Friday, May 14, 2010

[Un]Discovers: Trevor Henderson

Trevor Henderson, an artist that I have met during the You Love What Love Is exhibit which has taken place at the Sleeping Giant Gallery. His drawing style is something that I don't see often and his works actually give me goose bumps at some point. Regardless how scary the images are in the pictures, I like his unique style a lot. I am honored I can do an interview with Trevor and I am sure you will want to know this rising star.

Hey Trevor, it's nice of you to take some time to answer my questions. I realize your works tend to be involved with a lot of blood. Who/what has influenced your drawing style?
I grew up reading a lot of the notorious E.C. comics of the 50’s, titles like “Vault of Horror”, “Haunt of Fear” and “Tales From The Crypt”. Really grisly for their time, they featured things like walking, vengeful corpses and axe-wielding maniacs. They were a huge influence on my interests and on going / never-ending love of monsters. More recently, I love illustrators like Travis Pitts, Ryan Heshka, Basil Gogos, and Gary Pullin. I’ve always been a gigantic horror movie nerd, horror movies of all types. Over time my interest has expanded to include a large variety of genres, but I’ll never stop loving horror movies and culture. I draw what I like and just kind of hope people like it as much as I do.


Well, you have a fan right here. I just love the creepiness of your works! I also realize some of your works are related to some famous figures. Do you do a lot of research when you need to draw? If so, where do you usually find your inspiration?
It all depends on what I’m going to be drawing. If it’s something I’m more familiar with, like “The Villain Show”, which was all movie monsters, I know those characters off by heart and grew up watching their horror movies. In that case, I just needed some reference photos to make everything exact. If it’s something I’ve just got an idea for, but am not that well acquainted with, a little more extensive research is usually required to fully flesh out my idea and make sure I get the little details right.


So other than monsters, do you like to draw other things?
Left to my own devices, it’s usually some kind of mutant creep or living corpse that ends up being drawn, just because that’s the kind of stuff I think is cool, but I try and mix it up and keep it interesting while still fulfilling the kind of things that interest me.


I have a feeling you will be drawing zombies and mummies next. If you have to choose one of your works that can best represent yourself, which one will you choose and why?
I don’t really believe that any one of my pieces represents me, I haven’t done much personal work recently, it’s all been for themed shows and school. But of course everything an artist does represents the artist in some way or another.


As of this moment, are you working on anything new recently? If so, what is it?
I’m part of a show taking place at the Steamwhistle Gallery themed around “Space and Time” that is going to be great, lots of amazing illustrators will get showcased that maybe haven’t been yet. That show is going to be in October. In August, I’m in a sequel of sorts to “The Villain Show” that happened this past November, and I’m trying to put together a show in the coming months called “Imaginary Friends”. In July I’m going on a trip to Paris where I’ll be focusing on improving my drawing skills.

Deadly Spawn

Seems like the rest of the 2010 is going to be very busy for you. If you could create a monster for an animation/cartoon, which show will you want to work on and what kind of monster will you want to create?
Well, if I was creating for an existing animated show, it’d have to be The Venture Bros. It’s the best animated show on television. Either that, or that new show “Ugly Americans”. I’d probably create some sort of TOHO-esque giant monster for the Brock and the Venture Bros. to fight. But they would never need someone like me, they know what they are doing.

I am sure by now you have seen his works and you may have goose bumps already. Well, now, let's get to know him on a more personal level (it won't scare you, trust me).

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Earlier in my life I’d probably have said “Star Wars”, but we all know how the prequels turned out, and with the newer “Star Trek” being released, it really made me appreciate how awesome the “Star Trek” universe is. I went and saw “Star Trek: Wrath of Khan”, and that one is just great. So, “Star Trek” wins.

Zombie or Vampire?
Zombies. I’ve always felt that zombies were the scariest, and the modern movie monsters that had the most going on under the surface. Zombies represent our collective fear of death and the loss of individuality, our fear that those that are close to us will turn against us and become something horrible. Plus, they’re totally fun to draw. Don’t feel like drawing that arm? That’s okay, it fell off!

Coke or 7Up?

Red or Black?
Red, without a doubt.

PS3 or Wii?
Xbox! How else would I play “Left 4 Dead” and “Dead Rising”?


Naruto or DragonBall?
Not really a fan of anime, but of the little I’ve seen, I love stuff like “Gantz”, “FLCL” and “Trigun”. Those should be as popular as stuff like “Naruto” and “Dragonball”.

Big Foot or Yeti?
Neither. I like the Floridian version know as the “Skunk Ape”, due to it’s tremendous odour. It’s just fun to say.

Heaven or Hell?
Hell would be much more interesting to render from afar, but if they existed, I’d most likely wish I’d end up in Heaven.

Batman or Joker?
Batman is only really interesting due to having villains as amazing as the Joker to bounce off of. So, the Joker. Totally.

Greek or Chinese Mythology?
Of the two, I’d say Chinese mythology, no doubt. But my favourite is Hindu mythology. Kali and Ganesh are such visually interesting characters, not to mention the many, many others.

Thank you so much to Trevor for this wonderful interview. I am sure some of you may be having goose bumps still on the other hand, his style is truly one of a kind. I wish Trevor all the best in the future and hopefully you will see more works from him on this blog in the future (yeah, I want you to have goose bumps feeling once awhile). All art works are courtesy of Trevor Hednerson. If you want to see more of his works. you can go to his official site

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