Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Object of Desire: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Aside from fashion, I am known to be a bit of a technology nerd. I have had a tablet since 2011 and love how these small devices can do just about everything I need. That said, tablets were never able to fully replace my laptop, until the release of the Microsoft Surface. It is a mini laptop disguised as a tablet with all the tablet features and more! Last week I finally got my hands on my very own Surface Pro 3 and so far, it is an amazing experience.

As I mentioned before, the thing I like the most about this device is that it is a mini laptop with Windows 8.1 Pro fully installed. In the past, I always had problems updating my blogs because the apps on my previous tablets were not that user friendly. With this new device, I can simply open the internet browser and blog away as if I was on my laptop! I love the kickstand design feature which lets you position the device as high (low) as you want.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 + Fusion of Effects

Another special feature of the Surface Pro 3 is the stylus pen. It has a fine sharp tip which illustrators love. It allows you to draw or write on the screen smoothly as if you were writing on a piece of paper. If you click the top of the pen, the Surface Pro 3 will immediately launch the note taking mode (OneNote 2013), which is very handy for me when I am at meetings. No more scrambling for a pad of paper!

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 + Draw A Dot.

In October 2013, I invited a few illustrators to try the 1st generation of the Microsoft Surface. They used Fresh Paint to create live Toronto Fashion Week runway sketches for Draw A Dot.. The result was amazing and the designers were impressed by the artwork created. With the new version of this program, I will once again be working with illustrators to create something unique for Draw A Dot.. Stay tuned!

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 + Draw A Dot.

As for STM, you will have to keep an eye and see what kind of things Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski will use this device for. Maybe he will use the 5.0 megapixel front-facing camera to take selfies with the people he will interview? Stay tuned!

For more information about this Microsoft Surface Pro 3, please visit its official website.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 + STM
Photography: Marcus Kan

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