Monday, November 19, 2012

Ray of Inspirology: Neptune's Daughters

When illustration is applied on fashion photography, the images always become more interesting because of fantasy touch. This editorial from Schön! is one of them that has caught my attention.

The images are shot by Zena Holloway and the illustration is done by Vesna Pesic. The entire shoot is very dreamy and the illustration touch has made the model looks more like an alien from outer space. Unlike the aliens you have seen in many of the sci-fi movies, this alien is very fashion forward, beautiful and playful.

Again, I would love to see more fashion magazines take this editorial approach as this is the way to develop more creative ideas.

Photography: Zena Holloway
Illustration: Vesna Pesic (BECHA)
Styling: Angie Smith
Retouch: Sinisa Savic
Make Up: Emma White Turle

Courtesy of Vesna Pesic (source: Behance)

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