Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trendology: Sully Wong SWJ Heavyweight Sneaker

Sneakers by Canadian designers? Why not? It's cool!

Sully Wong is a Canadian sneaker brand  created by George Sully and Henry Wong. SW J Heavyweight is the latest limited edition collection from the brand and it is inspired by champion boxer, Jack Johnson. The special element about this pair of sneakers is it is made of vegan leather so it is eco-friendly. The sneaker comes in 8 different colourways: Bad Man Blue, Rampage Red, Welter White, Cassius Cream, Glory Grey, Downtown Brown, Champ Black and my favourite Mean Tangerine.

This collection are selling at GotStyle, Community 54, Proper Reserve, Bait Shop and UB. Now, please consider to make size 7 in the future so I can own a pair, pretty please?

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