Friday, April 23, 2010

Trendology: Starkers Corsetry

Today is Day 2 of Alternative Arts and Fashion Week Toronto and the theme is Lust. The first runway show is Starkers Corsetry and it starts out with a bang. It begins with a woman dresses nicely on the runway and starts to sing Carmen; this performance totally takes my breath away.

I always think women in corsets are very sexy, and this particular runway show has supported my thought strongly tonight. Even though the girls have different styles of corsets on, with the dress combinations, they all look unique and absolutely beautiful. In all the different corsets, the feminine curves are viewed as a beautiful piece of art. Corset, a timeless piece, has that romantic element that will never grow old and I love that on women.

Well, I think I am more surprised when Gail, the fairy god mother of PR industry, is walking on the runway. At that moment, I am a bit surprised and almost forget to press the shutter to take photos.

There is the fairy god mother! 
Courtesy of Marcus Kan

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