Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Memories

In case you are new to this blog, this will be the best post for you to catch up all the things we have featured in this month.

First, we have our first Dame feature in this blog and her name is Ashley. She is someone you will want to pick up your camera and shoot non-stop till your memory card runs out of memory.

We also have our 2 knights featured in this month and their names are Jesse and Edris. Edris is not only a model, but he is also a photographer and takes amazing photos.

As for the [Un]Discovers department, on the last day of November, we have Kel-Z, one of Marcus' favorite photographers on flickr and her photos for sure will amaze you. We then have Pause Designs as our 2nd feature and we just can't get enough of their print designs. Finally, we have ended this month with Helen, our last featured illustrationist in 2009. Her works are so amazing and we are glad she is willing to make one just for our blog!

Our first evolution coverage is all about jeans and you should keep an eye on the released date for the 2nd part of the coverage.

We will be in Sleeping Giant Gallery on 31/12(that's tonight!) to blog about the event and countdown with the guests there. If you have nothing to do tonight, please head over to the gallery and see if you can still get a chance to join the party since the tickets ARE ALL SOLD OUT!(time is tight, only few hours left left!) You can visit the [On]Air page to get some information about this party.

We have more excited things for you in January. You should bookmark us, subscribe to our RSS, become our fan in facebook and wait for our surprises for you! Stay tuned!

Funkology: Fragment Design x Rolex Explorer

I do have a thought that one day Rolex will be able collaborate with another design company to create some cool watches. At last, this thought has become reality and I am very excited when I see these new promotion photos.

These 2 Explorers are the collaboration result of Rolex and Fragment Design. Fragment Design has injected some neon colors to face of the watch and change the whole watch appearance into black. You can purchase them at Colette for a price of 15,000 Euros.

I am really loving it and I hope one day I can own the black/blue one!

Ray of Inspirology: Top of World

This is something I want to shoot for a long time and Giampaolo Sgura, the photographer and Anna Dello Russo, the stylist have done an editorial shoot for February issue of Vogue Nippon.

I am a fan of blending vintage look with trendy high fashion clothes in an editorial shoot and as you can see here, Zuzana Gregorova has dressed up in the latest season of clothing with a vintage makeup look. The whole shoot is so colorful and every photo just attracts you to see all the details on clothing and accessories.

[On]Air: Sleeping Giant 1 Year Anniversary Party on New Year's Eve Update Part 3

As many of you may know, the party in Sleeping Giant is Tonight! If you have been following us, you will know we will be there blogging and taking photos for people in the party! I have just received a new information from the gallery owner that there will be an after party starting at 2:30am and it will run till 5:30am. If you are a night owl and you want to party till you have no energy, you should come and have fun!

Sleeping Giant is expecting you to come, so you better get yourself to the gallery! See you all tonight!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funkology: Mimobot's Bargain 'Bots Sale

If you have read our posts before Christmas, you may remember I have recommended Mimobot's USB sticks as one of the Christmas gift ideas. Now Christmas is over and New Year is approaching, Mimobot has decided to put some of their products on sale. This is what I have received today, if you want to spend a little to get their products, just click the photo below and find out the deal!

Courtesy of Mimobot

[un]Discovers: Helen Huang

à la mode Time Capsule

I have known Helen, aka CQ Cat for sometime now and her works never fail to amaze me. Recently, she has been featured in several online articles and her name is starting to be known by the public. I am so honored that she has created an image exclusive for this blog (above) and we have also collaborated on an image, Monkey Tamed (below) together a few months ago.

Monkey Tamed

I am glad that Helen is willing to let me do a Q&A session with her so you will get to know more about her as an artist. You will get to know where and how she gets her inspiration and most important, will she ever draw a male character in her works? So here we go...

Helen, I have seen a lot of your works and they are unique, would you mind tell me what are your inspirations?
My inspiration comes from everything. Once you keep your mind open, you can see beauty everywhere, every day. I also love window-shopping and reading fashion magazines. Colors and patterns always give me inspiration in a very wonderful way. I carry a sketch book with me everywhere I go, whenever I have a free moment or an idea, I would do some sketch.

Red Apple

Wave of Inspirology: Hard

Sometimes I do wonder if there is any way to blend high fashion with military clothing to create an out of your mind fusion fashion. My question has been answered finally and I cannot take my eyes off this video. This is the latest video from Rihanna and the song is called Hard. The tune is very catchy, and the video is far more interesting than I have expected.

If you are planning to do a military shoot and need inspiration, this video is definitely one of the research items that should appear on your list. This is also one of the finest video in 2009. Enjoy.

Hard - Rihanna

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Funkology: River Runt and 64 Colors Chubby Book

I am always a fan of 64 Colors on flickr and I even have a Marshall figure with Eric's (the creator) signature on it! If you don't know him, that's not a problem because later on in this blog, we will have a full feature about his works. As for now, I want to show you some of his latest products.

Recently Eric has created a new line called River Runt which transform Marshall into different little monsters. If you a a fan of cute monster, I am sure you will want to buy one (too bad one is already sold out!). If you want to get one of them, please click here.

River Runt (Moss Mudsucker)

[On]Air: Sleeping Giant 1 Year Anniversary Party on New Year's Eve Update

If you haven't heard about the party yet, you should read here first. (Latest update: All Tickets are gone! Thanks for all your support! See you there!)

As many of you know, we will be at the hottest party in town on 31/12. Our crew will be down at the Sleeping Giant Gallery live blogging and taking photos of guests in the party. If you still do not have plan on that night, please do not stay at home and do the countdown by yourself, instead, come down here and celebrate the arrival of 2010 with us!

Here, we will give you an update on what is going to happen on that night.

There will be 2 DJs on each floor and their names are Dj Gnat and Dj Sawtay. Special guests will also appear in the party so you have to keep an eye on them during the party. At 12:00am, something mysterious will drop down from the Sleeping Giant Gallery "sky" and you will have to come and experience that. Also, complimentary champagne will be handed out to everyone who is there for the count down so do come before 12am.

Of course, you do not want to miss out the limited edition of Sleeping Giant x Pause Designs shirts. Need to know more about Pause Designs? You can check our [Un]Discovers link right here.

Trendology: Head Porter

Few days ago, I have talked about the brand Head Porter. Today I want to show you the products this brand produces.

This brand is established in 1998 and up to this day, the Tanker and Black Beauty series are two of the most popular lines from this brand. Their products are range from big items like back packs to small items such as coin purse, ipod case.  I do own a 3 way Tanker bag and what I like this bag is how light it is but at the same time, it can carry a lot of things.

As of this moment, Porter has been linked to a lot of different brands and even Monocle is collaborating with them to produce a collection of travel bags. If you are into functional and durable products, you must try out this brand. You can now order these products online! Click here to see all of the products!

Tanker-Original 3Way Bag

TRENDOLOGY: Spotlight on Accessories, Roger Vivier

There’s nothing I lust for more than a beautifully designed and well-crafted shoe or handbag. While there are plenty of designers out there who can satiate any woman’s thirst for all of the above, no other design house can quite offer what French design house Roger Vivier can. Roger Vivier (1907-1998) was the creator of the “Stiletto”. His genius can be seen in many of his artful designs. Vivier has designed shoes for Dior and YSL as well as for Queen Elizabeth II. His most iconic shoe is the “Belle de Jour” (the more modern version is my staple). Bruno Frisoni has been given artistic direction at Roger Viver since 2002. Frisoni is equally talented and has stayed true to Vivier’s original vision of creating sculptural art forms with the utmost regard for quality and luxury.

Visit for an exciting and interactive experience. Make sure to check out the couture collection as well as Ines de la Fressange’s video diaries of her fun shopping experiences in and around Paris! (Ines is the appointed ambassador of the Roger Vivier brand.)


                                                       Celine Spring '10

Camels, beiges, and nude hues are in for now and for spring. There’s something about these classic colors that exudes luxury and sophistication. Designers used beiges and neutrals in every textile and medium imaginable from silks, cashmeres, raffia, to leather in their collections. If this family of colors does not suit your skin tone, opt for a beautiful handbag or shoe instead –there’s a plethora of options.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Funkology: Alice In Wonderland Bearbrick Set

Alice in Wonderland is coming out in less than 3 months and I am sure everyone is hyped about this Tim Burton's latest products. Medicom, one of the most famous figure manufacture companies, is creating a set of Kubrick & Bearbrick which consists of Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.  If you are a fan of Medicom and Alice in Wonderland, March 2010 is going to be your happiest month in 2010 because this is when both this set and the movie will be released!

Courtesy of Medicom

Graphicology: Pause Designs Sale!

Our latest [Un]Discover, Pause Designs have made a big announcement on their official site: All of their vintage shirts are on sale! If you like any of their vintage designs, now is a good time to buy because every design is only selling for $4.75 US (2.89 GBP/ $5 CDN). Once they are gone, they will not re-produce those particular shirts so you should get them before they are all gone. Click here to get the shirts!

Also, if you have facebook, you should join their fanpage by clicking here.

Courtesy of Pause Designs

Ray of Inspirology: Daniel Gil Rodrigo for Catalogue

I am not too sure if I will ever do a shoot like this but it is definitely a good inspiration for many photographers. This shoot is done by Daniel Gil Rodrigo and is a for a magazine called Catalogue from Argentina.

I actually like this shoot, just that I may not use that much make up on the model. I am sure if I have this set of clothes for my shoot, I will do something opposite to what you see here. Overall, this is a very good inspiration to me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trendology: Versace Pre Fall 2010

Back in the days before Versace has passed away, my parents are a big fan of this brand and this leads me to look at their collection every season. Even though the past seasons are not my favorite, this fall/winter 2010 season will have my eyes on them again.

Judging from the photos I see from this pre fall collection, Versace is definitely going for a bright color theme for the Fall Winter season and I am excited about it. Uneven length skirt and spandex leggings are definitely going to be major players in this collection. I cannot wait to see the models wear these clothes on the runway.

If you want to see the rest of this pre fall collection, please click here. All photos are courtesy of Versace.

Trendology: Peanuts x Theatre8 x Porter

Porter is one of Japanese brands that many companies want to collaborate with them (such as the Monocle magazine). I have been a Porter fans for more than 10 years now and the reason I like them is because their products are very durable and light.

Recently, Porter has collaborated with Theatre8 to produce a line of Peanuts (Snoopy) products. I really like these products because of they use the comics strips as the design pattern. If you live in Japan and have connection in Japan, you should pick one of these items up.

Ray of Inspirology: Lost Little Girl

I am a big fan of Johannes Vermeer's paintings and I always wonder if there is any way to create these kind of art pieces with photography. Xevi Muntane has shown me that this is possible and I totally love his new editorial shoot for Wonderland Magazine. The model in this shoot is Darya Kurovska and I really like the vintage look on her. Overall, this shoot is just classy and this set will inspire me to do a shoot like this in the future.

All photos are courtesy of Wonderland Magazine.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Go with the Trend: Our Unique QR code!

We are always looking for some new trendy things to put on our blog and here is our last finding in 2009.

As many of you may have noticed, on the left side of the sidebar, we have placed a very weird "barcode" object. Some of you may know that this is the QR code which stores information such as SMS, URL, phone number etc. The QR code we have here is the URL address for this blog and we are going to explain how this thing works.

If you have a camera phone and internet access plan, all you need is a program called QR code reader. If your phone has a built-in QR code reader, then you can skip this part. One of the programs we have found online is the Kaywa Reader and this programs supports a wide variety of phones. If you have an iphone, you can download a program called iMatrix and you can watch a video here.

After you have installed the program on your phone, all you have to do is opened the program and have your camera focusing on our QR code. Within a few seconds, your phone will either save our blog URL or it will open our site in your web browser.

Don't believe me? Try it yourself!


If you don't have the program, don't worry, you can take a snap shot of this QR code right now and play with it when you install the program. 

If you have your own site and wants to make a QR code, you can visit here. Yep, it's free of charge to make one! 

Have fun! 

[Un]Discovers: Pause Designs

In less than a week, Sleeping Giant gallery is going to have its One Year Anniversary X New Year's Eve Party. This year, the gallery has collaborated with Pause Designs to produce limited edition t-shirts. I have seen the shirts and they are dope! Trust me, one day I will want them to design a shirt for à la mode. I am sure a lot of you will want to know more about Pause Designs, so here is a Q&A section I have with them.

I am pretty sure many people will want to know this, so how did you guys start this group? 
Back in high school we'd always be showing off sketches and such to each other, trying to one up one another. The moment before it got violent, we realized we should combine our efforts, and join forces. We all had a love for streetwear and fashion, and wanted to try our hand at it. Surprisingly to us, people seemed to love what we were making. We'd sell out of a run, and take all of the money from it and put it right back into another run. Then we'd repeat.

Trendology: Boxing Day Sale!

I know a lot of you will be looking forward to the day AFTER Christmas because of the Boxing Day Sale. Here are some of the discounts I know from some stores in the world.


Holt Renfrew: Selection of  products will have a sale of up to 60% off and if you are a American Express Holt Renfrew card holder, you will get an extra 10% off.

Harry Rosen: Up to 50% off on many products on both online/in store. If you are going to the store, you will get $150 off from any suit you purchase on Saturday (from 8am to 12pm). On Saturday and Sunday only, you can take an extra $75 on sale winter coats (except Canada Goose coats or spring merchandise).

TNT The New Trend: All merchandise are on sale and everything will be up to 70% off. (Both Saturday and Sunday)


Neiman Marcus: Up to 60% on selected merchandises and an extra 25% off already reduced price products. (Both online and in store)

Saks Fifth Avenus: Up to 70% on selected merchandise. (25 and 26 online, 26 in store)

Barneys New York: An extra 33% on already reduced merchandises.


Harrods: Up to 40% on selected merchandises. (Both online and in store)


Galeries Lafayette: Up to 50% off on selected Merchandises. (Both online and in store)


Net-A-Porter: Up to 70 off on selected merchandises.

Happy Boxing Day and hope you have a great time shopping!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ray of Inspirology: Greg Kadel For Numero

When I see this on Design scene, I cannot resist of not posting this on the blog. Greg Kadel has done a very nice high fashion editorial shoot for the latest issue of Numero and all photos are involved with the red color. Ginta Lapina has done a great job posing for this shoot and for some reasons, I can tide this shoot with Christmas because of the red and cheerful feeling from Ginta.

This editorial shoot will definitely give you some good inspirations! All photos are courtesy of Numero.

Here are some of my favorites:

12 Days of Christmas ith the Muppets and the Roots!

I am a big fan of the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show and recently he has done a song with the Muppets and the Roots for Christmas.
Since today is Christmas, it will be nice to share this with all of you out there reading this blog!

Once again, Happy Holidays!

Trendology: CUTiE December 2009

CUTiE is one of the many Japanese streetwear magazines I base my everyday wear off of.
A variety of styles are included in this magazine, ranging from an eccentric to comforting feel.
When I need inspiration for my date, go shopping, meet up with friends, or even just a nice stroll around the block, this magazine has it all.
The best pick in my opinion is definitely CUTiE.

The December 2009 issue of CUTiE mainly displays comfort for obvious reasons.
Majority of the clothes and even accessories on the models and the people out in the streets are quite tamed.
Focused colours consist of mostly are blacks, whites, reds, browns, purples.
You know, all the warm colours.
By the way, I'm kind of big on colour.
Everybody's photos in every page in the magazine I flipped through all had on clothes with the same colours.
It's like there wasn't anything different.
Seemed like everybody on that street were carbon copies of each other!
Okay, I got too carried away there.
I thought this issue disappointed me until I finally found something that sparked my eyes.

Although fur (even faux fur) is not my thing at all, the outfit in the photo above was the only outfit that caught my attention.
I applaud this young lady for breaking the winter colour theory rule and dove right into something that reflects spring and at the same time winter.
Her themed attire is said to be "Inuit".
I do agree with the whole theme being "Inuit", but I also get a strong feeling about the whole 1920's Flapper thing.
Fashion back in the decade was heavily Egyptian and art deco inspired, hence the headband (Egyptian) and the diamond designs (art deco).
Also Flappers wore short tubular (that dress on the model looks rather tubular) dresses high above knee-length and fur.
Of course, we can't forget about the headbands.
I like how she matched her pink handbag with the diamond motifs on her mustard yellow drawstring suede boots.
Moreover, the style of the fluffy white legwarmers over the boots is rather... smart.
Without the legwarmers, the yellow boots would clash completely.
By the looks of how thin that white floral laced dress and the shortness of the skirt, she must have been cold.
However, that fur coat sure looks cozy!

Ray of Inspirology: W Magazine: Beyond Blue

You know you are doing the right thing when some famous magazines are doing some editorial shoot with the similar ideas that you have in mind (or even have done it). The  latest issue of W Magazine has a editorial shoot about jeans and I like some of the photos a lot. I am also glad that I am moving on with the trend because I have done a similar concept shoot sometime ago, but of course, I do not have supermodels for my shoot.

Below are some photos I like from their shoot and these photos are all done by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. The models are Marlon Teixeria, Joan Pedrola, Constance Jablonski and Isaac Weber. All photos are courtesy of W Magazine.

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day and I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you will have a good time with your family and friends. Also, thanks for all the support from all of you reading this blog, so here is a little treat from me...

Below is a postcard I have made in a limited edition of physical prints. I am sorry that not everyone is getting it because I run of the cards before I even notice it. If you are the lucky people that have received, you better keep it in a safe place, haha. Next year if you want to get a card from me, better leave me a message in November so I can send it to you on time.

Happy Holidays from all of us in à la mode!

Even though it is a holiday, this blog is not getting any rest, so keep you eyes on our blog for more excited posts!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is You

It's Christmas time and I am sure you will need some Christmas songs to get into the Holiday Spirit. Here I have an acoustic version of All I Want For Christmas Is You and it is sung by some popular singers from Korea. I really like this version and I hope you will enjoy it too!

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Various Artists

Wave of Inspirology: I See You

I have finally watched Avatar and this movie is the best movie in 2009 on my list (sorry Star Trek and Inglorious Bastards). I am a fan of fantasy forest so when I see that in the movie, it just makes my day. James Cameron has definitely raised the bar for all the directors that are thinking to do a sci-fi movie.

If you have no plan on Christmas day and want to have 3 hours of entertainment, I highly recommend you go to your nearest theater and watch Avatar (If you are lucky, IMAX will probably blow your mind more than normal 3D). Below I leave you with the I See You music video, which is the theme song for this movie. This song is sung by Leona Lewis.

I See You - Leona Lewis

Ray of Inspirology: Date with Destiny

Outdoor shoot is always fun but looking for the right location is always the toughest part of the whole project. Norman Jean Roy has recently done an editorial shoot for Vogue and he has used some interesting locations. The one I like the most is Raquel Zimmermann posing with Sam Worthington and I have to admit I like everything that robot is involved.

All photos are courtesy of Vogue.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trendology: Jean-Paul Gaultier x Levi's Gaultier Spring 2010 Collection

I am stoked when I see the photos from this collection! This is definitely going to be on my wish list.

Jean-Paul Gaultier is doing a collaboration with Levi's for the spring 2010 collection and I know this collection will be a hit item. I really like the details of this collection, such as the striped pattern when you roll up your jeans/ shirts (I know rolling up jeans is a major trend in 2010, just look at other brands) and the red lines on the jacket and jeans.

Below are some of the photos from the collection. Photos are courtesy of Levi's and Jean-Paul Gaultier. If anyone see it in store, definitely let me know where I can get them!

Ray of Inspirology: Mert and Marcus for Gucci S/S 2010 Promotion photos

Gucci has released their latest campaign promotion photos and they are full of summer breeze. These photos are done by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and the models are Natasha Poly and Ryan Kennedy. I really like how they frame the models in the photos and there is not a way you cannot recognize these are done by this duo because of the color and style.

Funkology: The Beats

This is one of the products that is always on my wish list for the past few months. I am those people that cannot live without music and a pair of high quality headphones is what I need. This tour headphone is definitely going to work for me because of its high sound quality. I also like it because the cables are tangle-free (their cables are flat!).

Courtesy of Monster

If you are a Lady GaGa fan, you should get the heartbeats by Lady GaGa. She designs these headphones specific for Monster and you will not see another pair headphones as funky as this one. If you are still looking for Christmas gifts and you know your friend is a Lady GaGa fan, I recommend this product to you.

Courtesy of Monster

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tastology: Le Gourmand Café

This time I am bringing you a review for this cafe.

My friend and I have been to Le Gourmand Café for brunch and we absolutely love it. The cream brulee french toast is a must try and I love the environment a lot. It is small, but very warm and cozy. If you go in the spring or summer or autumn, the patio area is a great place for you to hang out with your friends.

My friend Joseph and his wife have visited this place for dinner and after that, they have done a review for it. If you want to try out some new restaurants in 2010, this restaurant should be on your list. You can read the full review here.

Courtesy of Joseph Chan

Ray of Inspirology: Lanvin Men S/S10 Promotion Photo

I have to say Vinoodh Matadin is doing a very fine job here and I like it! This promotion photo is for Lanvin Men Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The models here are Vinoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde.

This promotion photo is more like an art piece to me than an ad selling Lanvin's collection. When you look at it, you don't feel like this is an adult ad but more like a tasteful art piece. I am amazed how Vinoodh uses the sex as the whole selling point without making it looks cheap.

Courtesy of Lanvin

Ray of Inspirology: Longchamp F/W 09/10 Promotion Photos

This is one of the interesting promotion photos I see in the F/W 09/10 collection and it takes me awhile to see how this shoot is set up. Mert and Marcus has made Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy so fierce in these shots and I absolutely love them. 

If you want to see the shoot set up, you can watch a video here.

Courtesy of Longchamp

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ray of Inspirology: Lily Cole for Interview Magazine December 2009

Lily Cole is one of the models I like a lot and I can never get enough of her photos. She is recently featured in the December issue of Interview Magazine and the shoot is done by Mario Sorrenti. I like the photos a lot because Mario can totally bring out the dark side of Lily. Here are the photos.

Trendology: Zara Lookbook Dec 2009

Want to get the stylish clothing for this season but cannot afford to pay a lot? This December, Zara can help you out with the looks in an affordable price.

Zara has recently showcased some new clothes that are going to be sold in stores this December and some of the clothes are very trendy and good for parties. Below are some clothes that I think you should own if you want to impress the people in the parties.

Ray of Inspirology: Saturday Night Live: James Franco

James Franco has become the last host of 2009 in Saturday Night Live, which is also the last episode of the decade. I do believe Mary Ellen Matthews tries to make this set a little different so when I look at the photos, the style seems to be going to another direction and this is probably one of her best sets to date. I can't wait who she will shoot in 2010 but I am sure those photos will be amazing as well.

Graphicology: What a Leaft?

Tee 48h has just released the latest design on the web and I really like it. It's the mario print and it comes in both shirts and hoodies. If you are into Mario Brothers, you need to buy this one. Since this is the feature of the month, you have one week to get this design before it is all gone! Click here to get it.

Courtesy of Tee48h

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trendology: Christian Louboutin "Louis" Sneakers!

Christian Louboutin is finally going to release a pair of high end sneakers in January 2010 and I cannot get my eyes off the preview photos. This pair of high top sneakers is made of black leather and also metal studs all over the shoe body. One question I have in mind is: Is the bottom painted in red?

If you are in NYC or Hollywood, make sure you keep an eye on this pair of sneakers at Christian Louboutin boutiques.

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Trendology: Alexander McQueen S/S 2010

This will be the last post on the Spring Summer Collection for 2010 and the best is always save for the last.  Out of all the collections I see from the womenswear, the most memorable line will have to be Alexander McQueen with what I called the "Spaceship Head".

I do believe McQueen is getting some inspiration from Lady GaGa because when you first look at the models, they all look like what GaGa will wear (or the makeup and hairstyle). Lady GaGa actually has one of the pieces on in the Bad Romance video. This collection's print pattern is a modified version of reptile prints and as you can see, McQueen is focusing his collection on short dresses. I do not know how many people will actually wear this collection on the street but it definitely is a collection you cannot miss in Spring/Summer 2010.

Here are some of my favorites and if you want to see the full collection. please click here. All photos are courtesy of

Funkology: Character Bag

Nowadays, everywhere in the world is encouraging you to use reusable shopping bags; however, sometimes they are too big to carry so you not bring them out all the time.

SUCK UK recently invents this new shopping bag idea by storing a shopping bag inside a black body shape keychain. What I like about this product is you can use your imagination to create an animal with the black shape and the shopping bag.  If you are an artist, you should be able to create as many animals as you can think of.

For more information, please check here.

Courtesy of SUCK UK

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wave of Inspirology: Fast Car

Japanese people always have unlimited imagination and I love that. Recently, I have seen 3 music videos from Namie Amuro, a famous singer in Japan and here is one of the videos I want to feature in this entry. The song is called Fast Car and I like everything in this video, especially the clothes she and her dancer wear are what I have in mind for one of my creative shoot.

When it comes to music, language is no longer an obstacle and I hope you will enjoy this video.

Fast Car - Namie Amuro

Graphicology: Kukuburi à la Ramón Pérez

Ramón Pérez is an industry professional (Comic Books, Manga, Editorial Illustration, Children’s Books, Role-Playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Character Design, Magazines, Pinup Calenders, etc.) having worked extensively over the past decade.  He was also a professor of mine last year in school.

Works including: The Incredibles for Disney/Pixar, Star Wars: Clone Wars for Dark Horse Comics, JSA: Classified for DC Comics, and a graphic novel series for Degrassi: The Next Generation. He’s currently developing a noir graphic novel set in late 1940’s Toronto.

Check out his online web comic, Kukuburi, as well as ButterNutSquash, two new pages every week, updated every Tuesday & Thursday, as part of the online comics collective Transmission-X.

If you're ever at a Comic-Con in Toronto, New York, or wherever, come by his table, check out some art, and say hi!

Also, check out some of these popular online web comics for your daily dose of happy :),,,,,, and
Links provided by Meaghan Carter at

All photos courtesy of

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