Saturday, June 30, 2012

Walk the Walk: Kris Van Assche S/S 2013 Collection

If you need me to use one sentence to describe Kris Van Assche latest menswear collection, it will be something like this: A collection consists of great structure and practical pieces without losing the Kris Van Assche touch.

For this season, the pieces are slimmer and part of the collection has this illusion sleeves element which has really caught my attention (especially the suit). I really like the tailoring in this collection,especially the burgundy suit. I do believe this collection has something for everyone.

- I like the illusion layer in this collection. It helps to make the clothes looks sporty and fun to wear.
- The big X on the shirt is actually pretty cool and I like the color combinations on those pieces.
- The burgundy suit is so sharp. I like the length of the blazer.
- Believe me, I think the denim pieces will sell well in this collection. They looks very nice on the runway.

- It would be great if Kris could expand the "X" series.

Eye Candies: 
- The "X" shirt
- The illusion layer black suit
- Burgundy suit
- The final jump suit

Please click here to see the complete collection.

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Ray of Inspirology: DSquared2 F/W 2012 Promotion Campaign

The new DSquared2 campaign has arrived and I love it!

The campaign is once again shot by Mert & Marcus and the models are Daphne Groeneveld, Liuk Bass, Bette Franke, Frida Aisen, and Simon van Meervenne. As you may have already known, this collection is all about highschool bad kids so using the classroom as the background is the perfect choice. I also like the vintage colour effect (now this reminds me of instagram) on the images!

Such a great campaign!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Walk the Walk: Dries Van Noten S/S 2013 Menswear Collection

I am pretty sure you know a lot of designers have used camouflage as one of the major elements on their collections (example: Prada) but I am so surprised to see Dries can transform this pattern into something special and unique. Usually, I find camouflage to be very tacky if it is applied on the pieces wrongly but Dries uses different colour combinations to make it fashion forward and cool. I really like the layering on the runway which shows how people should wear camouflage next season. However, if you are not a fan of this pattern, there are also some very nice solid pieces for you to choose from, which are also very colourful and cheerful.

I need that orange blazer!

- Even though a lot of designers have done the camouflage concept before, this collection has truly reflected how Dries' skill by turning into something unique and special.
- I really like the colour palette, it's very colourful and cheerful.
- Sportswear are great and the suits are something that I have my eyes on
- The different colour combinations of camouflage have really raised the bar for other designers. Bravo attempt!

- I am still not really into the sandals, just not my cup of tea.

Eye Candies: 
- White/Orange shirt with the camouflage stripe
- White sport jacket
- Blue/yellow checked blazer
- Orange sport jacket
- Camouflage shorts

Please click here to see the complete collection.

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Walk the Walk: Issey Miyake S/S 2013 Menswear Collection

Bike messenger is the theme of S/S 2013 Issey Miyake menswear collection and the design team has really translated this theme well.

The clothes in this collection are very sporty and youthful. I especially the oversized cape jacket and the kimono inspired outerwear. My biggest surprise will be the tie dye pieces. Even though I am not too sure how it is related to the bike messenger theme, without a doubt, this element has enhanced the collection to a new level. What do you think?

- I like the biker theme of this collection. There are so many cool and practical pieces in this collection.
- The tie dye print is amazing. I would love to get the blazer and the shirt!
- I can see there is an indirect Japanese kimono influence in this collection, especially you can see this element on the tops and capes.
- The use of reflective material is cool on some of the pieces.

- If there could be some more slim fit pieces, that would be amazing.

Eye Candies:
- The black and white tracksuit top
- Blue tie dye shirt
- Blue tie dye blazer
- Kimono style top
- Cape jacket

Please click here to see the complete collection.

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Walk the Walk: Louis Vuitton S/S 2013 Menswear Collection

Kim Jones is selling a lifestyle here, a luxurious lifestyle of a Louis Vuitton man.

The runway show started off with some great navy and brown pieces as if the LV man was going on a cruise. Relaxing fit pieces were then introduced and they were practical and preppy at the same time. The biggest surprise was the introduction of scuba diving outfits which really brought me to a great summer mood. To end the adventurous day on a high note, the man was once again wearing some nice relaxing fit suits.

I find this collection to be very practical but without losing the luxurious touch. The fabric really reflects the luxurious side of the brand. The neon colour accessories really suit my taste and to my surprise, bag packs are making a big come back! At this moment, I think i need to work harder and save up more in order to have a lifestyle of a LV man.

- I love how Kim Jones is selling the lifestyle of a Louis Vuitton man in this collection. A LV man is classy and adventurous at the same time.
- I am surprised to see the scuba diving series in this collection, that's defnitely something new and totally reflect the lifestyle of the LV man.
- The neon bags are pretty amazing. I am also very surprised to see the return of bag packs!
- This is not related to the collection but the runway design has amazed me! I really like the graphics!

- The shoes are not as funky as last season, just don't really suit my taste.

Eye Candies:
- The bag packs
- The leather hoodie
- The checked suit
- The navy blue suit

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Fashionist [On The Go]: Hello Chuck Bass!

Let's get to the stories!

Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl has recently become the face of the Philipp Plein F/W 2012 campaign. During the Milan S/S 2013 Menswear Fashion Week, Ed also made an appearance on the brand's runway. I think he looked great in those pieces, what do you think? [Read Here]

Chuck Bass on runway, what do you think? (source: the Fashionist)

$56,000 (£35,000) probably means a lot to many people, but when this number equals to the money Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) spent on clothing so far this year, I think that's so little. Since she was wearing high fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham, and Roland Mouret to events, I would have expected the clothing expense would exceed $100k. From this, I just think she is a very smart spender! [Read Here]

To be honest, I would have thought she spent more than £35,000 on the clothes (source: the Fashionist)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Walk the Walk: Dsquared² S/S 2013 Menswear Collection

For this season, Dsquared² is bringing the clients to the clubs. Denim and leopard prints add great details to the ordinary white and black pieces. Also, accessories help to enhance the look of a Dsquared² man. Even though I am not a big fan of the shoes, I have a very good feeling they may become one of the big topics next year.

Somehow, I start to miss the good old days of Dsquared², especially the collections when they were related to different types of sports. What do you think?

- I think this collection has a very good combination: denim, leopard print, black and white. All the pieces are ready for clubbing purpose.
- I really like some of the ties, they will be good pieces for your wardrobe.
- Out of everything, I think the shirts are the strongest in this collection. The detail on each of them is pretty amazing.

- The shoes do not complete wow me at all, would love to see some more original designs.

Eye Candies:
- White shirt with denim detail
- Black blazer with patent leather collar
- White shirt with pink detail

Please click here to see the complete collection.

Wave of Inspirology: The Art Of Packing from Louis Vuitton

I have to admit, Louis Vuitton's videos are just getting better and better.

If you always have a problem with packing for vacation, the following video will give you a good guide on what to pack and how to fold items. You can also go onto the website and virtually play with the clothes. I just find this idea brilliant!

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Trendology: Versace Resort 2013 Collection

It's all about bright colours for the Versace Resort 2013 collection!

There are 2 parts in this collection: the colourful daywear pieces and the all black evening-wear pieces. For the daywear, I really like the selection as there is something for everyone. The hot pink suit looks so good on the model and I do encourage ladies to wear more suits in the future (trust me, they will look sexy on you). As for the evening-wear, after the Angelina high-slit gown in the Oscar, Donatella decides to make one for the resort collection as well. I have a good feeling girls will want that particular gown in their closet.

Please click here to see the complete collection.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walk the Walk: Moschino S/S 2013 Menswear Collection

I will call this collection "When Andy Warhol meets pop art part 2" and Bill Shapiro and Rossella Jardini are definitely getting props from me for taking such a fun fashion risk!

The first part of this collection is all about supermarket products prints. Those re-modified 1950s labels look fun on clothes and they also bring out a very refreshing vibe. However, if you are a not a fan of the prints, there are also some colourful options and I have to admit, I want most of the solid colour pieces in this collection. This collection defines young and fun!

What do you think?

- I love the retro product print! I am glad Bill Shapiro and Rossella Jardini revisit the pop art theme!
- If you are not a fan of the pop art prints, you can still get some colourful pieces from this collection!
- I like the colourful sneakers. They are fun to wear

- I would want the Campbell Soup print to make an appearance in this collection.

Eye Candies: 
- "Budwiser" Moschino print suit
- The sneakers
- High waist pants

Please click here to see the complete collection.

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