Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[Un]Discovers: Tobias Williams

This wave of illusion has really caught my attention when I see his works in one of his shows. Tobias Williams is an artist that uses different mediums to create some very interesting works and I consider them as the new form of pop arts. Today, I am lucky enough to have him to answer some of my questions.


Hi Tobias, thanks for taking time to answer my questions. I find that your works are very pop art-ish. who or what has influenced you to have this kind of art style?
Well i suppose i arrived at my current aesthetic in a sort of round about way, while in university i was really entranced by the Superflat movement in japan with artists like Takashi Murakami. I liked how they took bits of popular imagery and abstracted it to vibrant art pieces. I wanted to create work similar to that but that referenced my own experience of living in north America, so i found inspiration in little every day design elements. Also i wanted to create work that was a counterpoint to some of the more clinical and austere work that i was seeing in art school.

Body Snatcher

I can definitely see from your works that you are influenced by things you see every day. So what kind of medium do you like to use to create your art works?
Light boxes, plexiglass, screen prints, wall paper, coloured paper I like to work with media that are bright and eye catching.

Chip with Wallpaper

Eye catchy, that's the reaction I have when I look at your works! Out of all your works, which one is your favorite and why?
Probably "charms" because I worked really hard on it. I went through a half a dozen variations of the design before i reached one i liked. Its really rewarding when you put a lot of work into a piece and it comes out better for it, you always run the risk of overworking things.


I have seen that piece too in the exhibit and I love it. If you could display your works anywhere you want in the world, where would you want them to be permanently?
If i could put my work up anywhere it would probably be on the sides of buildings. I love how contextual street art can be, I would participate in it if not for my incurable fear of law enforcement officers.


That will be cool and I am looking forward to see your works on the sides of buildings in the future. What kind of new artwork are you working on right now? What is it about?
Currently I'm working on a body of work for my scholarship show at Open Studio. Right now it looks like its going to be about wallpaper and eating a balanced breakfast.

For You

Good luck with that and I am sure it is going to be as amazing as your previous works. If you were required to use your artistic skill to create a celebrity portrait, who would that be and why?
I think id probably do a portrait of Oscar Wilde, the aestheticist movement of which he was a central figure is really important to my work.

Contest Winner
Now let's get to know Tobias on a more personal level.
Andy Warhol or Man Ray?
Andy Warhol.

Britney Spears or Madonna?
This one is tough, maybe Britney because of that time she went nuts and shaved off all her hair?

Lucky Charms or Cheerios?
Lucky charms of course! its not breakfast without neon coloured marshmallows.

Neon Yellow or Shocking Pink?
Shocking pink.

Plastic or Metal?


Mac or PC?
Pc, I love the design of macs but i like that windows always gives you enough rope to hang yourself with.

Twilight or Harry Potter?
Well i havent really seen either but im going to say Harry potter, because i love beardy wizards.

Superman or Captain America?
Captain America, because i love the fact that he has little wings on the side of his head.

Beer or Red Wine?
Red wine.

Techno Music or Hard Metal?

Once again, thanks so much to Tobias Williams for taking his valuable time to answer my questions. I am looking forward to see what he has in store for the audience in the future. All works that are showcased in this post are courtesy of Tobias Williams.

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