Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Un]Discovers: Madame Peripetie

I start to believe in the love at first sight theory as this [Un]Discovers section continues to grow. Madame Peripetie has memorized me with her stunning photos when I first visited her site. Her photos are artistic and dramatic. Because of how much I admire her talent, I have decided to dedicate this editoion of [Un]Discovers to her! Get ready to see some amazing photos and read my interview with her!

Update: I have done another interview with Madame Peripetie on Swide with a new set of questions, check it out here!

Hi Madame Peripetie, I am so excited that you agree to let me feature you on this blog! I know you have a master degree in Linguistics, what made you want to change career path to become a photographer?
Well, I always wanted to work visually - my BA was all about Norwegian theater and theory of drama - it just happened to develop this way. Photoghraphy changed my life completely as I started working with visual "surface" - not only 2D but also 3D - sculpture, costumes and interaction between body and space. I found it very challenging combining the syntactic and semiotic elements of the language with visual ones and include theatre components as light and stage into my work. Now I'm focusing more on the dramatic composition and the its key concepts such as anagnorisis and catharsis mainly because i'm moving more to video and film.

I am loving your dramatic composition, this is one of the elements that have attracted me to see your works! What are your inspirations? Do you take a lot of sci-fi ideas as reference since I see the futuristic vibe in your works?
My inspirations build an artistic magpie – they come mainly from surrealism and dada - their unexpected and unusual juxtapositions and non sequitur, from childhood memories and dreams inaccessible to waking life, but also from newspapers, pop-culture, new wave / post-punk music and SF literature of the 60s. Yes I used to be a real nerd when it comes to Sci-Fi, reading a lot of Cyberpunk, post industrial dystopias, social science fiction and going to conventions. Gibson, Herbert, Asimov, Lem, Philip K.Dick etc. But I also love fantasy - everything is better that reality! I just adore post-punk and new wave when it comes to music.

Now I get it, your inspiration is a mix of surrealism and Sci-Fi. I think this is a very interesting mix! When I look at your photos, my mind somehow will associate your images with Lady Gaga. Do you find her inspiring?
Every time somebody says it I am wondering what was BEFORE Lady Gaga. As I started there was no Lady Gaga - i think she became a sort of an umbrella word for something unusual and quirky which I don't really understand as there are so many inspirations out there! As I said from the previous answer, my inspirations come form theater (Robert Wilson), surrealism, dada, expressionism, cinema (i love underground korean and japanese films), music (post punk scene, glam trash, experimental) and pop culture in general.

I really want to go into your world and feel the mysteriousness! So, out of all the projects you have done till now, which one is your favorite? Why?
Well I love the editorial I shot for neo2 – the sun is often out – as it was so theatrical and i was working with big props. But i also like my ongoing project Pughatory as it combines photography, sculpture and human body as an experiment – the mixture i like most.

My favorite will be the on-going Pughatory project, it is simply very surreal! Other than being a photographer, I know you are a stylist for a lot of your shoots as well. Do you find it difficult to have these 2 jobs at the same time in the shoot? Do you encourage photographers to have styling knowledge and if so, why?
Well i still do a lot of styling – I just havent found a person who really understands my style yet . It is difficult at times but it gives you more control over your final image. It is important to know at least a little bit about it as it influences your aesthetics a lot.

I agree if you have the styling knowledge, you will have more control on the final images! Finally, if you could do a promotion campaign for a fashion house in the future, which one would you choose? What kind of shoot would you want to do?
Walter van Beirendonk, Bernhard Willhelm and Gareth Pugh. Love their campaigns and visual thinking.

So now you have more knowledge about Madame Peripetie as a photographer, it's about time to know her on a more personal level.

Orange or Green? 

Water or Fire?

Madonna or Lady Gaga? 

Saturated or Desaturated Photos?

Amsterdam or Paris? 

Summer or Winter?

Coffee or Coca Cola? 
Coffee with flavour

Abstract or Landscape Arts?

Apples or Oranges?

High heels or Flats?
Something in between? But more high heels

Thank you so much to Madame Peripetie for giving so much insight to me in this feature. I hope you enjoy this entry as much as I do! Madame Peripetie, you have to keep me posted on your up and coming projects! if you want to see more of Madame Peripetie works, please visit the official website! All photos are courtesy of Madame Peripetie.

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