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Thanks for clicking this page and we are sure you must be interested in placing your ad on our blog. This page will give you a detail break down such as  size requirement, rates of the ad and also methods on how we will promote your site. When it comes to advertisement, we want to build a close relationship with you so that both parties can have a better control on the ads; therefore, we like to contact with you directly rather than having some advertisement sites to provide us with ads that we are not familiar with.

About us:
à la mode is a continuously growing blog about fashion, photography, and design.  We are now offering advertisement section in our blog.  Our way of promotion is to spread the words through any medium and network to reach more audience.  

We have an average of 5000 pageviews each month as our audience base is developing steadily everyday from all parts of the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Japan (Source:Google Analytics). We also have been approached by different fashion brands and magazines from the world and this offers our advertisers to have ultimate exposure internationally.

People we work/worked with:
2B1 Studio
Ado Les Scents
Belinda Vistag
Blank Label
Breeyn McCarney
CityEvents (Toronto)
Dazed and Confused
Dirk Bikkembergs
Dolce & Gabbana
DSY Girls
Emi♥ by Xander Kostroma
Jasper Garvida
Louis Vuitton
Mike Lewis
Pause Designs
Patrick Stephan
Pierre Garroudi
Samantha Cole
Sleeping Giant Gallery
Simon Spurr
United Nude
and more...

People that follow us on Twitter:
On Aura Tout Vu
Baume & Mercier
Blank Label
Breeyn McCarney
Dazed and Confused Magazine
Dirk Bikkembergs
Dead Sexy Magazine
Magnet Creative
Roberto Cavalli
United Nude
Simon Spurr
Windsor Arms Hotel
Wonderland Magazine
and more...

Every week, we will be featuring a new artist/ fashion designer/ model/ photographer which will bring in new visitors to the blog. This will let your ad to get a chance to expose to more people.

Advertising Unit
We currently offer a space for a Block Ad which will be displayed at the right sidebar.    
Size:  200x200 pixel
Format:  .jpg / .gif / .swf ( if .swf, please upload it on a server and provide us a link)
Note: The width will be fixed at 200 pixel but if you want to change the height to a bigger number, we cannegotiate for another price.

· USD$60/week* or USD$200/month*
(For a limited time till 30 April, if you plan to place your ad on our blog right now, we will keep your rate unchanged for 1 year.)
· All charges and rates will applied starting on your confirmation date which your ad is placed
*All prices are subject to change as we will review our blog statistics every 6 months.

· Send us notifications if you wish to make changes to your ad, we will make the changes accordingly within 24 hours. Once the change has been made, we will bring your ad back to the top 5 spots. 

We will have 3 ways to promote your company:
1) Facebook: We will promote your company on our facebook fanpage at least once a week.
2) Twitter: We will promote your company by tweeting your link at least once a week.
3) Blog: Since we have the blog, whenever you have new information you want us to cover, you can send them to us and within 48 hours, we will write an entry about it. (ie. Promotion, new products etc)
* If your company is in Toronto and needs photos for your products, we can do it too, but there will be a small extra charge.

Advertising Contact
If you are interested or have more questions about advertising with us, please send your enquiries to

* All advertisements and promotions must be approved prior to any booking or agreements.
* We reserve the right to reject any ads.
* To read more, please click here.
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