Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashionist[On The Go]: The Emmy's Red Army!

Let's see, this week I have one news regarding the Emmy red carpet and one video about Sofia Vergara from the Fashoinist.

Just past this Sunday was the big Emmy event and of course everyone's focused was on the red carpet. While I did not see a lot of outstanding outfits, it was quite interesting to see the colour red was invading the red carpet. I actually thought Kate Winslet looked great in that Elie Saab gown. What's your thought? [Read Here]

Lea didn't look too bad too on the red carpet... (source: The Fashionist)

As you know, Modern Family basically stole the show that night and now Sofia Vergara is teaming up with Kmart to produce her capsule collection. Below is the promotion video for it and trust me, you will have a good laugh (and it reminds me of the Old Spice video too!). [Read Here]

Will you buy the collection? (source: The Fashionist)

See you next week for another edition of Fashionist [On The Go]!

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