Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fusi[on]ights | The Face: Juan Betancourt

à: If you are a regular reader of FASHIONIGHTS, you should notice the team has been talking about the promotion campaigns a lot lately. Even though we do talk about them as well, we never really dig deep and learn about some fresh faces. As part of the Fusi[on]ights series, you and I will be learning some new names from Julio Reyes Cocka. He will also explain why these models have made it to his must watch list. Now, let's start with this model below...

To celebrate the union between FASHIONIGHTS X à la mode & the marriage between two different but equally creative power houses, (yes I know the modesty exudes me), I'll be guest blogging for the month of March. I was given the free reign to pretty much have the choice of anything I wanted, but remembering that LGFW is quickly approaching one is sure to focus on that. In the mean time, my team over at FASHIONIGHTS have been working on some new projects of our own and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get it out there to a different readership.

Our focus: to feature up-and-coming models that you need to know now before you see them all over the runways, editorials, catalogues and campaigns around the world. (à: My specialty is to talk about some up and coming brands and now you are making this site more complete by introducing some new comers in the model industry. This is going to be a fun segment!)

My first pick from the pool of boundless Godly creatures is Juan Betancourt. This Cuban specimen is at the tender age of 19 and at his prime to emerge onto the scene. With deadly pronounced facial features, an acceptable physique and gorgeous locks, this fresh face is going to create quite the commotion! Lets tone him up a touch, tame the hair and shape the unruly eyebrows and we got ourselves a winner! (à: Juan looks a bit like Jon Kortajarena but I have to admit his facial features are very "camera friendly". I would expect to see him on a Tom Ford or Gucci ad in the future.)

What do you think? Think this fellow Latino has got what it takes to rival the big boys?

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  1. You were allright! Tom Ford count with him!!


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