Friday, December 31, 2010

December Memories

December is finally over and we are sure at this moment, a lot of you are waiting for the countdown to 2011! Before the year is over, let's take a look at our original contents for this month!

Since July, we have been for the I Scream Awards and finally all the photos are released in this month! We travelled to Jordan, Ontario for this shoot back in October and everyone was having a blast during that trip. Please visit this link to see the whole package (interviews, images, behind the scene) of this amazing journey we have for this year!

On December 15th, we had our First Anniversary Party at 36 Chambers. This party not only celebrated our 1 year anniversary mark, but also to celebrate the success of I Scream Awards and the first menswear piece by Breeyn McCarney. The night was filled with fun and joy. Click here and here to see the photos from the party!

Back in November, we did a postcard giveaway before the final image of the Christmas postcard was revealed. On the week of Christmas, the image was finally revealed and thank you so much to Helen Huang for collaborating this project with us! The dress the girl wears in the postcard is from the last piece created by Alexander McQueen himself from the F/W collection. This is a tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen and we wish the Alexander McQueen team all the best in the future! We hope you enjoy the postcard. You can click here to see it.

Last but not least, we had the top 10 [Un]Discovers round up for the last 2 weeks of December and we hope some of the features are also your favorites! Click here and here to discover them!

New Year is approaching and we wish everyone all the best in 2011! Be sure to come back everyday to read some amazing discoveries we have found for you! (and new project.. to be announced soon!)

Ray of Inspirology: YSL S/S 2011 Full Promotion Campaign

The new wave promotion campaign for S/S 2011 collection has hit the web and today I am going to show you the first photo of the YSL campaign.

This photo is shot by the dynamic duo Inez & Vinoodh and the model is Arizona Muse. The image is stunning (as it is shot in "gardens of Bled Roknine, a Thirties-style villa in Marrakech") and the warm tint is making the photo more attractive. Now I am looking forward to see the rest of this campaign.

courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent (source: Flashbang@tfs)

Ray of Inspirology: Tuscan Turnaround

For some reasons, I cannot recognize Lara Stone after she is married and I think she gives off a more glamours vibe now than before.

In the latest issue of Vogue, Lara is posed in front of Mario Testino's camera. I am totally in love with the setting and the sunlight works so well with the shoot. As I have mentioned before, Lara looks very elegant here and she is really sending off a different vibe than before. What do you think? Do you see the glow of her as a happy married person?

Fashionist[On The Go]: Dita Von Teese Is The Thierry Mugler Goddess

It's the final edition of Fashionist[On The Go] for this year and there are 2 entries that have caught my eyes.

In the latest issue of Italian Vanity Fair, Dita Von Teese is all dolled up in Thierry Mugler vintage pieces. Since I am a fan of both Dita and Thierry Mugler, my eyes are totally attracted to this photo set. I am loving the cyber look of Dita in this shoot. [Read Here]

I think Dita is absolutely beautiful here! (source: The Fashionist)

Volkswagen has recently released the latest promotion video for Golf and it features Karl Lagerfeld. While I have no idea what Karl is speaking in the commercial, I quite enjoy the the color and composition of this video. If you watch closely, you can even see Baptisite make a brief cameo in this video. [Read Here]

Wonder if I would want to get the car after this commercial. (source: The Fashionist)

The above are the stories I have found and these stories are a  good way to end the final edition of Fashionist[On The Go] in 2010. Come back next week to read more stories that have caught my eyes from The Fashionist!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: The Seventh Veil

One of my favorite fashion photographers and one of my favorite stylists have teamed up again to create a fantastic editorial!

In the latest issue of 12 Magazine, Mike Lewis has teamed up with Luis Rajiv to create a stunning black and white shoot. the models here are Amanda Dillon and Hernan Sanchez from Next Models. This photography set is an homage to "The Seventh Seal". The mood is very gloomy and I am loving the cold vibe of this series. This duo never disappoints me and I am looking forward to see what they will produce next.

Click here to view the whole editorial.

Courteys of Mike Lewis

[Un]Discovers: Top 10 Features Part 2

Last week you have seen 5 of my top 10 picks for this year's [Un]Discovers and today I am going to share my other 5 picks with you.

Ryan Rader

If you like Biology and abstract arts, I recommend Ryan Rader to you. Few months ago I saw his solo exhibition and his works totally blew my mind. Till this day, I am still wondering how he can come up with these abstract concepts! He is definitely a future star! Click here to read his [Un]Disocvers feature!

Edward Finney

Edward Finney is another great British fashion designer I have found on the net. I am amazed by his collections because the pieces are beautiful, elegant and edgy. Did I mention he once worked with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen? I am looking forward to see his F/W 2011 collection! This issue of [Un]Discovers is definitely a must read!

Alicia Calton

I discovered Alicia Calton while I was discovering my photography path and "love at first sight" is the phrase I use to describe my feeling when looking at her works. Her works are very romantic, and they always make my eyes happy. I wonder what she will have in store for me to see next year. Here is her [Un]Discovers feature!

Hard Graft

Hard Graft is a brand many of my friends have been talking about and I am truly honored to have the chance to feature this brand on the site. The quality of the bags is amazing and the design is classy and will never go out of trend. Now, I am saving money for the 3 Fold bag. Click here to read Hard Graft's [Un]Discovers issue.


Last but not least, Luv is one of my favorite illustrators in this year and it is such an honor to interview Luv! The character is fully of positive energy and it will make me smile whenever I see it. Luv is definitely someone I would love to collaborate with in the future! Click here to read Luv's [Un]Discovers feature!

This is a final wrap for this year's [Un]Discovers! I hope you enjoy reading some of the features and if you want to read more, you can check out the Features Vault (more goodies there!). My team and I area curious, what are some of your favorite features? Leave a comment and let us know.

If you want to be featured in 2011 [Un]Discovers series, send your works to and my team will review your works! Next week, we will have a brand new edition of [Un]Discovers! Stay tune!

Ray of Inspirology: Burnout Syndrome

I find this editorial to be very brilliant and well executed!

This editorial is shot by Romain Laurent and it is featured in the 2010 issue of Usbek & Rica Magazine. I am totally in love with the smoke effect on the model and the location is great! I find this series to be very bold and destructive at the same time. You should definitely take a look at the short video below.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: The Legend Of Simplicity

Sometimes a very simple editorial shoot can capture a reader's heart and here is one good proof!

In the latest issue of Vogue Nippon,  Jason Kibbler has done an amazing shoot featuring Kendra Spears. The setting is very simple with just one dark background and the one light set up creates mood for the series. The styling by Aurora Sansone has given a kick to this shoot and of course, Kendra is looking very beautiful here!

One simple bravo shoot!

Ray of Inspirology: Mes Swans

Here comes another editorial by Tom Ford!

In the latest issue of Vogue Paris, not only is Tom a guest editor, but he is always responsible for some editorials. In this one, he invites Betty Catroux, Lisa Eisner, Rachel Feinstein, Marisa Berenson,
Lauren Hutton, Daphne Guinness, Ali McGraw and Victoria Fernandez to be his models. The setting and light set up are very simple but I am liking this simplicity. The ladies just make this series very glamours and classy!

What do you think?

Ray of Inspirology: Backstage By Mark Leibowitz

One thing that photography does to me is that it has the power to create a lot of illusion in me, more than videos and other means of media and arts.  Here at John Galliano's backstage, photographer Mark Leibowitz is presenting what's happening in the backstage in a very poetic and abstract way.  Moving away from the ordinary backstage photos, at the same time, this photography is pretty much speaking the same language as Galliano's fashion.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[On]Air: Better Than Yours (New Years Party)

Still no plan for the New Years Eve? Then this party will be an event you should consider!

This year, Sleeping Giant Gallery is once again throwing a New Years Eve party and the party line up is amazing. DJs include Gnat, The Walrus Brothers, The Grumpand and David Coppafeel who will bring back the 80's and 90's hip hop and old school music vibe to the scene. The charge for this event is $10 and you will get a complimentary shot at midnight. Also, there will be cheap drinks to purchase all night long!

We will be there on that night, are you ready to celebrate with us?

Click here for more details.

Ray of Inspirology: Taintless Luminaries by Tomaas

I enjoy looking at fashion photography, especially the ones that carry a message.  Taintless Luminaires by German Photographer Tomaas is one of those photographers that put a message to his photography.  Using plastic forks, straws, kitchen bags and other plastic items that we often use in our daily life as the fashion in this theatrical editorial.  Do all those items in this photography show how much non-environmental friendly items we are using each day?

Trendology: Tze Goh Spring/Summer 2011 at LN-CC

The emerging London based fashion designer Tze Goh is now having his own collection selling at LN-CC.  His fashion is all about 3D and minimalism, working with innovative materials, impeccable construction and sculptural functionality.  As LN-CC launched their new online store, please visit LN-CC for his latest collection. Here is the preview of what he has for LN-CC.

Courtesy: Tze Goh, LN-CC

Monday, December 27, 2010

Graphicology: TRON x Marvel

I don't know how I can miss that but I just have to show this to the world!

As you know, Marvel is now part of the Disney empire so it is very normal for some Marvel superheroes to get some Disney treatment. I am sure a lot of my readers have seen the TRON:legacy movie already and I am constantly drooling over those glow in the dark body suits. In the November issue of 10 Marvel comics,  10 superheroes are dressed up in TRON inspired outfits and they look fantastic!

Thanks to Fashionights for telling me the existence of these amazing covers!

Trendology: Erdem Pre Fall 2011 Collection

Even though flora prints still present in this collection, a new pattern has totally captured my heart!

In Erdem's latest pre fall collection, a firecracker print is introduced. It is very colorful and it makes you feel the joy of Fall. The main color theme for this collection is blue, red and black. Out of all the pieces, my most favorite one will be the blue lace dress. Overall, a very solid and classy collection and I am sure Carey Mulligan will be wearing some of the pieces in the up coming red carpet events!

Here are my favorites and you can click here to see the complete collection.

Funkology: Lanvin Illustrated Bridal Notebook

Here is this cute little notebook that I wanted to share with you guys today, the Lanvin illustrated bridal notebook.  It comes with a hard-backed cover and a elastic strap to close, blank pages in the inside for all the notes and ideas.  Last but not least, the cute and romantic cover illustration is by Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz himself.

I guess we can still use it even though we don't have a wedding to plan, just a regular notebook, but with a sense of fashion!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

[On]Air: à la mode Year 1 Anniversary Party Part 2

Yesterday we have shown you some photos from our Year 1 Anniversary Party and now we have more for you! If you want to see more, please go to our Facebook fanpage and click photos to see the 2 albums! What a nice way to end this year!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who was involved in this event and also people who made this year's I Scream Awards possible! Thank you to everyone who came out to this party and wore something pink on that night! We will see you next year!

Thanks for making this party possible! Go Team!

Julio, Sabrina, Nick from Fashionights & Josh 

We say this is a family portrait of 2 biological twins...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

[On]Air: à la mode Year 1 Anniversary Party Part 1

First of all, Merry Christmas! We hope you are stuffed with turkey and spending some amazing time with your family and friends right now! On this special day, we have a special treat for you and hope you will love this Christmas present from us.

On December 15th, we had gathered some of our close friends to celebrate our 1st year anniversary 36 Chambers. At the same time, we were also there to celebrate the success of I Scream Awards (Thanks to EIA and the I Scream Awards winner for co-hosting this event with us). The night was great and thanks to Hello Foto for creating this amazing classroom meets robots set for our guests to have fun that night. There were also some amazing desserts provided by Le Petit Chocolate Box and Beau Lieu Bistro to make this party more enjoyable!

Last but not least, if you have noticed in the following, the jacket that was worn by Marcus, our editor of this blog, was the first men's piece created by Breeyn McCarney! This just created another purpose for this celebration party!

Here are some of the highlights of the party and we will have more for you tomorrow!

The "Family"

Kyle KofskyThe founder of EIA

Vince and Hitoshi, The Hello Foto group

Friday, December 24, 2010

Trendology: Philip Sparks Boxing Day Sale

While you are at home waiting for Christmas day to come, have you thought about what you want to do on Boxing Day?

On Boxing Day, Philip Sparks is going to have the Boxing Day sale and items will be on sale between 50-90%. Things you may find on this day include blazers, sweaters, trousers, shoes, denim, coats and accessories. I think i know where to go on Boxing Day now!

Ray of Inspirology: Lost Chapel

What an interesting editorial!

In the latest issue of Tangent Magazine,  Emmanuel Giraud has done an amazing editorial featuring Amy and Nathalie. I am loving the blue hue in this series and both models look beautiful with the amazing styling by Heather Cairns! I think I have lost words to describe this editorial. What do you think?

Trendology: Radio Eva x Clarks Desert Boots

Are you a Evangelion fan? Are you also a Clarks fan? If so, then I think this boots will be on your wish list!

Clarks has recently teamed up with Radio Eva (a brand derived from the anime Evangelion) to produce this black suede version of Desert Boots. What I like about this boots are the neon color eyelets and also the purple shoelace (you can also the other model with red shoelace and yellow eyelets). I am truly in love with this shoes right now and hope someone can help me to buy a pair in Japan. Anyone?

Courtesy of Radio Eva

Fashionist[On The Go]: And The New Balenciaga Campaign Girl Is...

It's Silent Night but this does not stop me from picking an interesting story for you to enjoy from the Fashionist!

The new Balenciaga promotion photos have hit the web and the model of the brand for this season is Gisele Bündchen. This is not a surprise for me since she was walking for the brand back in October. I am looking forward to see more photos form this campaign. [Read Here]

I still prefer Gisele in the Roberto Cavalli campaign. (source: The Fashionist)

Come back next week to see the final edition of Fashionist[On The Go] of 2010! At the same time, keep checking The Fashionist to read news that this blog does not cover but is interesting in fashion industry. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ray of Inspirology: Major Tom

Out of all the editorials about Tom Ford's new collection, this is the one that is closest to my vision.

This spread is shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vindooh Matadin and it is featured in the latest issue of W Magazine. Here, Lara Stone is dressed in a few signature pieces from Tom Ford latest collection and she looks absolutely beautiful. The backdrops have totally given me the retro look of this shoot and as usual, the lighting for Inez and Vindooh's editorials is always great especially the lights create a very gloomy mood here. What do you think?

[Un]Discovers: Top 10 Features Part 1

2010 is almost over and as an editor for this blog, I am very honored to be able to feature many talents I admire throughout this year. For the next 2 editions of [Un]Discovers, I am going to pick 10 of the best features you must read in 2010. Now, get ready for the first 5!

Palmer and Sons

Palmer and Sons is one of the accessory brands I have my eyes on since I first visited its website. Nik and Jack Palmer use high quality material to create their bags and they are all handmade. The details on the products can truly show their superior craftsmanship. Read this edition of [Un]Discovers to get a better knowledge on how they created this brand and the time and effort to create the perfect bags!

Nick DeFina

I met Nick DeFina when I was attending a gallery show this year and his abstract works totally blow my mind away. I am always amazed by how he can transform one simple snail image into so many forms. This is definitely one of the up and coming artists in Toronto and I can not wait to see what he will do next. Click here to read his [Un]Discovers feature!

Simon Procter

I admire Simon Procter's works a lot so when he agreed to let me feature him on this blog, I was very excited. His works are very artistic and they always make my eyes glow. I have to thank Simon for letting me know creativity is truly limitless and I am looking forward to see more amazing works from him in 2011! Here is his [Un]Discovers feature.

Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu, a great illustrator I like ever since I saw his works on flickr. His works are always stunning and I love how the chinese culture elements blend so well in his works. Martin is truly an amazing artist and I hope this blog will be able to collaborate with him sometime in the future! Click here to read his [Un]Discovers feature.

Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole, a british designer who caught my eyes with her womenswear collection. The fashion pieces are so chic, edgy and stylish that I will want to see them in many editorials. She is definitely on my radar and I am hoping to see some amazing fashion pieces from her next year! Read her [Un]Discovers feature here!

Come back next week for the part 2 of my top 10 [Un]Discovers picks! If you want to know more talented artists, you can click here to see the Features Vault!
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