Thursday, December 1, 2011

Game[On]: 12 Months of [Pop Up] Flavors - FINAL

It has been a joy ride for us this year to work with so many interesting people on this blog and to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, instead of hosting a party like last year, we have developed a special project - 15 Minutes of Fame.

This year, we have invited 6 Toronto based bloggers/fashion illustrators, whom are also our collaborators this year to be our special features of this month. The 6 bloggers are: Justine Iaboni (Whatever Eurotrash), Julio Reyes (Fashionights), Anne Cayer (FAT/ Life in the M lane),  Lisa Nishimura (Sketch & Pixel), Wendy Ding (Wendy Ding) and Septembre Anderson (J'adore). These 6 individuals are the new breed of bloggers s their point of views are unique and raw, plus they are willing to explore different areas to push the envelope of the industry. Starting on December 6, we will have an one on one interview with them based on this year's achievements of their blogs and here is the line up:

December 6: Wendy Ding
December 7: Justine Iaboni
December 8: Septembre Anderson
December 12: Anne Cayer
December 13: Lisa Nishimura
December 14: Julio Reyes

We are also very fortunate to have Mark Sommerfeld on board to help us to shoot some amazing street style photos of these 6 bloggers. Here is what he has to say about this project:

"Admittedly, when and how I take pictures is often steered by my clients. Sometimes I catch myself wishing this weren't the case but then I remember how boring it would be to shoot inanimate objects all day long. There are only so many ways to shoot an empty park bench. Inanimate might just be the last word in the English language I'd use to describe this beautifully motley crew. 
It's shoots like 15 Minutes of Fame that remind me how lucky I am. Fortunately, each one of these artists struggled to contain their humour and grace and if not the humour, their grace was contagious and working with them felt like shooting the breeze with old friends. Surely my sentiments give proof to the life and fervour they pour in to their work. It was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing 15 Minutes of Fame! 
Mark Sommerfeld
If you think we are going to end our year long project with just the interviews, then you are in for another surprise! We have teamed up with Bryanna Nicole Brown to shoot a short documentary called "15 Minutes Of Fame" (same name as the project) and these 6 bloggers will talk about how they think about the fashion industry in Toronto. We are very happy with the result because these individuals have represented the voice of the new generation of bloggers. This short documentary will be on our site on December 15, which is the day of our blog's 2nd anniversary. You can watch it here!

Below are some behind the scene photos during the shoot. Stay tuned for the features! (A special thanks to Thor Expresso Bar for letting us to do the documentary there)

Courtesy of Mark Sommerfeld


  1. Congratulations!!
    This is a Great initiative!
    Can't wait to see/hear what these fresh Fashion Talents have to say about Toronto.

    Again congrats Marcus and team, keep Canadian Fashion rising.


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