Sunday, September 14, 2014

Art[s]ense: Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2014 Illustration Project - Part 1

The new season of Dolce & Gabbana Illustration Project is finally here!

For the first part, I invited Renshou Zhang and Animey to each create an illustration the opening act of the story. Both illustrations are amazing and I just cannot wait to show you the rest of the series.

Please visit Swide for the feature and Draw A Dot. for my personal remarks!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Walk the Walk: Marc Jacobs S/S 2015 Collection

Marc Jacobs closed the New York Fashion Week with a bang! Well, actually no, he closed the week with a rather "quiet" show.

For this particular presentation, the fashion house teamed up with Beats by Dre so each guest will get a pair of headphones. With this accessory, the guest was able to listen to the vocal soundtrack narrated by Steve Mackey. That being said, if anyone who didn't have the headphones at the show, the he/she would be watching a "quiet" marching rehearsal. 

For this season, Marc was inspired by the military uniform, and he injected the feminine vibe to make it look different. The cabochons, buttons, big cargo pockets were the major elements and the designer also played with proportions to create pieces for different occasions. Compare to the S/S 2014 collection, this one was softer and way more wearable.

If Marc Jacbos were still the creative director of Louis Vuitton, I wonder what kind of collection he would create with these elements (back then, the MJ and LV collections always complemented each other).

- Love how Marc Jacobs has injected the feminine vibe to the military theme.
- The cabochons, buttons, big cargo pockets are the repeated elements here, and they make the collection memorable.
- Marc Jacobs is playing with the proportion idea here, and this idea gives the Marc Jacobs' girls options (streetwear, formal gown, semi formal outfit) for different occasions.
- Love the "no makeup" idea so the audience can really focus on the clothes.

- Not a fan of the sandals.

Eye Candies:
- Gold mini dress with gold cabochons
- Silver skirt with big cargo pocket
- All the bags (especially the bag pack)
- Dark teal dress with cabochons, lace and giant cargo pocket

Please visit  to view the complete collection.

Dots[Connection]: Lights. Camera. Action!

Here is your weekly Draw a Dot. recap! Also, make sure you follow @Draw A Dot. on instagram to see some exclusive illustrations!

Ben Liu recently was interviewed by L’Officiel de la Mode China and for this specific feature, he created an illustration based on Dior J'adore campaign. Such a glamourous and classy artwork! [Read Here]

Courtesy of Ben Liu

2 years in the making and Achraf Amiri is going to release his Illustrashion Magazine on September 20! Here is a sneak peek of one of the illustrations he created for this issue! I love it! [Read Here]

Courtesy of Achraf Amiri