Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Object of Desire: Support Mirror In The Sky

Looking to support a worthy cause and a special fashion brand all at once? Mirror in the Sky is a luxury scarf brand dedicated to supporting the people who make its products. This support is accomplished in two ways.  First by ensuring fair wages and secondly by donating 10% of sales to a local organization in Nepal where the company's products are made and where recent earthquakes have occurred.  PHASE is a not-for-profit organization which aims to improve health, education and the livelihood of those living in remote areas of the Himalayan mountain villages. Their overall goal is to lay the groundwork for a self sufficient future for those they help.

Right now Mirror in the Sky is on Indiegogo raising money to launch their signature line of scarves which feature new and emerging artists, designers and photographers. Scarves have a cashmere content and are hand made. From secondary spinning and massaging of the yarn right down to the finest finishing details, this handmade aspect helps enhance the quality and uniqueness of these beautiful pieces of art.

Here is your opportunity to help. Visit Mirror in the Sky's Indiegogo page to learn more, share this blog post on social media and donate by clicking here. Thank-you perks are available for donations starting at 20EUR. You and your network will not only be helping Mirror in the Sky launch their signature line, but you will help them keep their employees earning fair wages to support their 100 families. Your support will also assist in growing the brand's sales, which will in turn increase the dollar value of the brand's donation of 10% of all sales going to PHASE.

Watch the video. Hear the full story. See the product on Indigogo by clicking here.

All Images Courtesy of Mirror in the Sky.

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