Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk the Walk: Belinda Visag F/W 2011 Collection

I have been a fan of Belinda Visag's collection since last time she showed at |FAT| so I had high expectation on this year's runway show. Fortunately, it did not disappoint me at all!

Once again, Belinda is brining us to her dreamy land with this F/W collection. The collection is dark yet there are so many nice elements such as pearls, crystals, chains to make the pieces to be fun to wear. To me, when I look at the collection, I think of a twisted version of Little Red Riding and the pieces are highly wearable. Also, you just cannot miss out the amazing head pieces that are hand crafted by Belinda herself!

- The use of pearls, chains and crystals are amazing. These embellishments give a very cute and chic look to the pieces.
- Love the big buttons on the pants.
- Most of the pieces are very wearable, yet there is this cute and dreamy touch to them.
- The color palette is amazing!

- I have a feeling the collection will not fit the weather here.

Eye Candies: 
- Red tweed cape
- Princes sleeves knitwear with beads
- Skirt wit the 3D roses pattern

Courtesy of |FAT|

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