Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Picture Perfect: Safari Explorer

Once awhile, I do like the idea of "let's dress up and do a cool shoot".

I have added 2 Valentino items in my collection recently and had the idea of doing a cool shoot with them. Yesterday afternoon, Alex, Justine and I discovered a new shooting location and I decided to dress up as a modern safari explorer. There were no lions or tigers, but instead, a lot of pillars and concererte builings in front of my eyes.

To pair my Two Tone tie and the Camouflauge Rockstud sneakers, I decided to wear my Vintage Miu Miu (yes, Miu Miu did make menswear!) jacket to finish my explorer look. I like this combination a lot because it shows both my fun and serious side.

Keep an eye on Alex's website as I have also done a shoot for him in some Fendi gears! I am lucky the Fendi Monster did not eat me up.

(Update: The editorial is up and you can view it here!)

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