Friday, June 24, 2011

Graphicology: Wendy Ding's Fashion Journal Day 10

It's the end! This is the final image of Wendy Ding's fashion journal and we hope she will continue this series so that we can be amazed by her creativity! We really hope you enjoy all the images in this project and if we see any new works from her in the future, you can count on us that we will be talking about it on this site! You can also take a look at Wendy Ding's official website to see more of her works!

Now, here comes the final image...

When you were illustration this outfit, which fashion house were you thinking at that moment?
Marc Jacobs

Which celebrity do you think will fit well in this outfit?
Heidi Klum, Janelle Monae

Tidbit: A play on taught (bodice) vs baggy (pants) with model Noémie Lenoir as muse. I seem to have a thing for floppy sun hats lately, must be because summer is here. Flatform sandals took me awhile to wrap my head around, but when paired with something elegant it makes for an eclectic playful look.

Click here for more information about this illustration.

Courtesy of Wendy Ding

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