Friday, November 18, 2011

Trendology: ADO LES SCENTS S/S 2012

I am excited to see the new S/S 2012 collection from ADO LES SCENTS!

This collection is called Wannabe high and it is inspired by the highschool preppy looks. This brand is always about minimalism so the main focus of this collection is once again about the cutting. The cut is fantastic and I cannot take my eyes off those detailing on the pieces. Everything looks so polish and modern and the splash of shocking pink injects new energy to the collection. After seeing the look book photos, I believe the ADO LES SCENTS boy is going to have a breezing summer next year!

Seriously, this brand needs to come to Toronto...

Courtesy of ADO LES SCENTS
Photo : Lars Janssen
Model Arthur van Andel

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