Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June & July 2012 Memories

We are currently enjoying our summer so we are actually slowing down at the moment. However, in June and July, we still have created some interesting entries for you to enjoy.

This month on [Un]Discovers, we have Maruka Caleis, a great illustrator who likes to use photos to complete her works. Also, we have Tara Krebs, a great illustrator whose works have amazed us. We believe fantasy is what made us love illustration and Tara's works are all about this element!

As for Swide, in June we have the amazing Malika Favre. Her works are in minimalist form but her contents are way more provocative than you could imagine. Jolene Lai is another great illustrator which we really like the girls she created in her works. Trust us, you will want to know more about them when you look at her works.

In July, we have Cristian Grossi, a great illustrator, and also a texture designer. We cannot get enough of his style as it is very simple, but haunting. Victor Castillo is a great painter and let us warn you, this interview is very personal and we believe this is one of our best features we have done to date on Swide.

Trendology: Lanvin The "Happy" 10 Years Collection

It's been a great 10 years for Alber Elbaz working at Lanvin and in order to celebrate this milestone, Lanvin has created a capsule collection (accessories and shoes) with 10 different themes. There are some iconic designs in this collection and my favourite theme is the Les Dessins d'Alber one. I just love the cartoon Elbaz draws for the brand! 

Please click here for more information about this capsule collection.


Letters JL

Les Dessins d'Alber

Crocodile Patchwork


Tulle & Pearls

Metalassage Art

Animal Print

Diamanté Heart

Lanvin All-Over Embroidered
Courtesy of Lanvin

Ray of Inspirology: Tamni Vilajet

This is such a dark and moody editorial by Arcin Sagdic for Elle Serbia. Model Valeriia is dressed in all black for this and I love the pieces Bodo Ernle picked for the shoot. The balloons are very interesting here as some of the shots, I thought they were part of an outfit. This editorial definitely reminds me of a black widow. What do you think?

Please click here to see the complete series.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ray of Inspirology: Top of the Pop

I am obsessed with Gan's photography works and his recent editorial on Harper's Bazaar Singapore is completely on fire!

This shoot takes place at an "art gallery" and it displays all sorts of pop arts. I like the idea of pairing each art work with a certain outfit to create a very rich imagery. I always find fashion is supposed to be part of arts so this editorial has proved my point. What do you think?

Trendology: Original Fake x Porter F/W 2012 Collection

Orignal Fake is once agin working with Porter this season and I have to say, the collection is pretty interesting.

This time, Kaws is all about the X eyes pattern and it reminds me of the signature Goyard pattern. Porter always produced good quality accessories so you can assume these items are all in top grade. For myself, I would not mind to have the tote bag in my collection. What do you think?

Trendology: WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Tote Bag

I am always a fan of WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. Recently I came across this limited edition Tote bag on Mr Porter and I just can't help but fall in love with it. I like the blue/white colour of this bag and it can carry 20.5 litres of things (I think this is massive). There will only be 400 pieces in production and it is exclusive sold at Mr Porter.

Courtesy of Mr Porter 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ray of Inspirology: Nine Circles of Heaven

Looking at these photos are like going on a fantasy journey!

This series is created by Lithuanian artist duo Terrible Twins (Ruta Pu & Urte Janus) and they use their costume and set design skills to create this amazing editorial. The theme is about "an exploration of Sin as a concept perpetuated by western Catholic society and aims to question the authority of such doctrines when describing concepts like virtue and sin, good and bad." I really like the concept and the colours they use for each image. The series is very solid and you will want to know more about the story behind each image.


Ray of Inspirology: Tom Ford F/W 2012 Womenswear Promotion Campaign

Tom Ford new campaign an as usual, I find the images to be very classy and elegant!

Kati Nescher has become the face of the F/W collection campaign and I like how Ford has shot her in bright colours. Not only do the images look classy, they look very cheerful too! As for the eyewear image, I just cannot get enough of that gold frame sunglasses!

What do you think?

Courtesy of Tom Ford

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ray of Inspirology: Fierce Creatures

In the latest issue of W Magazine, Patrick Demarchelier has shot this wonderful editorial featuring Meghan Collison, Magda Laguinge, and Zuzanna Bijoch. Edward Enninful has picked the hottest piece/pieces from each brand for this desert theme shoot. The vibe is extremely futuristic (maybe because of the wigs) and I can't stop loving the location and the lighting of the shoot. I have a very good feeling that McQueen image will forever stick in my head. What do you think?

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Black Raven Print Wool Cardigan

Alexander McQueen prints always steal my heart and this cardigan here is something I cannot resist not to talk about. The abstract raven print is extremely beautiful and it really helps to bring out the dark side of the brand. I don't think a lot of people can carry this look but seriously, it is simply an amazing art piece!

Please click here for more information.

Courtesy of Ssense

Friday, July 27, 2012

Trendology: Lanvin Green Silk Blend Frill Dress

It's still July but it maybe a good time to planning ahead for your holiday parties outfits!

This amazing Lanvin dress has really caught my eyes when I was browsing Ssense the other day. I love the green and brown combination and the frill trimmings are making the dress to look classy and sexy. You can click here for more information.

Courtesy of Ssense

Ray of Inspirology: Chain Reaction

Lighting, composition, model and wardrobe, everything is simply perfect here.

This editorial is shot by Jessica Pechet and I like the mood of it a lot. The black and white images are quite classy, whereas the colour ones are edgier and more gloomy. Below are just some of her works and you can click here to see the complete series.

Courtesy of Jessica Pechet (source: Fantasticsmag)

Graphicology: Happy Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympics is starting today and what a better way to celebrate this event with a cool illustration? Achraf Amiri has sent me this cool illustration where 5 figures resemble the 5 rings of the Olympic symbol. It's a little bit creepy but nevertheless, a fun illustration to look at!

Happy Olympics!

Courtesy of Achraf Amiri

Fashionist[On The Go]: Kate Moss for Rag & Bone!

It's Friday so let's get into the stories, shall we?

After so many seasons, Rag & Bone finally has its first campaign image and it features supermodel Kate Moss. As usual, Kate Moss just gives off that bold vibe we all like from her. What do you think? [Read Here]

Classic Kate Moss, still, I am buying this idea. (source: the Fashionist)

Alexander McQueen is introducing a new handbag this season and it is called "Heroine". Well, out of all the versions this bag has, the crocodile version is the most luxurious one and it costs $40,000 for a piece. Well, would you get it if you had the money? [Read Here]

Even if I were loaded, I wouldn't be too sure if I wanted to get it. (source: the Fashionist)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ray of Inspirology: Balenciaga F/W 2012 Promotion Campaign

At first, I didn't really like this campaign, but after viewing it a couple more times, I start to feel the vibe.

This Balenciaga F/W campaign is shot by Steven Meisel and it features Anniek Kortleve, Julier Bugge, Juliet Ingleby, Linn Arvidsson, Sophie Hirschfelder & Rosie Tapner. The setting makes you think of a remote desert location but the clothes will remind you we are in the present, with a twist of futuristic vibe. I actually think this campaign is quite nice, what do you think?

Graphicology: Beautytale Collaboration

Photography + illustration, that is exactly the combo I want to see.

Photographer Famke backx has collaborated with illustrator Feline Zegers to create this cool editorial. The photos are very classy and with the illustration enhancement by Feline, the whole set becomes very dreamy. What do you think? Do you want to see more of this kind of collaboration?

Photography: Famke backx
Illustration: Feline Zegers
Models: Jaleesa Koelen & Estrella Dewi de Graaf
MUA: Everywhair

Courtes of Famke backx & Feline Zegers (source: Behance)

Ray of Inspirology: Lanvin F/W 2012 Promotion Campaign

Clearly, Elbaz is trying to make a statement here: Lanvin is for everyone!

The latest F/W Lanvin campaign has arrived and instead of using supermodels, Elbaz has picked real people from different walks of life to model his collection. I really like the people he chooses for this campaign and the setting is very cool as well. As usual, this series is shot by the amazing Steven Meisel.

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trendology: Y-3 Black Nomad Racer Sneakers

This sneaker reminds me of a pair of Nike ninja shoes I used to own!

This pair of sneakers is from the latest collection of Y-3. I really like the ninja toe design and also how you can zip up the outer layer to make it look cool and edgy. I have owned a pair of Y-3 so I can tell you the sneakers in this brand are actually very comfortable. Give it a try if you want to!

Please click here for more information.

Courtesy of Ssense

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