Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Object of Desire: Givenchy Madonna Print Tie

In Spring 2013, I fell in love with the Givenchy Madonna print. That season the fashion house released a tie with the print on it, but for some reasons I didn't purchase it. I regret it till now.

Today when I was on Ssense looking for on sale products, I came across this. That's right, Givenchy has reproduced the print with a little variation (the face is now revealed instead of the dark version). Based on the lesson I have learned, I think I am not going to let this chance slip through my fingers this time.

Courtesy of Ssense

Monday, May 25, 2015

Picture Perfect: Park Hour

What do you do when you have 1 hour in the park and a handful of menswear accessories? Stephen-Thomas and I decide to use the nature setting and do a fun editorial shoot.

Scarf: Mirror in the Sky; Bow tie: Freedom Clothing Collective; Pocket squares: Zebe Design 

For this fun shoot, we use accessories from Canadian brands Zebe Design, Freedom Clothing Collectives, Baffi CollectionPomp and Ceremony and Barcelona brand Mirror in the Sky. We like how the nature setting brings out the rawness of these accessories and we do like the quality of the products a lot.

Please visit STM to see the spin off of this editorial. It's all about Mirror in the Sky!

Styled by Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski
Shot by Marcus Kan

Bow tie: Zebe Design

Lapel pin: Zebe Design

Scarf: Mirror in the Sky

Bow tie: Zebe Design

Bow tie: Zebe Design

Bow ties & lapel pin: Zebe Design; Wooden pocket square: Baffi Collection; Floral print pocket square: Pomp and Ceremony

Bow tie: Zebe Design

Pocket squares: Zebe Design

Bow tie: Freedom Clothing Collective

Bow ties: Zebe Design

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dots[Connection]: Welcome to the family!

Here is your weekly Draw A Dot. recap!

Seung Won Hong is one of my latest discoveries in the Instagram world, and I am totally in love with his Thom Browne portrait. His impressionist style is impressive and he captures the essence of Thom Browne flawlessly.  [Read Here]

Courtesy of Seung Won Hong

Daniel Muñoz recently submitted some illustrations to me and I just love this Dsquared² F/W 2015 piece a lot! I love the realistic details and the background really helps to bring out the outfit. [Read Here]

Courtesy of Daniel Muñoz

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