Monday, December 6, 2010

Icon: I Scream Awards Preview

You have voted them to be the winners of our 1st I Scream Awards and now it is almost time for you to see the photo shoot we have done back in October and the interviews we have done with them!

We have to thank the crew (Kyle Kofsky, Markus Timothy, Janet Vu, Natasha Diak) from Everyone Is An Artist for helping us out with this shoot. Thanks for bringing us to Jordan or else we would not be able to find some great locations for shoot. Of course, huge props to Colton Rice for bringing in some amazing clothes for the shoot! We will be keeping an eye on your new collection in the future!

Starting this Tuesday, each day we will have an interview with each of the winner and the schedule is as followed:

December 7: Toronto is Fashion
December 8: Mike Lewis
December 9: Sidewalk Hustle
December 10: Angela Martin
December 13: Shop My Clothes
December 14: Breeyn McCarney

On December 15, we will have their group shots and here is a preview of the whole series!

For those of you cannot wait, you can check out the behind the scene photos here and here! Thanks Fashionights and Toronto is Fashion!

Let the fun begin tomorrow with Toronto is Fashion! 

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