Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trendology: Fiore for FAT

Looking at the collection by Fiore, I saw words like Glamourous and Elegant walking down the runway,  the dresses totally spoke for itself.  It couldn't be more evident that the collection is inspired by nature. There was no complicated prints or experimental materials to bring the message across, yet, the designers used the simplest way and minimal colours to put the collection together.

There were no more than 3 colours in this collection, most (or all) the dresses were in the same colour, but all of them looked different, at the same time equally breathe taking.  Floral appliques, feathers and tulle were probably the most common things that designers used in a nature-inspired collection, but the designers were creative enough to use them in a simplest but the most effect from them.  Layers of tulle to signify an image of autumn leaves, custom floral applique for different dresses, different kinds of feathers as a side decoration but enriched the mood.  One of the gowns, with feather and thick layer of tulles looking like a golden swan, was one of my favourites.

Photo Courtesy: Marcus Kan

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