Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 2011 Memories

May has gone by so quickly and let's take a look at what we have done this month!

For this month, we have 5 [Un]Discovers and they are all very cool photographers. Their names are Ryan Szulc, Darryl Vides Kennedy, Todd Anthony Tyler, Nadia Cheema and Angela Y. Martin (remember her? She was the winner of our 1st I Scream Awards!)

As for our 12 Months of [Pop Up] Flavors collaboration, we have teamed up with Lisa Nishimura to create a series of 4 illustrations on the Gossip Girl characters. We have paired up 4 Canadian brands with 4 International brands and the result is very pleasant. The 4 illustrations are: "Fifth Aveune" (Pink Tartan & Marc by Marc Jacobs), "Frenemies" (Denis Gagnon & Alexander McQueen), "Belle of the Ball" (Lucian Matis & Marchesa) and "Back to the beginning" (Halston & OR by Angela Chen)

Last but not least, we have contributed some wonderful pieces to Swide this month and they are: FAT 2011 for Swide, Jan MasnyDan May and Kaisa Bielska.

Stay tuned for more exciting entries from us in June!


I can never get tired of  Tatiana Plakhova works!

This time around, she has presented this series titled NOOSPHERE. Her abstract circular art works on the photos are always so amazing and this time she turns some amazing landscape photos into some fantasy lands. I really cannot take my eyes off them and if you are interested, there is also a video for this series too.

Here are some of my favorites and you can click here to view the complete collection.

Ray of Inspirology: Mary Katrantzou for Nomenus Quarterly

Mary Katrantzou's collection was published in Nomenus Quarterly, editorial shot by New York based photographer - Erik Madigan Heck. Back in 2010, we were fascinated by Mary's inspiration from interior design.  Here in this editorial, she is taking another step further, blending the fashion with the interior.

Courtesy: Trendland

Graphicology: "Back to the beginning"

It's the last day of May and it is our final look at the Upper East Side (we hope this series will continue and only time will tell).

"How fitting that we find these two on the steps at the Met. Despite everything and every one, these two will be friends forever. But all good things come to an end. Or do they?

You know you love me.

Serena is wearing Halston S/S 2011 
Blair is wearing OR by Angela Chen S/S 2011
Courtesy of Lisa Nishimura  

That's the end of our series (for now)! What do you think? Do you enjoy the Canadian brands and international brands pairing idea? We want to hear feedbacks from you! Thanks for following this story for the past 4 weeks and thanks so much to Lisa for doing such a great job on the illustrations!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Trendology: Waste(twice) X Porter 2way Briefcase

If I were in Japan, this would be a must buy!

As a fan of Porter, I am happy to see this amazing collaboration with Waste(twice). This 2way briefcase comes in 3 color version and the design of it is modern and elegant. Unlike other Porter products, the logo for this item is hidden around the pocket area so if you are a low profile person, you will like this design approach. If you live in Japan, you can order it on Beams online. Now I wonder if someone will be able to get me this amazing bag.

Trendology: Tze Goh Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

Here we have exclusive images of Tze Goh's SS11 Collection.  Some more sophisticated design the London designer, clean and pure seams that goes with summer pastels.  Look for his latest collection in LN-CC this week.

Art[s]ense: Kasia Bielska

Kasia Bielska has been on my radar ever since I came across her amazing editorials! Her photography style is super edgy and refreshing. This week, I am very lucky to be able to interview this talented fashion photographer on Swide. Please click here and read the interview!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trendology: The GQ Wedding Primer

I could imagine I have all these clothes in my wardrobe...

In the latest issue of GQ, Darren Criss demonstrates a few looks that will be good for attending weddings this season. Those outfits are not only good for weddings, but if you know how to style them (i.e. change to a more casual tie, wear the shirt alone, or just wear the blazer instead of the whole set.. etc), they will be good for your everyday wear too. Believe it or not, I did try on the Prada shirt (blue and pink checkered) before but it just didn't fit me (the design of the cuffs is actually very cool).

Click here to see all the looks.

Ray of Inspirology: Model U.N.

Even though there are only 3 photos of this series, I have no bad words to say about them.

These images are shot by Daniele Duella & Iango Henzi for the latest issue of W Magazine and the models are Joan Smalls, Sui He and Emily Baker. The girls look extremely fierce and I think the black and white effect of the images gives off a timeless vibe which I love this approach a lot. What do you think?

Courtesy of W Magazine

Trendology: Raw Collection by Cosa Fina Jewelry

Have you ever thought of wearing raw materials on your fingers? (Yes, I am talking about not so polished materials on your fingers.) If you have thought about it, then you will like this collection.

This raw collection is created by Karina Kuhary and Ninette Paloma, the designers behind Cosa Fina. I am loving the raw material on the ring as this adds an organic and edgy feeling to the person who is wearing it. This collection also has necklaces but my eyes are still on the rings. What do you think?

If you want to purchase the collection, you can click here.

Courtesy of Cosa Fina

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ray of Inspirology: Black Widow

It's hard to tell you how much I love this editorial with just showing you 2 images from it, but...

Recently while I was browsing through designscene, this editorial instantly caught my eyes. This editorial, which is featured in the latest issue of U.C.E is shot by Eva K. Salvi and it is styled by Max Souffriau. Jess (Model Management UK) is dressed in all black and I am loving the garments on her and the amazing makeup and hairstyle by Keti Nikolova and Takanori Yamaguchi. The contrast of this series is amazing and this series gives me a very futuristic and edgy feeling. What do you think?

Since this is a designscene exclusive, please click here to see the complete set.

Courtesy of Eva K. Salvi & Max Souffriau (source:designscene)

Ray of Inspirology: Reincarnation

I like it!

This amazing editorial is shot by Antonina Dolani and it features Katy Cee. Dreamy, romantic and whimsical are some of the words I can use to describe this series and I am very excited to see the appearance of the swan and the pigeon. The composition and post process technique are amazing as you can totally fall deep into Antonina's dream world. What do you think?

P.S: Props to Julia Sjelbred (hair), Gosia Walus (makeup) and Madgalena Pietraszko (styling) for making Katy looks so flawlessly beautiful.

Click here to see the complete editorial.

Funkology: Haute Couture Stockman by EEM

I usually see these dress forms in plain beige colour, and usually they are covered by another article of clothes.  However, this collaboration dress form by the historical dress form brand, Stockman and French art director, Emmanuel Bossuet is something that can stand alone itself as a piece of art.  They produced a limited edition of 10 each, and exhibiting the original 3 at Bon Marche in Paris.

Courtesy: Trendland
Photo Courtesy: Facebook@EEM

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trendology: Nunettes x SpongeBob Sunglasses

It's sad that this collection is already sold out or else I am sure I will own a pair of this fun glasses for this season!

Nunettes is well known with the funky shades and this time, the brand has teamed up with SpongeBob (yes, the cartoon, you read it right) to create a few pairs of sunglasses. The lenses on each pair have the signature SpongeBob eyes on them and yes, I think the sleepy one probably suits me the most. My question for you is, would you wear it if you actually owned a pair?

We can only hope Colette will have the stocks back soon... (or you can check out Nunettes' fanpage!)

Courtesy of Colette 

Ray of Inspirology: Louis Vuitton F/W 2011 Promotion Campaign Wave 1

The first wave of Louis Vuitton F/W Collection campaign is out an this is very close to what I have imagined in mind (hopefully more to come to fulfill my wish).

The campaign is once again shot by the talented Steven Meisel and the models are Daphne Groeneveld, Zuzana Bijoch and Anais Pouliot. Hollywood classic film is what I can think of when I look at the images. The series is very classy, and with a hint of romantic vibe. Of course, how can I not love the little dogs in one of the images?

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Trendology: Tsolmandakh Munkhuu Fall 2011

Inspired from her hometown Mongolia, Tsolmandakh mixed the traditional motifs with urban elements in her fall collection.  The mood of this collection is rather dark, and the volume and shape of the fabric give the collection its dynamic.

Fashionist[On The Go]: Fashion Unites For Japan!

I have found 2 interesting stories on the Fashionist this week and I am going to share them with you here!

Uniqlo is teaming up with 10 designers and hollywood celebrities to create a limited T-shirt collection called "SAVE JAPAN". Some of the names in this line up include Karl Lagerfeld, Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman and Lady Gaga. My favorite are the ones by Karl Lagerfeld and Alber Elbaz. [Read Here]

Wish I could get one in June (source: the Fashionist)

Last Sunday was the Billboard Music Award and of course all eyes were on the white carpet. This year my favorite best dressed girl was Selena Gomez (love the Dole & Gabbana gown!) and the worst dressed was Miss Barbie Doll Nicki Minaj (not a fan of that outfit). What's your pick? [Read Here]

Selena Gomez is getting better every year! (source: the Fashionist)

See you again next week! Make sure you check out the Fashionist for more fashion news that I don't cover on this site!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trendology: Raf By Raf Sioms Contrast Button Down

If I did not book a trip to New York, I would have spent some money on this shirt...

This shirt is from the latest collection of Raf by Raf Simons. I am loving the military element on the shirt and also the animal print on the pockets! No, this is not your typical formal shirt but since it is the spring and summer season, why not spice up your wardrobe with some funky pieces? You can click here to purchase it.

Courtesy of Ssense

[Un]Discovers: Angela Y. Martin

If you have heard about the IScream award last year on this blog, you should be familiar wit this photographer's name. Angela Y. Martin was one of the winners last year and today I am honored to have her as one of my [Un]Discovers!

Hi Angela, finally, I am glad I can do a special feature on you here! So, I know that you officially became a fashion photographer after winning the photography contest. Was being a photographer one of you dreams when you were small? If not, what was your dream career?
I always loved taking photographs growing up, but never seriously considered it as a career option until university. I've always been obsessed with images though, my entire room was plastered with photos growing up, and I used to make scrapbooks from all of the magazines I had.

You know what, I would love to see your scrapbooks one day because this will let me know what influence your photography style! Well, how will you describe your photography style?
The personal style of my work has always been hard for me to define because it's changed and I've grown so much in the last few years particularly. I would say my work is very feminine, clean and for the most part, colourful.

I think your works are very colorful and I think you are starting to have the romantic element in your photos too! Now I want to know, which photography master do you most look up to? 
I've always absolutely loved Miles Aldridge's work. His use of colour and narrative is totally inspiring. Mert & Marcus also have a lovely way with colour and again, I seem to be drawn to the cleanness of their work.

Mert & Marcus is definitely one of my favorite photographer groups in the world right now! Out of all the shoots you have done so far, which one can best represent you as a fashion photographer? Why?
I have so many amazing memories associated with the shoots I've done up to this point it's hard to choose one that ultimately defines my style! But 2 of the more recent shoots I did are probably a good representation of my style and work:

"Blinded by the Light" in the March issue of Off The Map webzine shows how I like to play with lush colour & backlighting. "Femme Noir" that I shot as an entry to Fault Magazine's film noir competition is also something I'm really proud of... it juxtaposes the clean look of my work with the moody atmosphere & use of available light (I was so inspired by the fog one night I got a team together in 40 minutes and we shot guerrilla-style in the fog). One of the photos from that shoot will appear in Fault Magazine's collector's edition in the summer.

I have seen your "Femme Noir" editorial and I have to say, that is one of your best series up to date! I know a lot of people would love to be photographers one day, what are some of the advices you can give to the people whom want to break into the fashion photography industry?
You better love it, or chances are you just won't last in this industry. Every month is a struggle, whether for money, publicity or competitiveness. But this job fulfills me in a way that no other job can, and that's why I continue to do this. When the good times are good, they are really wicked good. Study your craft, pay your dues, never stop shooting and trying different things and surround yourself with positive people.

Those are some good advices and those points will be useful for people who want to be photographers. Last but not least, if you could work with a clothing brand in the future to shoot a promotion campaign? Which brand would you want to choose?
International clothing brand? Lanvin, think of the colour! Or Dior, so feminine.

It's time for trivia questions to learn more about Angela's lifestyle!

Dazed & Confused or Vogue Italia?
Vogue Italia

YSL or Lanvin?
To wear: YSL, to shoot: Lanvin

Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Diet Coke

Spring or Autumn?

Gold or Pink?

Stripes of Dots?

Sun or Moon?

Cotton Candy or Popcorn?

New York or Paris?

Gothic or Futuristic Style?
Witchy Goth

Thank you so much to Angela for answering my questions and if you want to see more of her works, you can visit her official site! I wish her good luck in the future and am looking forward to see more of he amazing works soon! All photos in this entry are courtesy of Angela Y. Martin.
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