Thursday, December 8, 2011

Icon: Septembre Anderson

Septembre Anderson, the brainchild behind behind J'adore fashion blog, is one of our genuine friends when we first started this blog. We are very honoured to have her to be part of this project this year and now, let's take a look at this interview we have with with her.

Do you consider 2011a successful year for your blog? Compare to 1 year ago, do you think your blog has evolved and captured a specific audience?
2011 has been an interesting year of ups, downs and growth for me and I’ve fallen in and out of love with my blog more times than I can count. While my numbers have remained steady I’ve begun to receive information, press releases, invites and contest opportunities from larger, more prominent companies and brands that have helped me improve the content of my blog.

Out of all the things you have done this year, what was your biggest achievement?
I think my biggest achievement this year was to continue blogging for myself. Professional writing and blogging gigs, laptop mishaps and general ennui have interrupted the flow of my personal blogging but as the end of the year approaches I’m feeling more confident and hopeful. Collaborations with various brands have also been high points as they represent my growth as a blogger and journalist.

Other than your own blog, which Canadian fashion/arts blogs do you visit regularly? Why do you put them on your must read list?
I’ve got a few Canadian blogs on my must-read roster including Toronto Street Fashion, Toronto is Fashion and Eurotrash Girls. The blogs of major fashion magazines offer me all the fashion news and mainstream viewpoints that I need so I turn to these blogs for a unique, alternative insider-yet-outsider perspective on all things fashion. Also, I’m an avid participant and supporter of the monthly Fashion Unfold debates that are put on by Noëlly Sam. A must-participate for fashion professionals.

What kind of expectation do you have for your blog in 2012? Do you think you will be adding some new elements to it?
I’ve got a few blogging New Year’s resolutions that I’d like to put into action this year. I’d like to blog more about the various people of colour in the Canadian and international fashion industries. Recently, diversity has come to mean older or plus size models and racial diversity has been swept under the rug. I’d like to shine a light on all of the talented models, photographers, designers, stylists, makeup artists, journalists and other fashion professionals who are putting their heart and souls into this industry. I’d also like to setup and adhere to an editorial calendar, further expand into covering beauty as well as lifestyle topics, hold more contests and giveaways and continue to engage and network with the Canadian and international fashion industries.

Courtesy of Mark Sommerfeld

I know there are a lot of people looking for ways to break into the Canadian fashion and arts scene, what are some of your advices you can give to them?
My only advice is to be positive, tenacious and do it for love. Any fashion scene is difficult to break into and the relative smallness of the Toronto/Canadian fashion scene makes it all that more difficult to stake a place in the crowd. The heartbreaks are all the more easier to bear if you cannot possibly see yourself doing or pursuing anything else in life.

If you had a chance to collaborate with a fashion brand for your blog next year, which brand would you want to work with? What kind of projects would you want to do?
That is such a difficult question to answer because there are so many talented and gifted designers, illustrators, photographers and other fashion people in Canada and throughout the world that I’d love to work with but if I had to choose one brand I’d choose Naomi Campbell, Kanye West and Noëlly Sam of Miss-Sly (and, yes, I consider them brands). I admire their strong personalities and their refusal to allow the negativity thrown their way to faze them or keep them from chasing and achieving their dreams and aspirations. #KanyeforDior

I’d love to do interviews and photoshoots with Kanye and Naomi in which they are open and honest about their thoughts, feelings and opinions about fashion, music and everything in between.

I would love to collaborate with Noëlly on a Fashion Unfold conference style debate where we can discuss all of the taboo fashion topics that don’t seem to make it into major fashion publications.

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  1. I've been a follower of J'Adore for several years, on and off. Septembre always seems to amaze me with her images and perspective on yesterday, today, and tomorrows fashion. eat your heart out Vogue, Septembre is coming............


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