Friday, March 26, 2010

Trendology: Gotstyle with Ted Baker and more!

For those of you who have been following Gotstyle blog must know that the blog is broken down sometime ago. Today, they have finally relaunched the blog so now you do not have to panic anymore.

Approximately 2 week ago, I am honored to be invited by Reggie to go to the store and see the latest collection from Ted Baker. I am also lucky that I have Adam with me that day so I can do a photo shoot right on the spot. I am definitely attracted to some of the shirts from the Ted Baker collection especially the colorful plaid pattern shirt (remember, I am a plaid pattern fan). Also, the details in these shirts are so amazing that I recommend all the guys whom are going to buy them to make sure to show your inner sleeves because there are some nice patterns there.

Speaking of Ted Baker, I also have my eyes on the gradient green to white polo shirt. I think it looks amazing on Adam and the color is very refreshing! If you are a blazer guy, I am sure you will want to get the cotton blazer because it looks unique and greyish cotton blazer is always hard to find.

Before I am going to talk more about other brand, let me just show you the Ted Baker collection first.

Shirt: Ted Baker 
 Jeans: Mek

Polo Shirt: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Mek

Shirt: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Apolis Activism

Shirt: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Apolis Activism

Shirt and Blazer: Ted Baker 
Jeans: Mek

After we have tried on the Ted Baker collection, Reggie has given me a very good suggestion: he wants Adam to try on a Tombolini suit. I have to say that suit makes Adam looks very sharp and classy. We decide to take this photo in the salon area and this photo just reminds me of the people in Mad Man.

Suit: Tombolini
Shirt: Gotstyle private label
Tie: Altea
Shoes: Vero Luca

After this, by the time we are planning to wrap this up, we are all staring at the dead deer head and the Gotstyle team just have the idea of making Adam into the Tom Sawyer character. I cannot believe a deer horn knife does exist in the world! I have to say, I love this image a lot. (The clothes and the model just make the photo looks flawless, oh, and the deer head too!)

Shirt: Alternative Apparel
Jeans: Mek
Hat: Hanna Hats
Knife: 18 Waits

After this final look, the shoot is over and we are so happy with the photos. To the Gotstyle team, thank you so much for letting me come over to the store and do some shoots for the new collections! Without the help from you guys, I don't think Adam and I will create a great shoot!

If you want to buy any clothes that are mentioned in this entry, hurry up and head to Gotstyle as soon as possible. The address for the shop is 489 King Street West. Trust me, these products will be gone in no time, so you better take action now! Also, make sure you check their blog! It's back on!

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