Thursday, December 30, 2010

[Un]Discovers: Top 10 Features Part 2

Last week you have seen 5 of my top 10 picks for this year's [Un]Discovers and today I am going to share my other 5 picks with you.

Ryan Rader

If you like Biology and abstract arts, I recommend Ryan Rader to you. Few months ago I saw his solo exhibition and his works totally blew my mind. Till this day, I am still wondering how he can come up with these abstract concepts! He is definitely a future star! Click here to read his [Un]Disocvers feature!

Edward Finney

Edward Finney is another great British fashion designer I have found on the net. I am amazed by his collections because the pieces are beautiful, elegant and edgy. Did I mention he once worked with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen? I am looking forward to see his F/W 2011 collection! This issue of [Un]Discovers is definitely a must read!

Alicia Calton

I discovered Alicia Calton while I was discovering my photography path and "love at first sight" is the phrase I use to describe my feeling when looking at her works. Her works are very romantic, and they always make my eyes happy. I wonder what she will have in store for me to see next year. Here is her [Un]Discovers feature!

Hard Graft

Hard Graft is a brand many of my friends have been talking about and I am truly honored to have the chance to feature this brand on the site. The quality of the bags is amazing and the design is classy and will never go out of trend. Now, I am saving money for the 3 Fold bag. Click here to read Hard Graft's [Un]Discovers issue.


Last but not least, Luv is one of my favorite illustrators in this year and it is such an honor to interview Luv! The character is fully of positive energy and it will make me smile whenever I see it. Luv is definitely someone I would love to collaborate with in the future! Click here to read Luv's [Un]Discovers feature!

This is a final wrap for this year's [Un]Discovers! I hope you enjoy reading some of the features and if you want to read more, you can check out the Features Vault (more goodies there!). My team and I area curious, what are some of your favorite features? Leave a comment and let us know.

If you want to be featured in 2011 [Un]Discovers series, send your works to and my team will review your works! Next week, we will have a brand new edition of [Un]Discovers! Stay tune!

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