Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Object of Desire: Marni + Porter-Yoshida & Co Adjustable Twill Backpack

I always have my eyes on the Marni x Porter-Yoshida collaboration and for this season, I am putting this bag on my wishlist!

The cool thing about this bag is that there are 2 ways to use it: you can use it as a backpack, or roll away the top part to make it a belt bag. The Marni pattern truly reflects the brand's aesthetic and also the green will go well with a lot of pieces in your wardrobe. As a big fan of Porter-Yoshida, I guarantee this bag can last you a few seasons.  

You can now purchase this bag on Mr Porter.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dots[Connection]: Magic Show!

Here is your weekly Draw A Dot. recap!

This Schiaparelli F/W 2016 Haute Couture illustration created is one of my latest favourites by Studio Fantasma. I love the composition and I feel like I am seeing a circus/magic show here!Very well done! [Read Here]

Courtesy of Studio Fantasma 

Bijou Karman and Gucci are always one of the best combinations in the fashion illustration world and I am in love with this piece a lot! It really shows the unique aesthetic of the brand and I can never get enough of Bijou's characters!  [Read Here]

Courtesy of Bijou Karman

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Object of Desire: Converse Auckland Modern

Converse has a new addition to the Converse Modern Footwear lineup!

Converse Auckland Modern is a new silhouette that is inspired by Converse's "rich legacy in running innovation". The sneaker is very light because of the split knit upper and the lightweight Phylon outsole at the bottom with cushioning (the pattern does remind me of vintage Space Invador UFOs!). As for the modern technology, Nike Hyperfuse construction is applied in this model for durability and support. Overall, it is a pair of sneakers which you can wear for the entire day without feeling pain.

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