Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Memories

It has been an amazing month for à la mode this time around as we have quite a number of exclusive entries!

For our [Un]Discovers department, we are honored to be able to interview these 5 talents: fashion designer Dimitris Petrou from Greece, illustration duo IC4DESIGN from Japan, innovative jewelry brand Chao & Eero from Finland, bear skirt designer Erika Mizuno and shoe designer Kobi Levi from Israel . We are very happy to be able to find these talents from all over the world!

You may know we are currently collaborating with 12 individuals/groups for this year and this month, we are working with the powerhouse blog FASHIONIGHTS. We have created a special section called Fusi[on]ights where you can see some model profiles and editorials we have never covered before. We would love to collaborate with FASHIONIGHTS in the future! We are hoping you will make it to the I Scream Awards this year!

Last but not least, our collaboration with Swide continues this month with some amazing line up. We are honored to be able to interview Katie Rodgers AKA PAPERFASHION once again for the online magazine. Also, we are very lucky to be able to interview 3 of our favorite photographers: Kirsty Mitchell, Elena Kalis and Aneta Kowalczyk. Also, John Woo is one of the illustrators who has been on our radar for quite awhile now and you cannot miss that interview on Swide. Keep an eye on this blog as we will be doing a more in depth features with some of these artists!

March is a fantastic month but hold your breath, because April is going to be a busy month for us as we are gearing for FAT week! Stay tuned!

Walk the Walk: LOVAS F/W 2011 Collection

Before I saw this runway show, I was lucky to have a chance to see many of the pieces in Montreal and I was amazed by the quality of the pieces. Therefore, it was a given that I had high hopes to see this runway show and no, it did not disappoint me at all.

The inspiration of this season was from Wesley Badanjak's mother Manda Badanjak and her twin sister Marija Vejin. The color palette consisted of navy, charcoal, silver, Bordeaux and crimson and there were also nice floral patterns. There was a retro vibe of this collection due to the flora prints but at the same time, because of Wesley's designs, there was also a modern element injected to many of the pieces.

In my opinion, I think the strongest pieces in this collection will have to be the jackets as I am loving the cutting and the detail on them! Overall, this is a very wonderful collection from Wesley and I truly believe he will be able to surprise me again with his S/S 2012 collection!

- The color palette is great and the prints are very eye catchy
- The use of fur on the coat is great and women will look elegant in it.
- The silhouette of the gowns is always great in Wesley's design.
- Once again, the coats are very strong in this collection.

- Not a big fan of the velvet. It does not really fit the collection well.

Eye Candies:
- Wool Mona coat
- Flora taffeta Pammy dress
- Knit wool Laurie jacket
- Cashmere Priscilla coat

[Un]Discovers: Kobi Levi Footwear Design

It's time for another feature about amazing shoes design.  If you can recall, we had mentioned about Kobi Levi's design previously here.  Today, we're lucky to have Kobi telling us about himself and his design.

1. First and foremost, can you please give a brief background of yourself?
I'm from Tel-Aviv, Israel. I've graduated from Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem, 2001. Since then I've collaborated with various shoe companies both locally and internationally, designing and developing footwear collections. I've always created my artistic shoe creations as well, it is my own art form, "art to wear".

2. What drew you to become a shoe designer?
I've always been fascinate with the shoe forms and shapes, and saw it as a sculpture for the foot. I wanted to create my own designs and show my point of view of footwear design. Design it not just as a product, even though these are completely real shoes and wearable, they are created as art.

3. We've looked at the interesting design of your shoes, where did your inspiration come from?
Inspiration can come from literally everywhere, as you saw in my designs. An image can simply come to mind and I start to explore it, or I can choose a theme that interest me and design with related images. I like to choose unconventional inspirations, or choose a more familiar image and design it in a completely different way.

4. Who inspired you the most as a shoe designer?
I like to see various creations from various designers. It is always fascinating to see new ways of design. I like Alexander Mcqueen's work, both with fashion and footwear design- simply amazing!

5. What do you want to accomplish as a shoe designer? and what is your plan of achieving it?
I'm creating these shoes as my own art and "let" it lead the way… and  it will be great to collaborate with fashion designers, with pop stars in music videos , artistic photoshoots etc'….   These days I will be exhibiting my designs in various exhibitions and shows. I would like to create my own "shoe scene", where the design is the main thing. People from so many different places find these designs interesting, it is great to see how well the shoes are communicating

Courtesy: Kobi Levi

Walk the Walk: DUY F/W 2011 Collection

Duy presented his latest collection at the LG Fashion Week yesterday and it was a wild party. While I am still not too sure how the Daphne Guinness element works in this collection (I feel like this is more like the new look of Queen Amidala in Star Wars), the collection is a very solid one and there are quite a number of great pieces. The use of furs, French lace and mohair is amazing and the color palette is giving a mysterious look to the collection. One interesting thing on this runway show is the lace on the models' faces, it makes them look like they are coming from another planet (this is where I have my Queen Amidala thought). Overall, it is a pretty solid and cohesive collection.

- This collection has some very strong knitwear pieces. I am especially liking the big shoulder geometric element.
- It proves leopard print will always be a hit for F/W collection.
- I really love the use of french lace and mohair in this collection.
- The collection gives the ladies a edgy kick.
- The collection is quite cohesive.

- Would love to see more pieces with purple.
- Daphne Guinness influence is not as strong as I imaged.

Eye Candies:
- purple wool coat
- Wool fringe skirt
- Leopard print one shoulder dress
- Gold "leaves" gown

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walk the Walk: Denis Gagnon F/W 2011 Collection

Last season, Denis Gagnon "wowed" me with his fringe collection and as a fan of his brand, I was so looking forward to see his F/W 2011 collection and of course, it didn't disappoint me at all.

Denis is saying goodbye to the fringe this season and instead, he is bringing the tulle, in neon colors, back to life! It's amazing to see how he uses black leather to cover the colorful tulle to give an edge to the skirt. Also, the design of the hunchback bummer jacket is unbelievable brilliant and you will have to see it with your eyes for that.

After all the dark pieces, the models are then dressed in colorful pieces like ponchos, skirts, dresses to create the energetic feeling to winter. I cannot get enough of the pink poncho and also the colorful wedges!

Overall, this was a very stunning show and I am very sad that not a lot of people were able to attend it due to the time slot. Now I just hope next season Denis will have a better slot so more people can see the collection created by this Canadian fashion master. He is definitely a shinning gem in Canadian fashion industry!

- I love the use of tulle in this collection. I can say girls always look good in tulle!
- The neon colors palette is amazing. It is very daring.
- The bummer jacket design is still one of my favorites.
- The wedges are something to die for.

- I would love to see more zipper design for this collection as this is always his signature.

Eye Candies:
- black wedges with neon blue details
- black leather blue tulle dress
- black bummer jacket with tulle detail
- pink poncho

Graphicology: If Boys will be Boys (then Men will be...)

This is a very random set of fashion illustration, yet it is very attractive to look at!

I am sure you have seen a lot of men's F/W 2011 collections on this site already and let me ask you this: What if you could re-work some of the designs in illustration form with the animal influence to them? This is exactly what Tara Dougans has done for this illustration set. Tara has injected some abstract elements to the images and I think they are very interesting. I love her interpretation of the Alexander McQueen's look which gives off a very gothic vibe (and the butterfly mask on his face is cool). What do you think?

Dior Homme

Alexander McQueen

Artology: ORISHIKI Clutch bag

I would love to put this entry as part of trendology but since the product is still in concept stage, I could only hope a fashion label will pick this project up!

This Orishiki is created by Naoki Kawamoto, a Japanese produce designer who is now based in London, United Kingdom. The concept of this clutch is about 2 Japanese traditional cultures: Origami, Japanese paper-folding art, and Furoshiki, Japanese traditional wrapping cloth. The clutch has a very edgy geometric design and and as you can imagine, it is foldable. I am totally in love with this design and the only thing I would love to change is... can the color frames be outside the clutch so it can give the kick to the clutch?

What do you think?

Courtesy of Naoki Kawamoto (source: behance)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trendology: Jeremy Scott Biker Bagpack

I may not want to carry this but I have to admit this is a rather fun design.

This bag is from the latest Jeremy Scott S/S 2011 collection and as you can see, the design of the bagpack is a folded biker jacket. I like the details such as the zippers, buttons and belt on this bag. Now the question is, are you trendy enough to carry this around?  Click here if you want to purchase it.

Courtesy of Opening Ceremony


As you know April 1st is April Fools' day and in order to celebrate this day (well, people do celebrate this day at some point), 36 Chambers is going to host a party.

DJ GNAT will be spinning the disc that night with some amazing 80's and 90's hip hop music and there will be a "beat street" photo shoot to keep your memory fresh about the 80s and 90s! Also, if you have participated the BBQ event last month, the photos will be up on that night so you can see how amazing you looked at that event.

For more information, please click here. Trust us, you will not want to miss this event.

Walk the Walk: IZMA F/W 2011 Collection

IZMA was definitely the show of Monday night and till this moment, those amazing pieces are still flowing in my brain.

This whole collection is all about furs, gold and silver detailings and abstract prints. The pieces that combined furs and gold/silver edetailings are so beautiful which make my jaw drop for quite a long time. I feel so fresh when I see the models walking down the runway just because of the innovative design on the pieces. This show will definitely be one of my highlights in LGFW.

- The silver and gold element on many of the pieces is making the collection very cohesive.
- The abstract flora textile prints are amazing. Dresses with those prints give a fresh look to the collection.
- Pieces are highly wearable and they are very chic and trendy.

- Not a big fan of the gold velvet block dress, it is just not my cup of tea.

Eye Candies: 
- Coyote jacket with gold detailing,
- Lapin swing coat with bronze lining
- Fox stole with silver woven chains, and organdy mini-dress,
- Silk velvet burnout dress

Trendology: Holt Renfrew Presents" Can't Live Without Canadian Fashion"

Toronto fashion week has finally started and to start off the week in the most fabulous way, Holt Renfrew, the high end fashion department store in Canada, has showcased some of the best Canadian designers' pieces on the runway.

After a Glee inspired introduction, the show begins with the following Canadian designers' collection which include Todd Lynn, Greta Constantine, Denis Gagnon, Pink Tartan, Wings + Horns, Smythe, Lida Baday, Twenty Cluny and Jeremy Laing. There are many pieces that have caught my eyes and some of them include Todd Lynn's antoinette hand knit wool dress, Greta Constantine's black boiled wool swing jacket, Denis Gagnon's leather bomber, Jeremy Laing's starry night wedge coat and all the pieces from Smythe.

Even though I am very impressed with the show, I am still not too sure why Canada Goose is in the line up. Further more, is there a famous creative director behind this particular brand?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Raised Eyebrows

It's hard not to love this interesting editorial.

This series is shot by Ed Purnomo and it is featured in the Highlights Magazine 35. The set is done inside a studio and I am liking the light set up here. Also, the framing is great and every look is very solid to me. Now I am just wondering how long does it take for the model to have each of the makeup in the photo...

What do you think?

Courtesy of Ed Purnomo (source: Behance)

Funkology: A Bathing Ape "Bape & Milo" USB

I think this is a rather cute idea!

This USB key is actually pretty iconic because the two iconic logos are both presented in this design. When you combine Milo and Bape together, you get a pretty cool keychain but when you take Milo out, Bape instantly turns into a USB key. If you like this product, you should keep an eye on the Bape stores because they should have stocks right now.

Courtesy of Bape (source:highsnobiety)

Trendology: Eloquium by Cor Sine Labe Doli

One of my favorite brands Cor Sine Labe Doli is coming out with another new product and I am hoping I will have a chance to try it out.

Eloquium, a new unisex perfume will not only want to recall images of tradition, childhood and past,but also present, modern, character, decision and innovation. As you can see, the cap of the bottle is made of white ceramic (a signature of the company) which gives the bottle an elegant look.

If you are wondering why the designers of Cor Sine Labe Doli decided to name the perfume Eloquium, here is the answer for you: it is "a resonant name that links past to present, tradition to modernity, reminding of the southern lands in which the designer of Cor Sine Labe Doli grew up: between olives trees, huge cornfields, sun burnt lands, scents of peach, cherry and almond flowers, and sea breeze."After reading the description, I just wish the bottle is just right beside me right now! Below is what you will expect to smell when you spray Eloquium on your body:

- TOP NOTES: Calabria Bergamot, Northern France Cypress
- MIDDLE NOTES: Somalian Incense, French Sclarea Sage, Mysore Sandalwood
- BACKGROUND NOTES: Mysore Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli Brut, Java Vetiver

Courtesy of Cor Sine Labe Doli

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trendology: Balenciaga Lightweight Quilted Gilet

Back in 2010, I have told you about how much I love the Balenciaga S/S 2011 collection and recently while I was browsing through Mr Porter, I saw this gilet and instantly fell in love with it.

This quilted gilet has the color combination that I like: orange and white. I am loving the color block design and also where the zipper pockets are on the gilet. Another element I really like about it is the leather trimmed Velcro fastening belt which makes the gilet very modern and sporty. What do you think?

You can purchase the gilet here.

Courtesy of Mr Porter

Trendology: Shades of Grey Ranger Hunting Jacket

If you have met me in person, you can probably associate 3 things with me: shoes, ties and jackets. Recently I have found this jacket online and instantly it is on my wish list.

This ranger hunting jacket is the latest piece from Shades of Grey S/S 2011 collection. I am loving the faux leather contrast on this khaki jacket and also where t he pockets are located. It looks very simple at first glance and the subtle detail does not occur to your mind till you look at it few more times. I love it!

You can purchase the jacket here.

Courtesy of Ssense

Ray of Inspirology: Full Metal Glamour

It's been a long time since I talked about Josh Olin's editorials and finally he has produced this shinny series for Vogue China!

At this moment, I still cannot believe metallic color is one of the major trends in this S/S season (I thought it would be the main trend for F/W season) and in this series Guinevere van Seenus has worn some of the best metallic pieces from different designer houses. Josh always shoot some crisp and clean images and this editorial is no exception. The lighting and composition are great here.

On a side note, the more I look at the Miu Miu piece, the more I start to fall in love with it, that's the magic of Miuccia Prada.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Strictly Carolyn

If I could change the title of this editorial, I would change it to Hair Focus Session.

This black and white editorial is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine and it is shot by Danielle & Iango. Even though the clothes are nice, my eyes are constantly stuck on Carolyn Murphy dramatic hair style. She does look fierece and I have to say the hair style does help enhance that look. As for the photo processing technique, the sharpening technique is well used here. What do you think?

Courtesy of V Magazine (source: tarsha@tfs)

Ray of Inspirology: Wasted Luxury

Steven Meisel has nailed it again!

This editorial is featured in the latest issue of Vogue Italia and the model here is Saskia de Brauw (you should know I am a big fan of her right now!). The setting of this shoot is like a tragic, yet luxurious wasteland and my eyes cannot get over Saskia's head pieces. They look so amazing and work so well with the clothes! The mood of this shoot is dark and I love how Meisel poses Saskia in this series. What do you think?

Graphicology: Crows Parliament

I am loving this set of concept arts and hopefully this will turn into a story book soon!

This set of illustrations is done by Felideus Bubastis, an illustration based in Spain. These are the concept art pieces for his book project The Crows' Parliament. I really like his drawing style which combines the old fairy tale style and the futuristic touch on the characters. Now I would hope this will turn into a full production story book soon. What do you think?

Courtesy of Felideus Bubastis (source:behance)

Walk the Walk: Greta Constantine F/W 2011 Collection

This is a big departure from the previous collection for Greta Constantine as minimalism becomes the dominate style for this F/W season. You still see drapes but not as much as the previous season and the color palette is darker. I am liking the oriental/tribal design elements in this collection and they can give an edge to the ordinary pieces. The kimono inspired jackets are definitely one of the signatures of this collection and I am sure a lot of girls will be dying to have one in their wardrobe. Overall, it is a pretty cohesive collection.

- I am liking the tribal influence on the collection
- I must admit, the coats are very nice, a big departure from their previous collections.
- There are a lot of wearable pieces.
- I can't say how much I love the Oriental inspired belt.
- The pom-poms are the fun embellishments on the coats
- Very good use of the velvet material.

- I would love to see pieces created from the patterns on the boots
- The evening pieces are not really my cup of tea.
- Would love to see a brighter color palette.

Eye Candies:
- Kimono inspired coat
- Oriental inspired belt
- Sapphire and merlot silk brocade boots
- Flare sleeves blouse

Click here to see more photos from the show.

Courtesy of Dennis Marciniak (source: BlogTO)
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