Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trendology: Camper Toðer: Kremer

If you have ever owned a pair of Camper, you will know how comfortable and nice they are and I am sure the following collaboration will catch your eyes.

Every season Camper collaborates with different fashion designers to create the project Camper To&ether. One of the designers the brand has found for this project Romain Kremer. This pair of black leather shoes may look normal to your when first look at it, but if take a closer look at the back, that is where the magic happens. The heel of the shoe is covered with red plastic to make it looks futuristic. I know this pair of shoes is going to be very comfortable and with the addition of the red plastic, it just injects the edginess to the shoes.

If you want to purchase it, you can click here.

Courtesy of Camper

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