Monday, May 31, 2010

May Memories

Another amazing month here in the à la mode headquarter and now let's wrapped up what we have done in May.

We start off May with a feature of Hello Foto group which has their exhibition at Sleeping Giant Gallery during May 22-31. After that, we have our 7 Waves of Illusion special which features 7 talented artists include Danielle West, Lisa Ng, Trevor Henderson, Mike Howkins, Tobias Williams, Nick DeFina and Martin Hsu. Last but not least, we have Alicia Calton, a very talented fashion photographer, to be our last feature in May.

We are also very honored to be able to see our photos in the latest issue of MTV Canada Fora Magazine. We have to think Shop My Clothes for trusting our skills and provides us with this great opportunity!

The best is yet to come and we are currently brewing some cool features right now, stay tuned!

Wave of Inspiration: Just Be Good To Green

Lily Allen is back to the music scene and I am so happy about it.

Even though Lily is only featuring in this song, in the video, her clothes and makeup are so great that I cannot take my eyes off her. Also, the setting in this video is amazing and some of the images can easily turn into beautiful photos! Last but not least, this song is addictive so you will probably have the song stuck in your head after your 1st listen.

Just Be Good To Green - Professor Green featuring Lily Allen
(source: professorgreentv@youtube)

Funkology: Shoeless Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure

This is fresh since I have never seen this version of Mickey before!

Medicom has just recently released this Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure and I find it special because Mickey is actually shoeless (I rarely see him carry the bright yellow shoes on his hands). As usual, I am loving the coloring on this figure and I hope someone can hook me up with this figure since I am a big Mickey fan!

Courtesy of Medicom (source: Highsnobiety)

Wave of Inspiration: Duality

This is such a brilliant video and I love the art approach to it!

This video is all about the exploration of Jantaminiau Duality's S/S 2010 haute couture collection and it has amazed me with the Matrix shooting style. The video is abstract, is romantic and the symmetry effect has created unlimited possibility! After seeing the video, I just wish I could be able to see the F/W 2010 Haute Couture collection by Jantaminiau because his collection is simply beautiful.

Click to watch the video and here is a list of people that are involved with this project.

Post Direction & Animation: Joost van Gorsel, Iconique

Make up Concept: Ellis Faas
Hair Concept: Hester Wernert

Music: Sander & Joost @ Star Studded Studios
Light Concept: Florian van Ganzevoort

Styling: Petrovsky & Ramone

Technical realization photography: Lumasol

Paparazzi Models-Sylvia-Cicely-Feline
Ulla Models-Christel
SPS Models-Odile-Maaike
Tjarda Models-Anniek
Future Faces-Josefien
Micha Models-Anne

Courtesy of Iconique

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: L'heure bleue

This is a very nice cool color editorial. Now I have a different feeling towards Summer.

This spread in the latest issue of Vogue Paris is shot by Mikael Jansson featuring Isabeli Fontana. In this editorial, the cool color platte has dominated the whole shoot and this gives me a sense a of cool summer (love it!). I am loving the location and also in one of the photos, the blue dress blends so well with the background and I love that illusion effect. Somehow, this spread also reminds me of Mert and Marcus photos, that probably has to do with the acid hue photo editing technique.

Here are my favorites.

Trendology: Sandra Backlund F/W 2010 Collection

Few days ago I have blogged an entry about Sandra Backlund's S/S collection and now the brand has released the look book photos of the F/W collection as well.

This season again showcases how amazing is her craftsmanship and I am loving the layering and sequence on her pieces. I also love how she has experimented with different materials and the outcome is amazing! Overall, this is another flawless collection.

Here are some of my favorites and you can click here to view the rest of the collection. All photos are shot by Kristian Bengtsson.

Ray of Inspirology: Living Color

Love, love, love this shoot by T.H. Jackson Huang!

This is one of the latest editorials on Fantasticsmag that has caught my eyes. Katrina is wearing some amazing pieces here and I love them all. The lighting here is great and I love the vibrant colors. Overall, this is a fun and edgy spread.

Here are my favorites and you can click here to view the rest of the editorial.

Courtesy of Fantasticsmag

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trendology: Balmain by Giuseppe Zanotti Lace up canvas boots

Studs on military boots, that's the look of this year.

This pair of canvas boots is the latest creation of Balmain by Giuseppe Zanotti. I am loving the studs on the side and shape of the boots is great! Since this pair of boots has a lot of things going on here, putting on a simple white blouse will balance out the whole look. If you want to buy this, you can click here. (Have to act fast, it is selling like hot cakes at the moment)

Courtesy of Restir

Ray of Inspirology: How to spend it

I love the colors in this editorial. It's stunning!

Shot by Andrew Yee and styled by Damian Foxe, this editorial is featured in the latest issue of Financial Times. I like all the outfits that are on Alek Wek and the color contrast has made the clothes to stand out in the whole photo shoot. There is a sense of romantic feeling in this shoot and I believe that's the reason why it has caught my attention.

Now my question is, how much do you need to spend on each outfit?

Funkology: Luv World Cup 2010

Luv is going to release something cool and this time these products are going to be sold at Colette in Paris!

If you haven't heard about it, World Cup is coming soon and because of that, Luv has created a series of 10 World Cup figures. Each figure will be decorated in one of the country's flags and I have my eyes on the Brazil and France one. There is also 1 secret Champion Edition and I wonder how does it look like. If you live in Paris, you must pay a visit to Colette sometime in June to see this fun collection!

Courtesy of Luv

Friday, May 28, 2010

Trendology: Tina Kaliva F/W 2010 Collection

I rarely see good result when fashion designers combine the tribal elements to their collection but Tina Kaliva has proven me this is doable.

In this latest collection, Tina has used the tribal pattern as inspiration and you can see two extreme cases here: pattern all over the dress or minimal add ons to the simple piece of clothing. For the minimal part, I am in love with the black jacket with the tribal pattern add ons on the shoulder and waist area. It's trendy, but at the same time, the pattern is not stealing the show. I also like the big pattern on the dresses because the color combination is very electrify and it will cause people to stare at the dress for a long time.

Here are some of my favorites and you can click here to view the rest of the collection.

Trendology: Android Homme Summer 2010 Jet Pack 2

I think I have found the shoes I want for this summer!

This Jet Pack 2 is the latest addition to the Android Homme Summer 2010 collection and I am loving the color combination! The greenish one is called "Mercury" and the silver one is called "Horizon". I love the studded design at the back and I am just hoping I can actually order them here! If you like trendy sneakers, I think you will love this!

Courtesy of Android Homme (source: Highsnobiety)

Ray of Inspirology: giRL mEetS bOY

Whenever I read magazines, I always see phrases like this girl is wearing the boyfriend jeans, or that girl is wearing the boyfriend's blazer. Finally, there is an editorial that is totally dedicated to this kind of fashion.

This spread is shot by David Sims for the latest issue of Vogue Paris. The model here is Raquel Zimmerman and she can pull off the boyfriend's clothing perfectly. When I look at the photos, they somehow remind me of the 90's shooting style and I love that. Here are some of my favorites.

Trendology: Heidi Ackerman designs for Orlando Lunaire

We've featured the new rising Toronto designer Heidi Ackerman in April, now we have some excited news from the designer.  Heidi is designing costumes for an Opera called Orlando Lunaire.  This project is a collaboration of The Music Consort in Toronto, and the London based underground opera, Opera Erratica, bridges together classical music, opera, fashion, and avant-garde.  With Heidi's sculptural design combining with the avant-garde elements, the costumes will be a perfect match for this experimental project.  The opera will take place in Toronto's West End at Storage Shed, 128 Sterling Avenue, starting from August 22nd to August 28th.  If you want more details on the project or wish to attend this special project, please visit or
Please stay tune for details on the project!

Photo courtesy: Opera Erratica

Courtesy: Heidi Ackerman

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Les lauréats

Black and white, edgy clothing and fierce models, that's what I am talking about in this editorial.

In this latest issue of Vogue Paris, Alasdair McLellan has done an editorial featuring Barbara Palvin, Hannah Holman, Imogen Newton. The models are posing beautifully here and I love the pieces they wear in the shoot. The light set up here is not very complicated but the result is amazing! I love them!

Trendology: Prada B.Y.O.B

Going Green is probably the biggest trend in the world right now and Prada is always on top of the trend; therefore, Miuccia has decided to release a B.Y.O.B collection for this spring and summer. The bags are roughly 150 grams and there are a lot of patterns for you to choose from. This collection is fun to carry around and since this will help you from purchasing more plastic bags, I highly recommend you to get one for yourself before they run out of stocks.

If you live in Europe, you can purchase the bag at the Prada Online Store. Here are some of the designs that you can buy.

Rosette Motif

Trendology: Sandra Backlund S/S 2010 Collection

Wow, an interesting collection here and I can't stop looking at them over and over again. This is the first S/S collection for Sandra Backlund and her interesting sequence and layering technique have injected unique personality to the collection. It's edgy, is different and it has the alien element in some of the pieces. I really cannot choose which one is my favorite (because I like them all) and I will leave this to your own judgement. This is such a strong collection and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the next season!

This look book is shot by Peter Gehrke.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trendology: Yoon Hee Lee S/S 2011

Metal, transparency and anti-symmetry are the words I can use to describe this collection.

Yoon Hee Lee, who recently graduated in Sana Marcelina in Brazil, has presented her S/S 2011 collection a fews days ago at Casa de Criadores. This is definitely an experimental collection and I love the risk she is taking here. The use of transparent material has made the clothes look very soft and light, but to give this a contrast, metal is also involved in the design. Another interesting factor about this collection is that the pieces are not symmetrical at all. When I look at the collection, I feel like she is trying to showcase this abstract concept: The inner soul (clothes) is coming out from the model's body.

If I had a chance, I would love to meet Yoon in person and maybe do a creative shoot with her collection. This is simply a gorgeous and edgy collection. Here are my favorites and you can click here to see the rest of the collection.

Ray of Inspirology: Fantasia

If you have ever dreamt of being a comic/animated character in your life, you will love this editorial.

In the latest issue of L'Officiel Hommes, Milan Vukmirovic has done an editorial spread featuring models Arthur Sales and Jennah Anderson. Arthur is transformed into different characters such as Superman, Batman, Yoda and even Mickey Mouse. The photos turn out to be quite interesting and fun and a few of the photos have reminded me of the Club Monaco promotion campaign.

Want a fun editorial? Then you should take a look at the photos in this shoot.

[Un]Discovers: Alicia Calton

Alicia Calton, a photographer that I admire ever since I see her photography profile on model mayhem. Her photos always have that romantic essence and once you look at them, these images will forever stick in you mind. Today, I am so honored to feature her on this blog. Now, sit back and enjoy some wonderful photos and interview.

Hey Alicia, so what makes you want to become a fashion photographer? Are you planning to stick to this career forever? 
Fashion is daring and bold, it has the ability to make grand statements about an individual through color, texture, patterns, and creative designs. With this being said, I adore combining the brilliancy of aesthetically pleasing fashion with photography. I tend to merge fashion and fantasy together, it’s the best of both worlds: fine art meets Vogue haha! I am planning to make this a career forever, if all goes as planned. I still have a few years of school left, I’m finishing up my BFA and I am hoping to get my MFA as well.

Wave of Inspiration: The Goddess

This is the type of fashion video I love. This is a promotion campaign video from Monki and I am absolutely in love with the fashion + illustration in it. It's bold and fresh and I am sure you will love it after you watch it for the first time. This is a good inspiration for people who want to blend illustrations into their videos.

The Goddess (source: Monki@Vimeo)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trendology: Bottega Veneta Resort 2011

Bottega Veneta has just showcased the Resort 2011 collection and this is the continuation of the F/W collection.

Since this is a resort collection, the shape of the clothes is softer than the F/W collection. The color tends to be brighter to welcome the arrival of spring 2011.  Some of the one piece dresses are so beautiful to look at and their design is simple but sleek. Overall, this is another solid collection from Tomas Maier. Bravo!

Here are my favorites and you can click here to view the whole collection.

Trendology: Alexander McQueen Lapel Silver Blazer

If I could spare $2000 for a Alexander McQueen item from his second last men's collection, I would have picked this. This Lapel Silver Blazer may look very normal but what I like about it is splash paint pattern at the the collar area. This just gives a kick to the whole design. Many people may think this blazer is just a very normal fashion piece, but to me, this is an art piece from one of the best artists in the world. If you want to purchase this blazer, you can click here.

RIP McQueen.

Courtesy of Restir

Ray of Inspirology: Blake Lively For Vogue June 2010

If you a fan of Gossip Girl, I am sure you will know Blake Lively. In the latest issue of Vogue, Mario Testino has transformed her into a beach girl. The editorial is young, refreshing and at some point you will want summer to arrive right at this moment. I am usually not a fan of snap shot type editorial but for this one, I just can't get my eyes off a few of the photos.

Here are my favorites.

Ray of Inspirology: Size Matters

I do find it challenging when it comes to a plus size model shoot and I am constantly looking for inspiration to make this kind of shoot to look tasteful and edgy.

In the latest issue of Tush, Armin Morbach has done a great editorial shoot featuring Crystal Renn. The photos are very tasteful and now I have a better understanding on how to pose the model. I guess this is the rule of thumb for this kind of shoot: Angle matters.

Here are some of my favorites.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wave of Inspiration: Nike Sportswear x Sticky Monster Lab

World Cup is approaching and sportswear brands have started to promote their clothes with this specific theme. Nike has recently collaborated with Sticky Monster Lab for this animation commercial. If you are a fan of gaming, you should love this. It's funny, it's energetic and it will make you happy after you see it.

NIKE SPORTSWEAR: NSW+FBGT  (source:fla@Vimeo.)

Ray of Inspirology: Tokumaru Junichiro For Men's Fudge Magazine May 2010

This is such a laid back editorial and I love it!

Shot by Tokumaru Junichiro for the latest issue of Men's Fudge, this editorial includes models Marko Brozic, Christopher Rayner and Nick R.I really love the setting of it and I can instantly think of a place in Toronto that I can do a shoot like this. The natural light here is good and I do believe this shoot is shot during a nice sunny day. I would love to own this editorial as part of my portfolio (ok, I need to start planning for a shoot like this!).

Ray of Inspirology: A Matter Of Taste

Turning food into fashion pieces, this is such a brilliant concept!

Fulvio Bonavia has recently done a very interesting food photo shoot by transforming the food into fashion accessories such as bangles, cufflinks, shoes, bags etc. My personal favorites will have to be the eggplant shoes and chocolate cufflinks.

These photos just make me hungry when I look at them...

Trendology: Dsquared² Men's Jersey Blazer

This blazer has been on my radar for some time now and I am hoping I can get this for my birthday (well, still few months away).

I love abnormal blazers (I start to figure out I have split personality) and this one from Dsquared2 is totally my cup of tea. At first glance, it looks like a jersey jacket; however, when you look again, you see the collar and you will have to give props to the Caten brothers for their creativity. I love the details around the pocket area and also the sleeves area. It is selling for $1175 on their online store right now so if you like it too, you should click here and purchase it.

Courtesy of Dsquared2
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