Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Icon: 15 Minutes of Fame

The wait is finally over! After 6 amazing individual features, we can now show you the documentary we did back in November. This short video is about how these 6 individuals think of the Toronto fashion industry right now. It is very refreshing to listen to their opinions about the industry and we hope this little video will let other people to explore this topic in a more detail prospective.

Thanks to all 6 bloggers and illustrators who took part in this project and a special thanks to Bryanna Nicole Brown for helping us to edit the video.

These are the questions we have asked the bloggers.
1. What do you think of the fashion blogging culture here? Do you think it is growing healthily?
2. Do you think the industry here has isolated itself from the international scene?
3. Which emerging fashion designers do you think should be recognized by the public? Why?
4. Do you think the Canadian fashion scene is neglecting the emerging fashion illustration and fashion photography sector?

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