Friday, August 22, 2014

Dots[Connection]: We are models!

Here is your weekly Draw a Dot. recap!

In the past few months, I had asked JSK a few times to create a male image in the Susu family. Well, he finally did it, and guess what? The male model is based on me! The girls and I are all wearing Dior Homme S/S 2015 in this illustration.  [Read Here]

Courtesy of JSK 

Ler Huang is back with another great colour pens illustration. This time the subject is Mariacarla Boscono and I just love how each image shows her personality differently. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us next! [Read Here]

Courtesy of Ler Huang

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trendology: Lanvin Silver Safety Pin Tie Bar

Don't you like a nice tie bar? I sure do! Today, I found this.

This lovely tie bar is from Lanvin and I just love the safety pin design. Well you may challenge me that you can simply find a safety pin and use it as a tie bar. You are partially correct, but for this particular design, you will not leave your tie with a hole because of the alligator clip closure. Trust me, you will not want to ruin your ties when each of them costs $200 or more.

You can now purchase this item on Ssense.

Courtesy of Ssense

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trendology: TOM*FW Jacket Roundup

Grab your jackets gentlemen! Last week at the newly launched TOMFW in Toronto, a group of talented menswear designers showcased their lines for SS15. Among the mix were some incredible blazers and jackets. In no particular order, here are my must have jackets for SS15.

First up are three tailored blazers/suit jackets for all you party goers. The perfect blazer is simply a must when stepping out to attend one of Toronto's many A-list parties. 

This broad shouldered white blazer from Worth by David C. Wigley has a single button closure and thoughtfully placed graphic. 

 photo: Arthur Von Tyrpa

Paulo Succar presented this incredibly tailored suit ensemble in a tasteful statement making black and white print. Personally, I would let this jacket do all the talking and pair it with solid pants, shirt and tie.

 photo: Che Rosales

OK, I admit I have a thing for black and white... and bold prints... which might be why I also fell for this sexy graphic blazer from HD HOME. The fact that the fabric has just the slightest sheen is icing on the cake. 

photo: Che Rosales

Now life is not all about parties, sometimes you just need a good jacket to keep you warm in the cool Canadian Spring season. From bold colours and florals to yes, even more black and white prints, these four jackets have it all.

Looking for something a little more sporty on a casual day? This easy to wear jacket from Noel Crisostomo, has just the right combination of colour blocking and will work for any age.

 photo: Jonathan Lapada

In need of some bold flower power? From fuchsia shorts to classic denim, this  Worth by David C. Wigley bomber will go with just about anything you want to pair it with below the waist.

photo: Constantine Digovets

Feeling a little more bad boy meets confidence? Then check out these final two jackets to meet your needs.

OK, let's just skip over the fact that I chose yet another bold black and white graphic and talk about the bad boy feel oozing from this racer jacket from Sons of Odin. The zipper detail is done just right and breaks up the floral print perfectly.

 photo: Constantine Digovets

Last but not least is this gem from the incredible Christopher Bates. Pretty much every Canadian loves a good solid black outerwear piece and Bates delivers a sure fire garment ready to fly off the racks.

photo: Jonathan Lapada

Congratulations to all of the designers who were part of Toronto's first ever mens fashion week. Make sure to visit each of the designer's pages to learn more about them and to see their past and present collections.  To learn more about TOMFW and the TOM* Magazine, click here.