

I am in love with Pedro Reguera's works!

This editorial is featured in the Prim magazine and the model is Ema Busso. I like the clothes picked by Kattaca and also the hair done by Iker Urcelai. As for the imagery, Pedro has created a rather haunting but elegant series for the magazine. I am in love with it, are you?

Please click here to see the complete editorial.

Photographer: Pedro Reguera
Model: Ema Busson |Group|
Magazine: Prim
Stylist: Kattaca
Hair: Iker Urcelai
Makeup: Ana Fernandez
Stylist: Kattaca
Photo Assistants: Luis Veloso, Felipe Maqui

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Prada Men S/S 2012 Promotion Campaign

I was not very convinced by this campaign at first but somehow it starts to grow on me.

This editorial is shot by world renowned photographer David Sims and it features actor Michael Pitt (sorry Tobey Maguire, you are out). This campaign really showcases the 1950s clothing style and there is no dramatic effect in any of the images. It's simple but it totally reflects what this brand is about - classic silhouette with modern twists.  

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Wave of Inspirology: Louis Vuitton Bag Charms

Really, I am charmed by the bag charms after this video...

This artistic short animation is directed by Dutch art director Christian Borstlap. I really like how he uses the hot air balloon (with the trunk attached to the bottom) and shows us his world of Louis Vuitton. The video is very whimsical and the black and white colour theme is making it classy and feels like it is a film from the 60s. What do you think?

Ray of Inspirology: The Prince and The Show

Great to see Rick Day has a new fashion photography direction and I like it a lot!

This editorial is featured in Fantasticsmag and it is styled by Andre Austin. Kaylan Falgoust is dressed up in suits and he is paring up with horses. I find this series to be very interesting because of the intensity of the images. I think this series is very dynamic and yes, from now on, I am excited to see more works from this photographer.

Click here to see the complete series (with video).

Fashionist[On The Go]: The Top 10!

It's the final entry of Fashionist [On The Go] before 2012 and here are two stories I want to share with you.

Since it is the year end period so Christopher has picked his top 10 2011 fashion stories. While I am happy to see the McQueen exhibit, Versace for H&M and the royal wedding stories are on the list, I would replace the Kardashian family with the folding of D&G line news. I am just not a fan of that family... [Read Here]

Glad to see this story is the top story on the list. (source: The Fashionist)

I have read the 100 Unforgettable Dresses by Hal Rubenstein sometime ago and yes, I will recommend you get a copy if you are a fashion history fan. This entry highlights 10 of the dresses and it will give you a taste of this book. [Read Here]

How can you forget this Jennifer Lopez signature look? (source: The Fashionist)

That's all folks! I wish you a Happy New Year and see you again in 2012! In the mean time, you can head to The Fashionist and read more interesting fashion news!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Prada S/S 2012 Promotion Campaign

This is pretty close to what I have in mind when I first looked at the new Prada S/S 2012 collection.

This editorial is once again shot by Steven Meisel and it features Kathryn Kruger, Kati Nescher, Meghan Collison, Natasha Poly, Elise Crombez and Ymre Stiekema. The location is at a retro gas station and since this collection is partly inspired by the automobiles, you can see them in the shots as well. Overall, the campaign is very true to Meisel's style: classy and bold. I would like to see more from this series.

Courtesy of Prada

[Un]Discovers: Top 5 Features in 2011

2012 is only a few days away from us and we are once again very fortunately to be able to feature a lot of amazing talents in 2011. Here, we just want to show you some of our favourite features this year!


IC4DESIGN is very cool graphic design group in Japan and we always love the city they draw. We are very fortunate to be able to have some of their master works in our office and we cannot wait to see what they will have in store for us in 2012! Click here to read the interview.

Todd Anthony Tyler

We first saw Todd Anthony's Tyler's works on Fantasticsmag and we instantly fell in love with his style. We are very lucky that throughout this year, Todd has been feeding us with some cool editorials and you can click here to view our interview with him.

Wendy Ding

Wendy Ding is a fashion illustrator we truly admire in this year. She has a very creative mind and her style suits our taste a lot! We are happy to have her Fashion Journal on our site this year! Bravo works! Please click here to read her interview.

Nick Sheehy AKA Showchicken

We are still very fascinated by Nick Sheehy's chicken monsters. We love them but at the same time they are a little bit haunting. Let us tell you a little secret here, we actually think of his works at least once a week. You will have to click here to discover why his works are very attractive.

Cor Sine Labe Doli

Cor Sine Labe Doli is one of our favourite men's accessory brands at the moment and the brand's bow tie has created the signature look for our writer Marcus. We would hope one day we could have the whole collection of Cor Sine Labe Doli's ceramic bow ties. Click here to read the interview.

We are exciting to see what artists we will be featuring next year and if you have a good candidate for us, please send us an email to In the mean time, you should check out the Features Vault to read more amazing features written by us and our collaborators!

Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

Trendology: Burberry Prorsum Raffia Collar Trench Coat

An ordinary trench coat with a twist.

There are two gimmicks for this Burberry Pre-Spring trench coat. First, let's look at the collar. I am in love with the weave and stripe pattern. Then there is the bright colour linen. This is possibly the only time I will tell you to fold your sleeves so you can show the awesome colour underneath the coat. What do you say? Do you think it is worth the money to invest in this coat for the new year?

Remember, the leather belt is not part of the deal, you will have to buy it separately. Click here for more  information about this trench coat.

Courtesy of Burberry

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trendology: Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Laptop Bag

So I really want to have a new bag for my new year and recently I have stumbled upon this bag from Want Les Essentiels de La Vie. It is actually a laptop bag and it has 2 giant compartments for your personal belongings. I really like the long handle of the bag and I don't think I would use the shoulder strap much if I purchased this bag. What do you think?

Click here for more information.

Courtesy of Ssense

Ray of Inspirology: Sur Tous Les Tons

Nagi Sakai creates a very nice editorial for Elle France December 2011 issue and it features super model Karolina Kurkova. The interesting part about this series is the colour combination. The background in some of the images are consisted of 2 colours and surprisingly, it works very well with the clothes picked by Michele Beaurenaut. What do you think? Do you like what you see here?

Please click here to see the complete editorial.

Wave of Inspirology: Coke Happiness Factory 2

A month ago, I showed you the Coca Cola "Happyfication" short film and today I have the 2nd part for you to see. Have you ever imagined what does it look like inside the vending machine? Well now, you have a chance to see it! Enjoy!

Source: Jason Conradt@Vimeo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Graphicology: Paper Darth Project

I am in love with this paper project and I wish I could own this piece!

I have never thought of turning Darth Vader into a saint but somehow the people over Lobulo have creatively put these 2 elements together and create this wonderful piece. The whole art work is created by papers and I am really amazed by their skills. You should see the "making of" video below. Bravo!

Courtesy of Lobulo Design

Ray of Inspirology: Silver Spirit

Andrey & Lili continues to produce amazing editorials and this Silver Spirit has completely captured my heart.

The whole series is very dark and intense. I really like the clothes the models are wearing and they fit very well with the mood. Below are just few of my favourite photos, you should click here to see the complete series.

P.S Great colour processing!

Photographer: Andrey Yakovlev
Art-Director: Lili Aleeva
Models: Lubov Nenilina, Mariya Pasynkova
Hair Style: Anton Dimitriev

Wave of Inspirology: ELLE Digital Short: Nicola Formichetti

Let's just say, this is a very well made video and I am loving every second of it!

Nicola Formichetti is featured in the latest issue of Elle Magazine and the magazine has created a special digital video featurinig him and the S/S 2012 Mugler collection. It's very futuristic and I really like the concept. If you have 2 minutes to spare, please watch this video!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Graphicology: Gadgets, Games, Robots and the Digital World

Brilliant! Genius! Amazing!

The following mosaic works are created by Charis Tsevis for the book "Gadgets, Games, Robots and the Digital World" (published by DK). Tsevis uses some iconic images/icons/symbols to resemble some famous faces who have created a big impact to the digital world. I think this is a very clever idea and after this series, I have officially become a fan of Charis Tsevis.

Please click here to see more amazing works from Charis Tsevis.

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Animal-print Silk-chiffon Cape

Boxing Day is here and I am probably one of the few people who rarely buy things on this day. Reason? Save up for the new season. Here is a piece I recommend you all ladies to save up and invest it.

This Alexander McQueen cape is very eye catchy because of the animal print. I always believe every girl should invest in one cape because this kind of clothing piece can work with many things in your wardrobe. I really like the design of this one so if you want to start you new year right, you may want to purchase this one too.

Click here for more detail.

Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Sunday, December 25, 2011

[Burberry] Rhythm: A Burberry Christmas

It's finally here! Merry Christmas!

Today, I just want to celebrate this holiday season with you by showing you this wonderful Christmas holiday video from Burberry. The song title is called Stop the Cavalry and it is performed by the Dan Sells of The Feeling (the group who composes Rose, the title song for Burberry Body). The scenery is beautiful here and it is a very clever way to showcase the Burberry collections through a music video.

If you are looking for a romantic video to play on Christmas day, pick this.

Once again, Merry Christmas! 

source: Burberry @ youtube

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Trendology: Givenchy Slim Fit Cotton Shirt

It's probably too late for Christmas shopping now so you may as well keep this in mind for the New Year present.

I am drooling over this Givenchy shirt at the moment. As you have already noticed, the gimmick of this shirt is the contrast collar and I really like it. If you have a plain black tie, put it on with this shirt will make you unique and different. Maybe I should consider to add this to my wardrobe.

Please click here for more information.

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Ray of Inspirology: Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012 Promotion Campaign

I like this!

Below are the promotion campaign images for Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012 womenswear collection. The shots are taken by Giampaolo Sgura and the feature models are Bianca Balti and Monica Bellucci. The images are very close to what I have in mind: the setting is in Italy and the models are getting ready for the family gathering. Composition is great and I love both models are so outstanding in the crowd in this campaign. What do you think?

Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Friday, December 23, 2011

Graphicology: Illustrations by Fab Ciraolo

I love when illustrator picks the characters from the 80s animation and gives them a modern fashion twist. Fab Ciraolo one fine example to prove my vision.

His illustration style is leaning towards the retro spectrum but all the 80s characters he illustrates, they are all dressed in modern clothes. He also likes to illustrate models and some controversial issues which many of the images have blown me away. You should check his blog to see more of his works. Amazing!

Trendology:Bottega Veneta Dark Peridot Intrecciato VN Briefcase

If you are willing to invest in an expensive briefcase, then you should consider this.

This Bottega Veneta breiefcae is simple and elegant.  Intrecciato, the signature weaving technique of the brand, is used to make this briefcase and it has 2 compartments for you to organize your personal belongings. This bag comes in 2 colours (green and black) and I think if you purchase the green one, you are going to make everyone envy in the office.

Please click here for more information.

Graphicology: Special Christmas 2 by Sakiroo Choi

Without a doubt, I am in love with Sakiroo's illustration style and he has something special for his fans this Christmas season.

Sakiroo has created some very cool illustrations fro this holiday season and no, these images are not the typical ones you see in stores. They are dark and they are really only suitable for adults. I like them a lot and I hope you enjoy these unusual Christmas images.

Click here for more detail.

Courtesy of Sakiroo Choi (source: Behance)

Fashionist[On The Go]: The $950 Game

Here comes the latest edition of Fashionist [On The Go] and today, I have 2 interesting stories to share with you.

Let me ask you this: If you could spend $950 on a clothing item, what would you purchase? If you have nothing in mind, then will this Chanel sneakers be your cup of tea? Clearly, it is not my style at all so I will pass this offer... [Read Here]

If you do not understand why this is so expensive, you are not alone. (source: Fashionist)

Givenchy has finally released some photos for the new season's campaign and Gisele Bündchen is the main focus for this set of photos. Apparently the concept of this campaign is about a love story between a human and a mermaid... [Read Here]

It seems like Gisele is the IT girl for this season. Versace, Givenchy... (source: Fashionist)

If you are a big fan of Alexander McQueen, you should not miss this video! It is about how Sarah created the porcelain pieces for this F/W collection. Sounds intense!

Come back next week for the final edition of Fashionist[On The Go] of 2011! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Kiss My Hair

Gentlemen, let's learn a styling lesson from Guillaume Nallet.

Admit it, menswear can sometimes be boring because there are only that many choices for our wardrobe. However, if you can figure out what accessories suit you, this will turn the table around and make you a fashionable person. I love this editorial a lot not only because of the composition and colour processing, but Guillaume Nallet has brought in a lot of cool accessories to spice up the menswear. The focus point of this editorial is probably the dolls (well, hair too). Maybe this can be a new trademark for you? Or at least you will be inspired by this idea?

Click here to see the full editorial.

Graphicology: à la mode x Sketch & Pixel Christmas Postcard 2011

The time is here!

Back in November, we did a little giveaway to celebrate Christmas this year and if you are one of the lucky receivers, we hope you will enjoy the image before everyone else. So now it is time for us to reveal the image and the inspiration is based on the Burberry Prorsum F/W 2011 collection. We really hope you will like it and we at à la mode are wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy! (Click the image to see it in bigger size)

Please head to Sketch & Pixel for more information about this image.

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