Thursday, October 13, 2011

[Un]Discovers: Kris Sorbie

Last week, I have introduced you to the world of hairstyling as this will be the theme of this month and I hope you enjoy my feature on Jake Thompson. This week, I am lucky to have Kris Sorbie, the winner of Master Hairstylist in North America Hairstyling Awards.

1. What brought you to hairstyling in the beginning? And why?  

At the age of seven, I would go to the salon with my mother, she had a cut and perm every few months, I was fascinated by the process, the tools, the environment and, the smell, from then I was hooked and I knew that one day I would be doing hair, just like Vidal Sassoon who was just getting known. By the age of eleven I thought I knew all I needed to know and persuaded friends at school to let me cut their hair … and they did!

2. Knowing that you are expert in long hair styling, what is the difference in treating long hair and short hair in styling?  

When we style short hair we focus on shape, texture and how to achieve the 'look,' we choose the relevant styling products, tools and dry it into shape, it's fast and less involved than styling long hair.Up styles require planning, we consider hair length, texture and abundance, the desired end result sometimes needs hairpieces or pads to create the look. Certain methods of setting the texture require a lot of time,a foundation needs to be created. A foundation can be a French Pleat, a roll or a ponytail, each of these require a directional blow dry to organize the roots into the direction we want them to go, we need stronger holding products and a system to achieve the final look. Once the foundation is in place we form the shape, the balance and what suits the face shape, finally it's secured into place. In some cases this will take a few hours! 

3. Congratulations on winning the Master Stylist in NAHA, what is the inspiration behind that?

Thank you, my inspiration is powerful, strong women capable of so much at the same time while being able to maintain an air of beauty, femininity and grace.

4. As you were the lead hairstylist for a lot of fashion shows and events, what was your favourite event to be in as the lead hairstylist? And why is it so challenging? 

K: It was the Gottex swimwear show, the designer is notorious for wanting a clean, tight to the head, bald look on every model. We gelled the hair flat to the head, pulled it back into a ponytail in the nape and formed a flat 'figure of 8' shape, no problem on long hair, the challenge came when we had models with short hair … we had to sculpt the look to create an illusion of the shape ... I love challenges like that!

5. Can you give us some tips on our daily hairstyling?

Yes... Listen to and take the advice of your stylist. They know the products that give and maintain the results their clients want. There's no substitute for education.

Thanks Kris for spending some time on our feature. Hope to see more of your hairstyles in the future!

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