Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walk the Walk: Gucci F/W 2011 Collection

"Out with the tribal influence, in with the 70s vibe", this is what you will feel when you look at the F/W collection. Frida continues to amaze me with this wonderful collection and I am so happy to see the vibrant color palette continues to blossom in this season. Even though a lot of luxurious materials are used in this collection, many of the pieces are highly wearable and they look chic and trendy. This is definitely a show to remember and I can't wait to see those pieces on editorial in the near future! Bravo Frida!

- I am loving the color palette of this collection, it is very Gucci and vibrant.
- Many of the luxurious materials are used in this collection include mohair, python, fur and mink.
- The 70s retro vibe is great, especially there is modern twist to it.
- I can't get enough of the organza rose pedal series and those roses are all hand painted.

- A few piece are just slightly outdated for my taste.

Eye Candies:
- Jade green python skirt
- The organza roe pedal series
- Yellow jacket with fur collar
- The black and white stripe sweater with fur collar.

Click here for the complete collection.

Courtesy of Style

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