Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Walk the Walk: Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2016 Menswear

Italo Zucchelli's Spring 2016 menswear Calvin Klein Collection titled Graphic Heatwave was showcased live this past Sunday right here on Fusion Of Effects. Myself and Marcus Kan took to twitter as we watched the show. While we have different personal styles, we somehow always find the Calvin Klein Collection a common meeting ground.

As always, Zucchelli's formal tailoring anchored the collection while his experimental tendencies with menswear created an interesting line filled with head turning details.

Colour wise the line featured soft creamy yellow, crisp white, 1970's stone wash, a grey/green we are dubbing "formal army" and of course what would a Calvin Klein Collection show be without some sexy black?

Take away design details include:

1) Palm tree prints inspired by LA artist Ed Ruscha appeared on t-shirts helping to bring a flashy beach vibe to a highly tailored collection.

2) Inspired by the idea of roundness, Zucchelli incorporated extra fabric details around the waist of dress pants for a minimalistic eye catching detail which can easily be worn everyday.

3) Velcro-ed pockets on select pieces can be repositioned to the wearer's desire. We would of course each buy different colours and then swap pockets... because we are like that...

4) Large pant cuffs are clearly making a come back with this collection, but we don't suggest throwing out all your plain hem pants just yet.

5) Stone washed denim look jacquard with 1970's vibe is perfect for cruising around town in your 1973 Camaro.

The must haves:
- Pants with the extra fabric detailing around the waist in any colour.-
- 1970's stone wash jacket.
- White tee with palm tree graphic.
- Any of the perfectly tailored suit jackets.
- Multi pocket bomber length casual jacket in creamy yellow.

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