Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dots[Connection]: Exclusive F/W 2015 Fashion Illustrations!

Here is your weekly Draw A Dot. recap, and both highlights are related to F/W 2015 fashion weeks!

Before I show you the highlights, make sure you are aware that the Alexander McQueen Open Call is about to end soon. You still have some time to enter it! Good luck!

Now let's get back to the main business...

JSK has brought his Susu girls to the F/W 2015 Milan Fashion Week and their first stop is Gucci! The girls are dressed in some of iconic outfits from the latest collection. Where are they going next? You will have to keep an eye on Draw A Dot. then! [Read Here]

Courtesy of JSK

During F/W 2015 London Fashion Week, Pippa McManus has created some of the illustrations based on some of the collections. I absolutely love her style and her girls are just so edgy and stylish! Stay tuned on Draw A Dot. as we will be giving away one of the illustrations in March! [Read Here]

Courtesy of Pippa McManus

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Walk the Walk: Prada F/W 2015 Collection

Leave it to Miuccia Prada to stun you with a collection full of surprises! The biggest one being the use of a pastel color palette.  Usually applied to S/S collections, the switch up has Prada fans, such as myself, wanting to fast forward to the F/W 2015 season. As many of you are aware, Prada is known for using interesting fabrics (nylon for bags for example), and this time she choses to use double-faced jersey to create well tailored suits with a neoprene look in the end.  Ostrich leather, Perspex and furs are used to create noteworthy pieces for the collection. Prada print lovers are sure to find the molecule print to be a must have for next season.

In my opinion, this collection consists of some of the best elements from the S/S 2011 to S/S 2014 Prada collections. If this collection was a box of candy, I'd want to sample everything!

- This collection consists of some of the best elements from the S/S 2011, F/W 2012, and S/S 2013, F/W 2013 collections.
- The pastel color palette is refreshing, not your typical F/W color palette.
- The shoes and the bags are beautiful. The bag in bag is going to be a hit next season.
- The use of double-faced jersey is going to set the trend for the fashion world. Expect to see this material on other collections soon.
- Prada always has nice prints and I am dying to own a tie with that molecule print.
- The silhouette of the suit is great, it adds a masculine vibe to the Prada woman.

Eye Candies:
- The double-faced jersey suits
- Shoes
- Bag in Bag
- Perspex brooches
- Pastel green ostrich coat
- Pastel pink ensemble
- (pretty much everything)

Please visit to view the complete collection.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#stmSnippet: Q&A with designer Christopher Bates

Sean Connery’s James Bond is Christopher Bates’ style icon and it definitely shows in the designer’s menswear collection. The former model turned fashion designer is now in his seventh year of business and will be showing at TOMFW, Toronto Men’s Fashion Week on Friday February 27th. When he is not designing, the former Vancouver boy enjoys travel, cooking and playing competitive soccer.

In the final week leading up to TOMFW Christopher made time to take part in the following #stmINTERVIEWED Q&A which includes pictures of some of his favourite runway looks, behind the scenes happenings and even a shot of Christopher himself from his modelling days. Read on to learn more about his design inspiration, why he now runs his production out of Italy and the most valuable piece of advice he ever received as a designer.

Photo: Kareen Mallon of Electrafire Studio

Read the full #stmINTERVIEWED Q&A with designer Christopher Bates on STM here.

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