Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Object of Desire: Dressing for Valentine's Day Date Night

OK gents, with the big day around the corner... Actually it is right in front of us at this point, it is time to talk key wardrobe elements for Valentine's Day date night.

Let’s keep it simple and classic this year. Whether you stay in and entertain your loved one at home or bring them out to the cineplex to take in an Oscar nominated flick, these no fuss, must have items will help you freshen up your style for the big night. Remember a little effort goes a long way. Read on to find our Valentine’s Day dressing suggestions and what wearing them will tell her. Oh and if she wants to know what to get you for a V-Day gift, just send her this post and tell her it’s a gift guide.

First up the sweater. That pesky groundhog seems to like the cold and has ordered up a wintry February, so make sure you have a warm one. Don’t worry, she can peel it off you later. Keeping with the colour scheme of Valentine’s Day we love these red toned sweaters from retailer Tristan.

Left -  “I’m taking you to your fav casual candle lit restaurant.”

Centre  - “Hey sexy, I want to kiss all night.” (insert mischievous smile.)

Right - “Hey hun, I’m ready for whatever you want to do. Tonight is all about you. Let me grab your coat.”

Bonus, they are ALL on sale. Hit them up in store or online here.

Next up are your shoes. It is a known fact that women check out a man’s shoes the same way a man checks out a woman’s… smile. Either of these pairs from Ecco will help you step out for the evening on the right foot.

Top – “I’m going to be your urban prince charming tonight and I look forward to eventually meeting your mother. When is she in town next?”

Bottom – “You, me, that pizza place around the corner we keep meaning to try and all your favourite toppings. Then back here to watch your favourite chick flick. PS, I brought you a cupcake.”

Don’t forget to add pops of colour and bring a little extra power. Express has the perfect accessories to finish off your look. From socks, to watches and even portable power cards. They have you set.

Socks – “What, you thought I was going to wear boring black socks? No way hun! I know what I'm doing here.”

Watch – “I’m going to be on time and I’m feeling a little funky. Hey scrap the movie, let's go skating at city hall and hit up the modern art exhibition at the gallery.”

Ultra Thin Power Card – “Damn, you look extra gorgeous tonight. Let’s take a thousand selfies. I want the world to know you’re all mine.”

Finally, we don’t know about you, but we do wear our sunglasses at night. OK well maybe not really. Grab a pair of these Leisure Society sunglasses from Josephson Opticians for Saturday morning when you run out to Starbucks to grab her frappa cappa mocha whatever before she wakes up. Just make sure you leave a cute note on the pillow so she knows where you have gone.

Top – “I’m feeling cool and confident and here comes my secret move.”

Middle – “I’m kinda bad ass. Well you let me pretend I am.”

Bottom – “Your killer sense of style is rubbing off on me.”

Happy Valentine’s Day gentlemen. Make Friday night special for her, because she makes every other day of the year special for you.

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