Monday, March 1, 2010

Game[On]: The O Factor

*We encourage you to come check back this post each day for any special update! This post will link all the posts related to this special project.*

Update on 24/3: We can now announce our last feature of the month! Yes, Breeyn McCarney has joined the star-studded line up and she will be the person to end our spectacular month! You will definitely see some exclusive photos from us! Stay tuned for 31 March!

Update on 19/3: This month is unstoppable! Right now we have 1 more line up for this special month! We have added Hard Graft for our line up of [Un]Discovers and keep reading this blog to see when this feature is going to be up! Also, we have seen Breeyn McCarney's fashion show and we love it! We have blogged it right the way and you can view it right here!

Update on 14/3: We have more news for you and we are so excited about it. First we have done a shoot at Gotstyle menswear store just past this Saturday and the photos are great! We are also going to be attending Breeyn McCarney's fashion show on this coming Thursday! We will have photos for the show as soon as possible! Stay tune!

Update on 8/3: We are happy to announce we have one more photographer for our feature line up. His name is Daniel Robb and he is scheduled to be featured tomorrow! Also, we have received the flyer for the exhibit we are co-hosting and it looks nice! It will be up by tonight on our blog!


March has finally arrived and if you have followed us on twitter or facebook, you may have already known that we are doing a lot of things in February to prepare for this month to come. Today, we are happy to announce this month will be "The O Factor" special project for  à la mode.

This month will be jam packed with interviews with different fashion designers/photographers, our latest photography project, and of course Toronto Fashion week at the end of March. Everything in this month will be about fashion, modeling and fashion photography and we think you should understand why we name this month as "The O Factor" month now (because all 3 words have the letter O in them).

For our [Un]Discovers section, we have the following line up:

- Patrick Stephan, a famous fashion designer in Japan.
- Markus Diebel, the jewelry designer for Manymals.
- Blank Label, a brand new dress shirt online concept store.
- Joseph Saraceno, a fashion photographer that has totally captured our hearts.
- Hard Graft, a great accessories company that we love.

On March 12 -18, we will be co-hosting a fashion photography exhibit with Sleeping Giant Gallery. The title of this exhibit is called "Fashin with an O". On March 4-8, we will feature 4 of the photographers that will be participating in the exhibit so you can get to know them beforehand. Here are the names:

- Waverly Wyld
- Edwin Cabrera
- Maxwell Lander
- Antonio Gomes
- Daniel Robb

*If you have missed the show and want to see photos from the opening night, you can click here.

Last but not least, starting from March 12 -18, each day we will be showcasing one of the people we have shot back in February (if you still remember the casting call). This project is called "Fashion Through Your Eyes". Thanks to 2B1 for giving us such a great location to shoot and we are all so happy with the results! These people are not from the modeling industry and we want to know how they view fashion. You will be surprised how they pull off the shoot and no, the above people are not the models that you will see during those days (The people above are just crew members and children of a particular model). What we can tell you right now is the names of the models and they are : 

We will also be covering the Toronto Fashion week but right now we cannot tell you which shows we will be attending. So, come back here often to check out which shows we will attend !

We know you are very excited right now so we are kicking off this special project month on March 3rd with the Patrick Stephan interview! Make sure you come check back this post everyday to see if there is any special updates! GAME ON!

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