Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trendology: Belinda Visag for FAT

Last day of FAT is certainly showing some collections that appropriate for the theme of the day, Joy.  There are quite a few collections that gave me joy, Belinda Visag is one of them.  This sweet girl is more than romantic with her design inspiration.  Her collection, In The Dark, is inspired and named after a song which about flowers, therefore, floral appliques play a huge rule in this collection.  Although there are a lot of blacks, yet the mood of the collection is rather colourful and joyful. The cuts are very feminine and wearable; with the various textures and materials she used, it makes the collection very unique and pleased to look at.

We are honoured to have a chance to talk to Belinda after the show, and had a close look at her designs.  All floral appliques and patterns were hand-maded and painted by Belinda, fabrics are also sent from other parts of the world.  The tweed cape and tulle skirt is definitely my favourite; I'm looking forward to have her collection selling here in Toronto soon!

Photo Courtesy: Marcus Kan

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