Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashionist[On The Go]: The Post Halloween Spirit

I know, it's November already but somehow my mind is still stuck with the Halloween photos, thanks Heidi Klum!

Sometimes, I think Halloween should change to the Heidi Klum festival since every single year this top model will top herself to dress up as someone/something weird and creepy. This year, Heidi transforms herself into a dead muscle lady and an ape. Now, what is she doing to do next year? Maleficent perhaps? [Read Here]

No one can top her, really. (source: The Fashionist)

Well, if Heidi did not gross you out yet, then read this. Apparently, Lucy McCrae, a Netherlands based artist, is planning to create some swallowable perfume pills. My first reaction to this idea? Simply gross. [Read Here]

I will never try that in my life, EVER! (source: The Fashionist)

All right, all the post Halloween creepiness should be all captured in this entry and now I am gearing up for my holiday spirit! See you next week!


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