Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Icon: I Scream Awards - Toronto Is Fashion

Our 1st I Scream Awards interviews are finally here! For the next few days, you will get to know what these 6 winners think about their contributions to the fashion industry this year and also the future plans they have in mind in 2011. First up, we have Marc and Richard, the founders of Toronto Is Fashion, a great blog about events and things in the Toronto fashion scene.

Photographer: Marcus Kan
Stylist: Colton Rice
Clothing: 69 vantage, The Refinery, C'est Moi

What was the most memorable thing you had done this year with your blog? Why?
This year has been such a whirlwind for us with the blog. As it has expanded and reached a greater audience we have had the chance to fulfill a lot of our goals and aspirations. Getting to meet great fashion icons like Jeanne Beker and Robin Kay, as well as getting the chance to hang out with rising Canadian designers and talent are some moments that are at the top of our list.


How do you view the fashion scene in Toronto right now?
Toronto fashion, like much of Canada, may not be as fashion forward as, say, Europe, but we are growing everyday. With great designers and stylists, bloggers and great outlets like LG Fashion Week, all the wheels are in motion. To get Toronto's fashion scene credited on a world platform will take a lot of hard work and dedication from all aspects of the industry.


What are you aiming to achieve with your blog in 2011?
Hopefully, with Toronto Is Fashion in 2011, we are still able to offer our readers and insiders look to fashion events throughout the city and an awareness of the work from Canadian designers. In the new year, we plan to offer our readers more styling and wardrobe content, as well as more interactive media materials.

Tomorrow we are going to have our interview with Mike Lewis, stay tune! 

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