Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time[less]: Hendrik Lorentz Wrist Watch by Pellikaan Timing

Gentlemen, it is time to invest in a good wrist watch. Even with today's smart phones glued to our palms flashing all kinds of information ranging from the current time and weather to the state of our stocks, a good wrist watch is a fashion accessory must have. The watch a man places on his wrist speaks volumes about who he is and what he is about. Pellikaan Timing believes a wrist watch should not only look great and make a statement, but function with incredible precision and grace.

Their new model is named after one of Holland's greatest theoretical physicists, Henrik Lorentz, who is also known as the scientific father of Albert Einstein. Lorentz's "local time" formula, (Lorentz transformations) is emulated in the scales of the dial, which are separate for each hand. The face of the watch is a crisp pearled silver, while the hands are a stark matte black. This colour combination is reminiscent of that used on scientific instruments of days gone by and is known to increase the visual accuracy. The end result is a strikingly clean, timeless and remarkable design.

Flip this elegant timepiece over and you will discover an exquisite crystal clear saphire window for easy viewing of the automatic Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement. Just try to fight the urge to take it off and show this feature to everyone who compliments you on your watch!  Bottom line, you need a watch that can transition from business to pleasure, from day to night and all the while exude reserved majestic confidence with a timeless design. I believe the Henrik Lorentz with a versatile black leather alligator strap is the one. Check out Pellikaan Timing to see other styles and to learn more about this fascinating company founded in 2009 by former pharmacist Hubert Pellikaan.


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  4. Beware of buying a watch on Authenticwatches.com. They sell grey goods, the watchmakers warranty is void and the watchmaker can not assure you when buying from them that the watch is new or genuine. The website Authenticwatches.com while pretending to be owbn by Authenticwatches.com, Inc is actually owned by Tranik Enterprises, Inc. In 2005 They specifically filed to change their legal name from Authenticwatches.com, Inc to Tranik Enterprises, Inc.

    Here is a question you need to ask yourself: What valid reason could a business have for changing their legal name to something entirely different and then continue to use their old business name, and not list their legal name anywhere on the website, documents, or anywhere, anyone can find it.

    Before buying checkout and read the complaints on the better business bureau:


    Read about the guy who thought he was buying a new Rolex watch but it came missing all stickers and AW refused to take it back.

    Here is AW’s response “Client claims to have received timepiece in a condition other than what was advertised. At no point in time was the timepiece advertised as "new" nor "brand new". At no point in time was the timepiece advertised to come with factory stickers.”

    There are many more horror stories on the BBB and other site. Just spend a few minutes searching before you buy. Buyer beware!


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